Treasures From Recent Travels

Sometimes it takes me awhile to actually “process” the information I gather from interviews with individuals for my show, Talk for Food, who are making substantial contributions to human health through their research and understanding. Here are conversations with four men that are now available in both podcast and, for the first time, video form, from three different trips.

Denis Korski and Robert Tayler
Subtle Energy Therapy, Edmonton, Alberta

I spent a week in Alberta in September 2008, staying in both Edmonton and Calgary. I’ve already run one show, from Subtle Energy Therapy, the day they were ordered to cease the sale of MMS by Health Canada.  (Click here to listen.)


Dr. Dean Bonlie, DDS
Magnetico Corporation
Calgary, Alberta

My latest Talk for Food radio podcast for is an interview with Dr. Dean Bonlie of Magnetico Corporation. Dr. Bonlie is one of the foremost authorities on the energy enhancing properties of magnets, and developer of Magnetico Sleep pads and a powerful medical device called the Magnetic Molecular Energizer that is currently in clinical testing.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on this link.

Dr. Edward Group III and Dr. Jim Walker
Global Healing Center, Houston, TX


Also, I’m starting to catch up with some other “firsts,” including some of my videotaped conversations recorded recently on my trip to Houston. On two occasions, I sat down with Drs. Edward Group III, director of the Global Healing Center, and author of Health Begins in the Colon, and Jim Walker, who I originally interviewed when I visited Montgomery, Alabama. Dr. Walker is author of the upcoming book, Holocaust: American Style, which is being readied for printing and publication. (Follow this link to listen to my first podcast with Jim Walker.)

Things went off so well with us, that I had to publish his book, which he was printing and distributing in manuscript form. (I’m working on that now.) In subsequent telephone conversations, Dr. Walker asked me to get together again, this time in Houston where I could meet Dr. Group, as he felt we’d get along famously. He was quite right. Within a half-hour of our meeting (on Dr. Walker’s 89th birthday), we were like old friends.


Both men are passionate, not only about helping people maintain or regain their health, but also about increasing awareness that everyone has the power to do so. When we understand the factors that contribute to the genesis of disease, coupled with how the human body is designed to respond to these factors, healing strategies, as well as eventualities, become clear.

You can listen to my first podcast with Drs. Walker and Group by following this link. The videos below are from our second day of shooting. (I’ve yet to get the first up, but will distribute them too.

This particular conversation, the second portion of the show, started on the subject of anti-aging, but eventually centered around detoxing strategies, with Dr. Group sharing some very specific and important information on types of detoxing procecures, as well as optimal sequencing.

Anti-Aging Part I

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Anti-Aging Part II

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Anti-Aging Part III

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And the beauty is, this is not all. I’ve got even more from these trips to share.

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