The ABC's of Structured Water

Water is a central factor to  health and well-being.
Water is a central factor to health and well-being.

We continue turning our attention to water in general, and structured water in particular, as a factor in the human health matrix. Water is central to any detox program, with structured water being key. This factor is often overlooked, since all water looks alike, and we often tell ourselves that drinking other liquids, from teas, to bottled water, to “energy drinks,” are suitable substitutes.

They are not.

The video below is excerpted from an interview I had recently with Clayton Nolte, who developed the bio-photon water structuring device. I will be uploading more of the video feeds, although the full conversation can be heard at any time.

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There’s much more to understand about structured water, and we’re going to explore it here.

The actual product is available here.

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  1. Thanks Jeffrey! There’s more on the way.

  2. Great work with Clayton. He and I’ve been friends and family for years and I really enjoyed your interview with him. Thank you.

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