The Nature of Consciousness and Its Factor in Healing

New Year’s Greetings to Everyone!

This is a great time to take a fresh look at life, how it’s going, and where you want it to go from here on. Many people who link to, or find this blog are moved to do so by a desire to be well, or to effectuate some form of change that will re-establish their state of physical health, or sustain it. It stems from a hope, belief, and/or growing understanding that, in spite of a general consensus to the contrary, the human body, and the human being who yet wants to live, can recover from virtually any disease condition.

For example, there isn’t “one” way to rid oneself of cancer in its many forms as in “finding the cure.” There isn’t “one” way to mitigate high blood pressure, inflammation, chronic pain or fatigue, or any number of other “popular” diseases that have become commonplace. There are a multitude. Most mainstream doctors aren’t telling because they don’t know either. The believe what they’ve been taught, that the knife and drug are king, and they are the princes and princesses who have bee ordained to use them on the helpless little people. This is a fundamental untruth, but one you won’t hear from Dr. House, because in all his brilliance, he doesn’t know it either. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each of us, not to “treat” ourselves, but to understand who we are, how our bodies, vibrational energies, intent and consciousness play roles in the very personal drama that we refer to as “life.”

Before moving on, let’s not overlook the stipulation made earlier, of yet wanting to live. Let’s face it, regaining or sustaining health is not about cheating, postponing, or avoiding the transition from physicality called “death.” Instead, it is about optimizing the life that we live; being able to enjoy it fully, and to function completely without chronic pain, body parts failing and needing replacement, and resorting to various toxic masking techniques to simply suppress the body’s natural notification system.

There are others who also yet want to live, meaning that they’re not ready to transition out of this reality, for whom being “diseased” and in chronic pain or discomfort serves a purpose known perhaps only to them, but a purpose nonetheless. Yet, this time of the year, and this moment, no matter what time of the year you’re reading this article, is a great time to re-assess the “benefit” we’re getting by being sick, tired, and in pain all the time. Even if the condition did serve a purpose at one time, it is reasonable to ask one’s self if said pain, discomfort, or dis-ease is doing so now.

Let's teach our kids who they are, and what they are not.
Let's teach our kids who they are, and what they are not.

The transition we call “death” is as essential to life on earth as life itself. While this may be a question to many, I will categorically state that said transition is not an end to existence. It is no more an end to life than going to sleep at the end of the day is “the end.”

When you go to sleep, only that day has “ended.” The only difference with the death transition, is that our dissociation from that body is permanent, and once its purpose has been served, that body is reclaimed by Mother Earth, as that is the gift She gave to us that allowed us to be here. Our physical body is made of Her. It is not “you” or “me.” It’s not even our only body. We have others that are unseen, but whose presence are measurable.

However, the material of Mother Earth will help maintain the physical body’s proper functionality, as well as repair it, better than anything else. This is a truth that traditional medicine is reluctant to embrace. Until we see the correlation between the effectiveness of natural methods, and the ineffective results of unnatural, not much will change. At stake is the quality of our life experiences while we’re here. No matter how sublime or ridiculous, when we’re done with it we’ll be done. At “death,” we’ll leave this reality, and the body will be transformed back into earthly matter.

We leave our body every day, through the experience of sleep. Sleep is important for the recuperative and regenerative opportunities that it affords. Once we are “asleep,” we temporarily dissociate from the body, a process that allows new, other worldly experiences begin, which often have nothing to do with the drama we’ve just disconnected from.

Our recollections of sleep experiences are oftentimes vague, but sometimes they are quite vivid, sometimes frightening, and sometimes profound. Yet, when we “leave” that place and awaken again with our physical body, we have not “died” in the sense of that other reality either. We’ve simply made a “shift.”

Whether we understand how they happen or not, the memories that we retain from our “sans physical” journeys can have a profound impact on our day-to-day lives. They have equal importance in the unfolding and expansion of our consciousness because they are equally real.

Consciousness is the energetic and spiritual encapsulation of our awareness, not only of ourselves, but our connection to everything and everyone else. A consciousness is considered “limited” when separateness is the predominant perception, and differentiation the main method. Consciousness “expands” as oneness is perceived and embraced ever so fully. Oneness includes one’s self, Source (God), and all others… in fact, all of existence.

One result of an expanding consciousness of oneness is power. Where a house divided against itself cannot stand, it can withstand all tests of time (and space) through its implicit coherence and harmony, born through its unity.

Humanity is disparate in appearance, customs, behaviors, and even beliefs, but we are one in the life that sustains us and its Source, and the power that is available to flow through us, as us. The determining factor is where we are in consciousness, in readiness to assume that which is already available for us to use consciously. I refer specifically to our attitudes, beliefs, choices, feelings, and intention. Every human being is using these tools to create experience now, either consciously or unconsciously.

While virtually all consciousness is, by definition “limited,” as a function of “existing” in some form of “form,” there are ways to discern “limited” versus “full” consciousness with respect to Earth-based human life. To those who experience “limited consciousness,” the words “chance,” “luck,” “accident,” and “mistake” have greater meaning. These words are used to explain how things work according to their world view.

You might notice here that quite learned people, with many kinds of initials after their names, can nonetheless be in limited consciousness at the present moment. Other words predominate the consciousness of one so steeped in materialism and duality; they are powerlessness and fear. Another word is “victim.”

Those who feel that the words above represent the truth about life and how it works, are presently experiencing limited consciousness. This is not a criticism, and it doesn’t make them “less” than those whose experience of consciousness is fuller. It simply describes where they are at this point. Another point to note, is that consciousness is not static. In fact, it is quite dynamic. And as new insights are gained, new perceptions will come that shall become new truths, which in turn will create new life experiences that reflect them.

The moment you can see some of the boundaries that describe limited consciousness without alarm or concern, your consciousness has already expanded.

One can know and embrace oneness and yet still be experiencing limited consciousness. I am an example. I don’t purport to “know it all.” I simply know what I know, which may be beyond what someone else presently knows about oneness. Yet, there are others beyond me. It’s all a single continuum that we all traverse experientially.

A greater awareness of Oneness, and hence, the experiences that flow from it, is achieved by demonstrating love, and love alone. The decision to love expands one’s consciousness. It does so by harmonizing and balancing our being, which also brings energies that promote and facilitate healing. A body and mind in balance will enjoy better circulation, a higher distribution of oxygen throughout, which accelerates healing and sustains health.

This is why, try as we might, we can’t truly assess the efficacy of any treatment modality without first considering the individual who is taking it. What’s going on in his life? How does she feel about herself and those around her? What issues are he clinging to? What traumas or resentments are festering within her?

These questions will never be solved with pills or pharmaceutical prescriptions. And if the individual isn’t willing to look at himself differently, he’ll realize no relief. People may come and go, as do places and things, but the underlying factor of consciousness, whether it is limited or full, shall remain. Quantum physics acknowledges the implicit and integral role of the Observer in the reality of what is observed. That Observer is consciousness.

Taking the blinders off of our consciousness is the key to discovering the Master Within, getting acquainted, and developing a trusting relationship. To do so, one must be willing to let go of the limitations that go with limited awareness. If we become enmeshed with them because they have become our “story,” we simply continue recreating the experiences from the vibrational pattern that we’ve maintained. Forgiveness washes away that pattern energetically, paving the way for the awareness and understandings that become the foundation for our new experiences; the new life that awaits.

This is a glorious time to be open to a new, exciting, and wonderful world, whatever day of the year you happen to do so.

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