Podcast Archive is Down

Readers to this blog who are clicking on some of the podcast links are discovering that they are inactive. The free podcast sharing site, Podango, has been hit by the economic times and disabled the site while it restructures itself.

This is probably a blessing, as it encourages me to set up a place where they be accessed. So I’m workin’ in it.

Any podcast archive advice would be welcomed too.

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3 Thoughts to “Podcast Archive is Down”

  1. Confused

    Hello Adam –

    Just came across from this post earlier this year.

    Any chance would indeed move the files? Would be very much appreciated as (going through your earlier post) there were quite some recordings which sounded very worthwhile listening to !

    Please post once it’s accomplished. (Hope your not too busys keeping up the good work!)

    Thanks in advance !

    P.S. One person send me larger file through a storage company called (I’m not affiliatet and don’t know if that would be a suitable solution – just mention it as this was the only name I came across).

    1. I do appreciate the request, though it takes some time to fulfill.

      I have re-introduced the conversation with Jim Humble on Cancer and MMS.

      Also need to update the link on the article.

      Thanks again.

  2. hi!
    I’d recommend or you can try and all of which will host free audio.

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