De-hydration, Structured Water, and the Abatement of Disease

The importance of hydration cannot be overstated. The role of dehydration as a factor in the onset of an entire spectrum of disease pathologies, is grossly understated. While the makers of Viagra proudly boast that 20 million men have now used the little blue pill, no one is telling us that replenishing the body’s supply of water could have achieved the same thing. It’s easy to disbelieve such a simple truth, as water is the answer to many of the questions that we continue to raise about the effective abatement of disease.  

Fantastic claims about water are not my pronouncements, but the observations and findings of many, including Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (1931-2004), author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. Originally published in 1992, and now in its third edition, this title has sold over one million copies. The information is backed up with very specific medical, scientific, and physiological facts. Interestingly, a book that has sold over 1 million copies with no publicity engine behind it, might normally have caught the attention and interest of a major publisher who could have easily sold 20,000,000 more. Yet it is still published by Dr. B’s own publishing bodys_many_cries_for_waterarm, Global Health Solutions, Inc.

The Introduction starts with a quotation by Albert Einstein:

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.

This statement bears much reflection as the nation and the world continue to reel at the waves of calamity that are washing over financial markets, and the health care system, which could also known as “the disease business”.

President Obama is calling for reform; for massive change in energy and health care, the costs of which are spiraling out of control. However, the visionary “lens” through which these conditions are being analyzed is the same as that which created them, and is perpetuating them now.

A recent health care summit held in Washington DC, brought together people from the pharmaceutical, insurance, and medical treatment sectors, to discuss ways to stem the tide of spiraling health care costs, which is now around $2.4 trillion annually, and add more than 46 million people to health care, at an estimated additional $634 billion over the next ten years, through 2019. Yet, the absence of the “natural basics” perspective from these talks, is glaring.

If simple re-hydration would improve and restore sexual function, do you think we would still pay $3 billion each year on Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and the upcoming Priligy from Johnson and Johnson for premature ejaculation, which estimates that it’ll bring in $575 million each year?1

If we can make that kind of reduction in something as “small” as erectile dysfunction, what might we do on cancer, which presently runs about $219 billion a year? No one is thinking about reduction in disease, they are thinking about controlling or limiting the rate of increase in costs. That’s looking at the problem from the same level as the problem.

In reading the Washington Post obituary article about Dr. Batmanghelidj, a very clear and distinct distance can be observed between the claims that brought him to the public attention, and their perception as fact.

In spite of the fact that the author explained, in very clear and cogent terms, how the body manages water supply, and described what it does when the supply is deficient, there has been no research in institutions that, at the very least, should be corroborating such information — colleges and universities — to refute or deny. Instead, their research attention and energies tend to follow the interests of the funding entities, mostly pharmaceutical companies. Research findings that countervail perceptions thought to be gospel about pharmaceuticals, just don’t get published. How does a society that has become so myopic gain perspective?

We are basing our health expectations, and sense of what is possible (and impossible), on the track record of drug-based strategies, which by their very nature, cannot take us where sick people want to go, which is back to health. A person with acute leukemia does not have a prednisone, vincristine, or methotrexate deficiency, yet, these are standard medical responses, all of which are guaranteed to the body further out of balance, making the acidity of the physiological terrain more acute.

Instead, of expecting to get well, we are bulking up our expectation of greater disease and death due to medical treatment. Tributes are being given to Senator Ted Kennedy who is “battling” brain cancer, with the full expectation that he will die of it. He is being hailed for his courage, because no alternatives to present medical orthodoxy are even being considered.

The health care expense is rising because it is NOT bringing about health. Being palliative by nature, it IS helping us manage disease longer.

The current television ad for Advair, an asthma medication, starts off with three people saying they have had asthma; one for 17 years, then 24 years, then one tops them all claiming to have had for a lifetime. Is this a sign that asthma is a life sentence, or that the medication approach is ineffective? The makers of Advair want you to believe that the former is true, which keeps you from questioning or challenging the later.

The asthma market sector accounts for $15 billion, spread between GlaxoSmithKline’s Advair AstraZeneca’s Symbicort, and Merck’s Singulair. Isn’t it nice that if you can’t afford your medication, that AstraZeneca “may be able to help?”

What if drinking more water would help alleviate the asthmatic syndrome? Dr. Batmanghelidj devotes an entire chapter on asthma and allergies. When you read his interpretation of why asthma emerges as an intelligent response mechanism of the body it makes you wonder why we don’t see hydration pop up as even a possible factor in its treatment.

Dr. B’s explanation of how the body manages deficient water stores through increased production of the neurotransmitter histamine, to preserve available body water, makes sense, enough sense to make men who denounce drinking water, and women addicted to their diet drinks, to pause and reconsider these familiar, and health-damaging habits.

I do want to add one very large qualifier to Dr. Batmanghelidj’s stipulations about water. What we’ve come to understand is that mature, hexagonal, or structured water is what yields the optimal results of hydration.

It’s time to raise structured water consciousness, which was shown to us so dramatically by Dr. Masaru Emoto in his works, The Hidden Messages in Water, another book that some “learned” people will dismiss while refusing to ask questions.

This is not to say that pharmaceuticals would go away. However, we are turning to them far too much, and turning to what the human body is designed to use, far too little, and our health, or lack of it, is largest piece of evidence that all new options are worth consideration.


Drinking structured water also means that the situation depicted above becomes a non-factor in the hydration equation.


For more information on structured water, listen to my interview with physicist, Clayton Nolte on Talk For Food.


Here is a short video on the structured water device designed by Clayton Nolte.

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Purchase a water structuring device for your home here.

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  2. The Japanese have been drinking alkaline ionized water for many years, and they have found it to have a profound affect on their health. As a matter of fact they use this sort of water in the hospitals there to help speed up the healing process.

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