Reclaiming a Fundamental Awareness: The Body Heals Itself

A Petition to ‘the Physician’ Within

Learning is the process whereby we gain and accumulate awarenesses. The defining effect of this ongoing process is ever-increasing demonstrations of mastery over our life experiences. Masterful experience is the feedback we give ourselves to indicate that we have graduated beyond “belief” on or about various subjects, and have entered the realm of knowing. Yet, for each knowing gained, another unknown is discovered, which begins the learning process anew. However, the experience track that we pass along during the learning process is not a circle, but a spiral. Some of the scenery that we pass will look the familiar, but will be fundamentally different as we make our ascent.

An awareness is simply information embraced. We gain them each moment. An awareness can either help sustain the reality that we’re presently experiencing, by giving us continued reason to believe that what has become familiar is the only reality we can experience, or it can give us reason to believe that other possibilities exist.

All life experiences are sustained on the stream of awarenesses that we gain and embrace throughout said life. The life we live can be said to be both the accumulation, and the culmination of our awarenesses, or the lack thereof.

If you’re reading this article and are experiencing some form of chronic dis-ease, and are presently taking medication “prescribed” by someone you believe has more awareness about your problem than you, it can be quite jolting to read that the medication won’t “cure” your situation, but that you can. Once you confirm for yourself that this is true, you’re immediately faced with the question of why should you still take, even when the prescriber thinks it’s the only way to go?

Not even the FDA, which serves as lord over what we can associate with the word “cure,” has gained, or demonstrated the awareness that drugs don’t cure, but the body does. The people who run the FDA still seem to think that the only acceptable “curative” agent that can be considered in the treatment of human disease, is a pharmaceutical drug that they have approved, often at great expense to the pharmaceutical company, and at greater expense to the American public, who are paying dearly for this policy by continuing to sacrifice their money, health, and their lives.

As many of you know, it’s not just the FDA that makes this ruse go. Pharmaceutical companies are certainly active participants, but they too are the tip of the iceberg. Add the American Medical Association, which is the prevailing “union” that administers, certifies, and dictates the modalities that medical doctors will, and will not practice. It’s motto is “Helping Doctors Help Patients,” but that has not been the true effect of its work, that is, unless the “patients” are pharmaceutical companies. However, the indoctrination, and the disconnect from medical efficacy, doesn’t begin there.

Medical schools train these doctors who, by the time they graduate, we believe are well-versed… or should I say, well aware of all modalities that would work on behalf of their future patients to help restore their health when sickness or disease may befall them. However, the treatment methods that they will receive training in will, very often help the patient maintain or manage their disease, rather than get over it. This is not the intent of medical training, but when you look at the number of people who die from preventable, reversible chronic diseases each year, it is clearly the effect.

Allopathic doctors go through their entire training, internship, and licensing process thinking that they, and their methods “cure” diseases, and that any method that they were not trained to respect or embrace, must not be viable. They have also been trained to rationalize their own methods that, themselves are not viable, but have persisted by virtue of tradition, and that if their method doesn’t provide a cure, then a cure doesn’t exist. Why else would we be raising hundreds of millions of dollars each year to find a cancer “cure,” when cures, and cures for other chronic diseases, have been known for almost 80 years? Why is the FDA so protective over who can say the word “cure” and in what context? The way to heal is not nearly as complex as modern medicine has made it, and as it is being maintained.

For example, even though modern medicine (and science) knows, but cannot tell you why or how skin will naturally heal itself back if we sustain a minor cut, it doesn’t yet know that all organs of the body have the same ability. This includes those that we simply carve out of the body when it flares up, such as tonsils, the appendix, gallbladder, kidneys, and colon, to the heart and lungs. All of these organs can heal themselves and return to normal function when the cause of of their dysfunction is removed.

However, since giving the patient drugs won’t address the cause of the dysfunction, and the FDA and the AMA recognizes drugs and surgery as the only “curative” measures that are permissible for doctors to practice, then it’s far more expedient to remove or replace the offending culprit (a medical doctor can’t practice if he doesn’t). Again, this is at great expense in dollars, and greater expense in quality of life, or the ultimate expense in life’s ending.

The health insurance industry supports standard medical practice by paying only for FDA and AMA “approved” procedures, and not for natural modalities that will often address the real problem at much less cost. Many of the administrators at insurance companies are doctors and medical people who have grown up with the same awareness, and biases about anything that has run outside of their training.

Hospitals have become places where it’s almost as likely that you will catch a disease than that your medical problem will be solved. However, this too speaks more to the general state of the average person’s immune system than it does the hospital itself. Individual and collective habits have taken a major toll on the immune system. However, learning the real causes of our imbalances, and resolving that will improve individual and collective health.

