A Day in the Life: On the Cusp of Quantum of Change

It was a beautiful, sunny day when I left Phoenix for Santa Fe, NM yesterday — this is a sight I had to capture as I drove through the town of Holbrook. They were at a rock shop on the town’s main drag.


But snow is the key word for my experience now. Below is a picture of my trusty sidekick my vintage 1993 Lexus SC300 that, with 72,000 miles on him, has barely been broken in. I call him “Lex.” He’s driven everyday, and was eager to get out on the road and run. Others may be shivering, but under that blanket of snow, Lex is a happy camper.


When we go to high power, high efficiency, low emission transportation technologies that obsolete the internal combustion engine as we presently know it, there will be a market for products that give you the sound and feel of wonderful machines such as these, but deliver all the other benefits that also come with paradigm shifts.

After the 450 mile drive, I met up with Clayton Nolte, developer of the water structuring device I’ve written about recently, who I’ve interviewed, and whose products are available on my e-commerce website. We then traveled another 75 miles or so to Taos (Clayton drove), to meet Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, developer of a technology called Gas Discharge Visualization, or GDV. He spoke at the Taos campus of the University of New Mexico to an audience of around fifty people. And while his presentation was broad in the subjects covered, it included structured water, the importance of which is only now beginning to be understood.


Dr. Korotkov is here at the behest of Krishna Madappa, a holistic consultant and Ayurvedic specialist, and a founding member of the Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, based in Taos.


Afterwards, we went to Krishna’s home where his wife had prepared a most delectable pot of “green” soup with puréed broccoli, lentils, and other items, and had one of the most remarkable conversations I’ve ever been involved in. It was one of those — “I wish this had been recorded” exchanges that really set a comfortable resonance for the workshop that Dr. Korotkov will preside over this weekend.


On the two hour trip back down to Santa Fe, on a now snow covered mountain road, Clayton and I shared our amazement and profound sense of great value that the evening bestowed upon us, as well as for humanity as a whole. The simple hugs that we exchanged as we left, were far more profound in the energy gift that was also given, and that shall continue to come forth as we delve further into the subject of structured water, energy, and consciousness itself.

More on that later, but I have some updates to give on two other subjects, so please stay tuned.

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