On Planes (of Existence), Thoughts, and Change: Raising Our 'Energy IQ'

Oneness to Everything is Key

Telling someone who is dealing with a chronic, debilitating or painful disease such as cancer, that it’s his or her creation would be considered by many as one of the most callous, insensitive, and even asinine things to say. Asinine or not, it’s a message that you’ll hear from this writer, one that can’t be expressed too many times.

The far more palatable and predominant context by which we view disease is that the individual caught a cold or the flu, or fell victim to a stroke, diabetes, heart attack, or cancer. As predominantly practiced today, medical protocol is founded on this approach. However, this is a fallacious position we have bought and paid for with our money, sacrificed health, and our lives.

Millions of Americans and people in countries around the world are “checking out” (meaning exiting this reality, otherwise known as dying) by way of “dis-ease” in its many permutations. Most will likely have subscribed to the belief that since science and medicine hasn’t found an answer for their disease, then nothing could be done.

None of them knew that answers are available to virtually all diseases, with the individual — through his or her beliefs, attitudes, and accustomed behaviors — playing the central role. We create and determine our own susceptibility to that which eventually “befalls” us. And once we have “fallen,” we have the power to rise once again, a point that is also not widely believed, but nonetheless true.

Every human possesses this power, and few are consciously practicing, but the numbers are growing. Weighing in the balance is the quality, circumstances, and conditions of our transition as well as the richness of the life that preceded the “death.”

No one “exits” from Earth before the time of their choosing, but the circumstances and conditions surrounding said passing hold possibilities of great range and latitude. In other words, our task and purpose is not about “cheating death,” but about gaining a quality of life that is dis-ease free and full of the abundant joys of life that only come from wisdom practiced and love demonstrated, and knowing that such achievement is possible. Said awareness begins with “the bad news” that we create all of our experiences, which is also “the good news” that we have the power to transform any situation that we have determined, is unfolding in a manner that is other than our heart’s true desire.

The heart does not to cause or bring harm to anyone, but does seek to resonate with, and be an instrument for harmony. The harmonizing quality of the heart, when activated by the individual, will “reorganize” the reality that is experienced in like manner and tone. Love emanated where fear is predominant will transform the fear. The one who loves will always be protected from harm, in reality, even if not in appearance. Their love will always be remembered by those who were “afraid,” for once truly touched thereby, it cannot be forgotten.

While the passive, powerless, innocent victim argument may be palatable to hear, and is supported by a certain plausibility, it often leaves the listener more fearful, wanting for more answers, and on the defensive.

Our “salvation,” on the other hand, comes through understanding, awareness, and taking responsible, positive steps toward vibrational remediation. When context is changed — i.e., shifting from seeing one’s self as a victim of his or her experience to the creator thereof — an even more profound degree of plausibility emerges in support of the “new truth.” The difference is that this truth can set us free, while the “truth” of being fearful victims only serves to keep the believer in “stasis,” thus appearing to fix the present reality, or even making it seem worse.

Please consider that each human being, you and me included, is his or her own walking reality, as expressed on this dimensional plane. This thesis begins to account for the wide range in variance in response that many individuals will experience when they encounter similar inputs. Picture a hurdle competition where all pass over barriers of the same size and distance, but not with the same level of agility or speed.

Each runner is, and is in his own reality. However, as we witness and experience their reality simultaneously, as a oneness, we conclude that they (and we) have little role in its unfolding. All will play the central role in each, having come from divergent places to meet and participate, to eventually disperse back to divergent places after the Finish Line has been crossed.

Each individual experiences his own hurdle “inputs” uniquely, through the “lens” of his reality, which includes beliefs, attitudes, hopes, and dreams, and what he believes he is one with, or separate from.

There is actually no separation, only the appearance thereof. There is no “end” to the individual, only the appearance thereof. We are all connected… to everyone else, as well as to everything. We are connected to every actuality and possibility. We draw to ourselves that which we either desire (in oneness), or fear (via a perception of separation from desire due to lack, inability or unworthiness).

