The Spirituality of Health: Why 'Choose' Dis-ease?

Heaven’s ‘Blooming’ on Earth

To get "there," one must start from "here"...
To get "there," one must start from "here"...

Learning how to improve and restore our health is a fundamental step toward actually doing it, and it’s a subject that I like to revisit time and time again, perhaps not so much for you as it is for me. I’m not preaching to you, but practicing on myself, and sharing awarenesses that come as they are gained.

It’s oftentimes not apparent to us just how much we think we have little or even no role in our own susceptibility to disease, nor that there is something proactive we can do (or be) about it. I see the “I’m not responsible” attitude when readers take umbrage when I comment that we are as responsible for our disease experiences, as “the bugs” are, if not more so. The unlikely truth applies even more so to children. How could they be choosing their disease? More importantly, why would they do it? Why would anyone “choose” to have a disease?

It’s true that there are many contributory factors that make up the “disease matrix,” but central to the diseases that one individual may experience versus another, is the individual who has it. And central to that, is the opportunity and process of (1) expanding one’s awareness, (2) learning that we are creators of our experience, and (3) becoming masters thereof. One cannot become master of anything they haven’t actually mastered.

Regaining one’s health from cancer isn’t so much about “mastering cancer,” as it is about mastering fear, forgiving perceived transgressions, and choosing to express one’s passion about life, rather than repress and suppress it. Disease is oftentimes the result of a pattern of “can’t do” thinking that has congealed into belief. Beliefs are ideas and concepts that we think are true, that is, until we supersede them with a belief that holds greater appeal. It really is that simple.

Stress and dis-ease are some of the most motivating catalysts for transformation, as they can immobilize us to the point of examining our beliefs, about what’s important, what we want to hold on to, and what we are ready to release and let go.

Disease doesn’t always manifest as physical infirmities. They can be any form of dichotomy, where the experience of the moment runs counter to the heart’s desire, where turmoil overshadows peace, pain suppresses pleasure, scarcity obstructs abundance, and fear leaves little room for confidence in anything but calamity.

When such conditions describe one’s experience, the associated perception seems to be the only reality. Since any rational individual would not want such problems, it seems far fetched to suggest that the individual created them in the first place. Yet, acceptance of said statement as truth is the only way to change it. In other words, only by embracing “the absurd” can one see the absurdity and then let it go, so that the greater sublime may also be seen, embraced, accepted/chosen, and ultimately experienced.

Contrary to how it may sound, there is no criticism, blame associated with experiencing sickness or disease. No one is “at fault” for “being sick,” if sickness is what they’re experiencing. Asserting that you’re sick because you’ve made yourself susceptible; in other words, you created the experience, simply puts you in position to uncreate it, by understanding the conditions and dynamics that gave birth to your illness, and then re-conceiving your health into reality. This is oftentimes a spiritual process that then is the catalyst for a physical effect.

Physical health does not mean spiritual health. On the other hand, spiritual health does not necessarily mean physical health either. However, for one who is experiencing physical disease and wishes to restore their health, a spiritual “check-up” should be sought, which is availed by journeying within.

Spiritual experience can be greatly enhanced when one is likewise physically healthy, especially when said health was consciously chosen, and formed by way of mastery of one’s inner dis-ease.

By being physically healthy, it’s not necessary to have “six pack” abs and look like Mr. or Miss Universe. We will be reasonably free of toxic thoughts, emotions, and substances, and be reasonably in balance. Achieving such balance will affect our perception of reality, as well as our sense of connection with, and perception of, the Divine. It will also have a palpable effect on our health. That’s when Heaven begins to bloom while we’re yet on Earth.

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