The vast majority of medical school research is funded by pharmaceutical companies. All of the findings that are published will tend to support the efficacy of specific pharmaceutical approaches, as well as the general practice of administering drugs. “Clinical trials” and “double-blind studies” run by medical researchers are all structured so as to present pharmaceutical methodology in an efficacious light, with the intended end awareness being that they represent the only viable response to that disease.

Disease by Association and Food

Supporting this grand piece of deception are hundreds of not-for-profit associations that have sprung up to “increase awareness about” or “find a cure for” this disease or that. They exist for cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and many many more. They collect billions of dollars each year to fund “research,” but the cure consistently remains “another 5-10 years away.”

What they don’t tell you is that they’re looking for chemical or patentable, pharmaceutical “cures” that demonstrate “acceptable” risk factors, that they can charge exorbitant prices for, or lobby to make public administration of the new “wonder drug” mandatory.

They are not looking for anything that is natural and God given, when in fact, that is where the real cures are found. Real cures help restore balance throughout the human being, on physiological, chemical, microbial, and energetic levels. They supply the body what it is really asking for when it calls for our attention by way of a pain signal, or an itch. Yet, we have become such a “busy” people, it’s considered much more expedient to take a pill that will mask the signal, rather than pay attention. We think that when the pain signal has abated, the problem has been solved, when in fact, it grows.

The food preparation industry contributes to the toxification of Americans by growing and preparation practices that generally work against our health. In fact, many of the synthetic substances used by food preparers bring on the itches, inflammation, and pain that we then take pills for. This includes using genetically modified, irradiated, hormone fed, chemical laced substances that wreak havoc on the internal balance within the human body.

“Food” today generally exists in appearance and name only. We’re several generations into the pattern, and few remember when it was normal and customary to raise and prepare your own food without a lot of chemicals and toxic ingredients.

Natural remedies existed for a vast majority of the health problems that came along. It’s amazing to see how many “new” ones have cropped up in the past few generations. It’s all a function of the awarenesses we’ve embraced, and those we refuse to acknowledge.

We have become a “germaphobic” people who don’t yet know or appreciate that the human body is literally, figuratively, and naturally a macro-organism, which is host to trillions of microorganisms. We also don’t know that the key to health is balance within the macro-organism. Disease indicates an imbalance or blockage somewhere within either the body, or within the human energy field that surrounds it.

Oh yes; that’s another awareness that is not practiced in modern medicine, that the human being is not limited to the physical form, but includes an energetic one. However, not only does the energetic field receive no treatment by modern medicine, it’s not even acknowledged. Yet the electromagnetic frequencies that come from our energy field, are read and measured for diagnostic purposes by modern medicine. Anything that convinces you that you are diseased is supported. Anything that helps you actually become free of disease, is avoided.

The Dance of Imbalance and Toxicity

Where there is imbalance within the human macro-organism, there shall likewise be toxicity. A body that is in balance will be slightly alkaline, as measured by pH. Yet, modern medical practice routinely adds more acidity to the body, ostensibly to “kill” the offending “bug” thought to have attacked us, and caused our problem. The rationale is, to put it (the bug) out of its misery in order to end our own. The reality is that each year, hundreds of thousands of people succumb to their medical treatment modality that they received; people whose body could have healed if the real problem had been addressed and corrected.

Water purification methods that add chlorine and fluoride also contribute to our toxic buildup, as do our public school systems that insist on vaccinating children for preventive purposes, with substances that contain mercury, which itself is a very powerful toxin. Doing so, we rationalize, will prevent diseases not yet encountered. Yet, if the perception can be sold (and it has been), it’s big business today. We will have long since forgotten the effect that the real mercury poisoning had on the still developing immune system, all for the possible prevention of something that a strong immune system would have prevented in the first place.

Last but not least, we the people have bought in to this not-so-merry-go-round of medical dysfunction. Perhaps wanting a “savior” or someone we think is smarter we are to solve our problems, we’ve given ourselves and medical lives over to “practitioners” who can only venture an educated (or uneducated) guess at what real our problem is, and how to resolve it. We watch the “brilliant” doctors on television dramas, such as House, venture their best guess on the most difficult medical cases. Yet, the central character doesn’t know that his own pain riddled body can heal itself, if he weren’t himself addicted, not only to the pain killers that make up the subplot of the story, but to the notion that drugs and surgery are the only viable answer to medical problems.

This message is conveyed to millions every week, without question of another way of seeing things, without appreciating the body’s ability to heal itself, or a resolve to remove that which prevents healing, rather than continue further addition of more.

Yet, if you take the awareness given here, into yourself, then one more mind will have been turned on to the natural power within. Once we know where the true power is, we have the opportunity to use it consciously. What better way to confirm, for ourselves, our own ability to master any situation that life presents us, than by healing ourselves? The next step is discovering what modalities work for us.

Physician… i.e., physical person, go forth and heal thyself!

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  1. Excellent post. I came to this realization as well and is how I am healing now.

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