The Best Protection from a Dirty Bomb is Peace

There is some concern going around about our vulnerability to a “dirty bomb” attack. It’s not enough that we’ve been attacked by “dirty” chlorine and fluoride in our water, mercury in vaccines, hormones and additives in our foods, synthetics in dairy products, chem trails, and who knows what else, for many years. We’ve given all of these culprits a pass, after being told that they’re doing us good or no appreciable harm, which is far from the truth. A “dirty bomb” attack might become reason enough to mount another offensive somewhere in the world to “find those responsible,” although I don’t think that’ll happen.

The world is changing. It’s getting more peaceful. Yes, there’s conflict, but there’s also more communication. There’s more awareness, fewer places to hide, fewer havens for secrets. There is intervention, more than we know. There is a desire for peace. That trend will continue.

Yet, in their zeal to be “right,” and to have their particular belief structure “prove out” as best of all, some people literally expect to see an Armageddon, with an epic battle between “good” and “evil,” before their “savior” comes in on a White Light to vanquish the wicked and establish himself as king.

I don’t think so.

I’m personally not interested in an Armageddon. Furthermore, the savior that one group is on the lookout for is on record as saying that the things he did, we could do, and greater things still. If our faith were just the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. What kind of faith is needed to allow predictions of dirty bombs to play out? Not much in my book.

A far greater deed would be to avert the event; make it not happen. It doesn’t mean waiting around for the savior to come while we continue lighting fires around the world and allow it to burn. If we want peace, then it’s up to us to create it by being peaceful ourselves, through our actions and deeds. One step is to heal ourselves… our bodies, our minds, and gain security and comfort in the power of the human spirit.

With that preamble, let’s talk about what you can do for yourself if such an event did happen. The excerpt below is from an article published recently in support of the use of Living Clay. It used to sound odd to use “dirt” as a healing agent, but it now makes infinitely more sense than using poison.

The average American, that’s YOU, gets a dose of around 360 REMs (millirems) of radiation per year – roughly equivalent to 36 X-rays. About 200 REMs of that comes from radon gas, a colorless, odorless byproduct of natural uranium, found in trace amounts almost everywhere. The radioactive decay of radon gas produces alpha particles (healthy nucleus of a helium atom), beta particles (fast-moving, positive charged electrons), and gamma rays (very energetic, aberrant, positive charged photons). Radon is not a problem for some, but in many homes it can accumulate to dangerous levels.

What struck me after reading this, was to note that there are several ways to address this kind of exposure. Let’s start with clay:

Calcium Bentonite Clay — The Living flesh of Mother Earth that, when taken internally, will draw positively charged particles to it as it passes through the body due to its negative ionic charge. Only a negatively charged ion can draw a positive one (which is destructive in effect) to it. In so doing, the positive is neutralized and ceases to be a factor or presence in the body, for it is taken out upon the clay’s exit. Calcium bentonite clay is officially recognized as safe to ingest, which is a good thing because it is natural, non-toxic, and actually quite therapeutic.

The human body is made of Mother Earth. Calcium bentonite clay is the body of Mother Earth, as is the human body. The human body is Mother Earth’s body. It is her gift to humanity that allows us to be present “on earth.”

Contrary to appearances, we are not physical beings. We are spiritual beings having a “physical” experience. Mother Earth provides the material from which the human body is formed, and therefore, is the Go To source for material that can correct the effects of exposure to harmful materials. It stands to reason that the human body will respond positively to the ingestion or use of living clay in a chronic or crisis situation.

Perry A~, author of Living Clay, often states that living clay has “a wisdom of its own.” This means that it will respond in the proper way as needed, which may differ from one person to the next, because no two situations or physiological environments are alike. The common result for every use of living clay is improvement, as it balances the body chemistry by removing pathogens, including radioactivity, as it passes through.

These products are now available here.

Structured Water — Beta particles and gamma rays will have a destabilizing effect on the natural harmonics of the human body, which in turn will stress the cells and deplete each of precious energy reserves. Next to Mother Earth Herself, the most fundamental thing you can put in your system is water… not just any water, but structured water, which is hexagonally shaped. Indeed, if living clay is the flesh of Mother Earth, then hexagonal, structured water is the life blood. We can’t be balanced, nor healthy without it.