Our dimensional plane always delivers experiences perfectly, as we are perceiving life, although our perception of our life experience is oftentimes faulty. Why? Because we deny that we are “the bringers” of our own experiences, which come as “requisitioned” and will change as our “requisitioning” skills and habits change. The Earth plane is the canvas upon which this particular drama plays itself out, with each of us being our own main character.

A plane, in this context, represents a certain level of reality, as defined by a range of frequency vibration and perception. The plane is made up of all that is perceivable therein, as well as all that is causal and effected by perception, most of which will be unperceived by consciousness, just like the spherical footprint of an atom is dominated by the apparent “nothingness” of space.

For example, oxygen has always been part of this vibrational plane, even before it was first “observed,” identified and measured. Atoms and the sub-abtomic particles that constitute them, have always been part of this vibrational plane, as well as the waveforms that they pulse back and forth out of, and into. They all have an effect upon the reality that we experience, and are generally unseen, so they are all part of this plane of existence.

With that in mind, the term “planet,” as we call Earth, gains a new context, as a “small or limited plane of existence” relative to the whole. While we can perceive a physical universe that is roughly 13 billion light years across, and constitutes the physical limits of our plane of perception, planet Earth provides a profoundly smaller “footprint” of experiential possibility, in the same way that a single cell represents a much smaller footprint versus the cellular and molecular totality of our physical body.

Yet, the cells are part of the “Earth Plane,” as our bodies are likewise “tuned” to, and part of its vibrational frequency. The limitations of the physical plane of existence (Earth) are not the limitations of consciousness. We cannot freely travel to other planets, constellations, or galaxies, without taking extreme measures (and gaining considerably more knowledge and understanding) to ensure our physic
al survival, yet, we can perceive them. As such, they are as much part of our experience, present and future, and hence, our creation, as is a flower pot, vase, or our next door neighbor.

What does all this have to do with being creators of our experience and being responsible for our actions?

The answer is, everything. Many, indeed most of the factors that contribute to, and influence well-being, out of which health is one component, are “set” by unseen triggers established by consciousness. What is consciousness? You and me. We’re consciousness. We’re life that is both creating physicality, and experiencing it.

We are energy, as is all of existence. And while our experience of existence is unique, the fundamental factors that contribute to human existence (and experience) are singular. They boil down to duality and the awareness of our oneness with God, which is done in part by recognizing and honoring our oneness with each other, as all is expression of All That Is.

I don’t know about you, but I find it interesting that the root of Allah, the Islamic word for God, is all. Allness would include believers and disbelievers, saints, and sinners, the profound and the profane, healthy, and the lame.

We are all swimming in a sea of infinite possibility, and yet free to see or feel profound limitation and separation. Consequently, when an individual feels he has no options, then options won’t be available to him. If he won’t believe he can heal, then he can’t. Another individual experiencing a similar hurdle in the same race, but with a different attitude and belief will see and experience his goal.

If we feel our disease, or losses in the race of life, was “caused” by another, then we won’t resonate with the frequency that would nullify or overcome them. As such, we will travel exactly as far as our fears allow, which will never be as far as hope, optimism, enthusiasm, and confidence will take us. When experience plays out, we’ll believe our beliefs were true, still not knowing it was us all along… that is, until we consider that it was. 

We are electric and magnetic beings, pure energy. Yet, our Energy IQ is generally below the dunce level. Fortunately, that can change, and as we allow ourselves to appear in the center of our story as the stars that we are, then so shall we.

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2 Thoughts to “On Planes (of Existence), Thoughts, and Change: Raising Our 'Energy IQ'”

  1. Julia

    How douse one break free from the fear?
    For instance….
    You really want to do something or be with someone but you are too used to your current situation, or plain afraid to go for it.
    Many oppertunities have passed me by because I worry about what if .

    1. Hello Julia,

      Fear will never be “broken free of.” If what we’re experiencing isn’t to our heart’s desire, we choose to follow another course, even if we don’t know where it’ll lead. Being used to a situation is never a satisfying reason to continue it. How can we actually experience change if we’re not willing to change? Or, if you say you’re willing to change, but don’t because you’re “afraid,” how satisfying of an answer is that? You’ll never know or experience satisfaction until you make choices that are satisfying to you.

      Best wishes,


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