Most bottled water is not structured. Most tap water is certainly not structured. This is due to the presence of contaminants such as chlorine and fluoride, and many more than have been increasingly detected. Their presence renders the water clusters too large to enter the cell. As such, the body must further “process” the cluster, leaching minerals from other areas, in order to make it small enough to perform its intended task. This invariably takes more energy than the water cluster actually delivers. In this way, an individual could drink adequate amounts of water, and still be de-hydrated.

Please also note that to “hydrate” means to burn the hydrogen that water delivers to the cell, which is “ignited” by oxygen. It is hydrogen that actually fuels the human body, as delivered into each cell.

There are a number of ways to get structured water, starting with you. You can structure water, simply through your intent, by generating a stream of subtle energy and directing it to a glass or container of water placed between your hands.

That can handle drinking water, but we are exposed to unstructured water in many more ways.

  • Cooking food (soups, stews, etc.)
  • Taking showers and baths
  • Doing the laundry
  • Washing dishes and general cleaning
  • Feeding pets, livestock, and plants

While there is likely a way to structure all of these methods of water intake through our intent, a more practical method is through some form of water structuring device.

Water is normally structured when it is absorbed into Mother Earth after falling as rain. While falling to the ground, it naturally cleans the atmosphere of contaminants. Then when absorbed into the ground, the water is filtered, where all particulates are removed, then it is informationally degaussed. Water retains and responds to information and intent. It gathers information wherever it goes. The information gathered during the water molecule’s travels, which are imprinted in its memory, is cleared, which increases its harmonic coherency, wherein it is structured once more, and emerges as spring water.

As awareness of the critical importance of drinking and using to structured water increases, products are emerging that satisfy the need. They range from simple wands that you can carry with you to stir the water you drink, to entire systems that can structurally outfit a home or business.

I recently met and interviewed man by the name of Clayton Nolte, who invented an in-line water structuring device that is elegant in its simplicity and approach. It doesn’t over reach like many of the ionizing systems do. It delivers precisely what is needed from the water. Called variously The Fluid Machine, and Nature’s Hydration Bio-Photon Water Structuring Device, it has the following characteristics:

  • Available for under the sink, shower head, garden hose, whole house (3/4″ and 1″ pipes), and commercial (2″ pipes) and more.
  • No moving parts
  • No filters to replace
  • Nothing to wear out
  • Delivers 7.5 pH
  • Water structure is stable, does not break down over time
  • Requires no electricity
  • No magnets are used

The interview will be an upcoming Talk For Food show.

PHOTONIC  Water Structuring Devices are available here.

MMS — The solution and protocol for generating chlorine dioxide and introducing it into the body is gaining a great reputation as “the people’s” pathogen reducer. With the help of the book The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century written by Jim Humble, who discovered how chlorine dioxide works and developed a workable approach for human intake, and the documentary Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, produced by yours truly, and numerous support forums where people are sharing their MMS experience, the word is spreading rapidly.

People are discovering an entire universe of new experiences that await when their body is not saddled down with poisonous drugs, which most often go under the misnomer of “medicine.”

Seduced by the professional surroundings, the pedigree, the aura of authority from the pedestal we’ve put doctors on, the support of a docile, myopic academia and research science community, and the enforcement umbrella held by the AMA and FDA, millions of people take these medicines against their own common sense instincts, thinking that there are no other viable alternatives, when nothing could be further from the truth.

As effective as chlorine dioxide has shown itself to be on pathogens such as anaerobic microorganisms and heavy metal toxicity, its effectiveness as a neutralizer of radiation was a question for me until I read the quote from the article above. It was the mention of beta particles, which were described as “fast moving positively charged electrons” that made a connection.

Calcium bentonite clay is negatively charged, and draws anything that carries a positive charge to it. Chlorine dioxide, being a natural electron acceptor in the presence of low pH molecules, will take up to five of the electrons that hold the cluster together. It doesn’t care what we call it, or how difficult we think it may be to eradicate. If it’s positively charged, it’s going to have very specific characteristics, including a low pH. Chlorine dioxide will grab those electrons, in effect “denaturing” the radiation.

Some of the relief that people are experiencing using MMS may be due to the discharge of radiation toxicity.

The latest word I’ve received on MMS uptake methods is by taking a bath into which 20 drops of activated MMS (i.e., with 100 drops of 10% solution citric acid) has been added. This will allow a whole-body intake while bypassing the digestive tract altogether.

The best solution to dirty bomb attacks is not to have an attack in the first place. Since it hasn’t happened, there’s no need in acting as though it will. On the other hand, there is yet no reason to be overly concerned, when you know that natural options are available that will trump the toxic ones every time.

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