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This is one of those “one thing led to another” progressions of events. I mentioned in an earlier post about finishing up reading Gregg Braden’s, The Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs. In the last chapter he postulates that reality as we know it is very much like, and could very well be, a computer program, with you and me as both the “programmers” and experiencers of our lives.

A software program contains various lines of programming code, with very specific purposes. He describes “begin”, “work,” and “end” commands, from the context of a software programmer, then uses The Lord’s Prayer to illustrate how these command codes work within the process and context of reality formation. It’s very impressive, and to learn more, you should definitely read his book. However, the exercise spawned more from me.

The very next morning, when I awakened, the words of The Lord’s Prayer were playing out in my mind. However, some small, but very specific modifications had been made, which made a profound change in the context. They go as follows:

God of All
Who Art Within
Hallowed be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom IS
Thy Will IS

In Earth, as it IS in Heaven

Give me this day,
My daily bread,
And forgive my debts,
As I forgive my debtors.

And lead me not by fear.
But deliver me in love,

For Mine is the Kingdom,
And the Power
And the Glory


When I uttered these words, I felt a palpable change within my body, and energy field that might best be described as a quickening. It felt good. I felt an energy increase was happening. I didn’t feel depleted or low in energy before, but simply, now had more. And I felt it was connective in nature, activating more levels of my own beingness, making them available in this world.

I titled, this affirmation, The Meek’s Prayer, for those who, it is written, will inherit the Earth. While we entertain visions of “meek” people as lambs and sheep, I see them as courageous, powerful, and connected to Source, in harmonic resonance with their highest, most joyful dreams, whose purpose is not fearful or cataclysmic, but the joyful of who they are, and practicing their awareness on a world stage.

The next day… 11/11, the words were again in my mind, but this time with another dimension. I was moved to sing it. I have always had a decent voice, but generally relegated the practice of using it to the shower. My mom was the singer in the family, cited in 2001 as one of Chicago’s Gospel Pioneers. I was content to think, and later, to write. However, writing this wouldn’t be enough for this. So you’re going to hear it here first.


I’ve produced a longer video version and posted it on YouTube, etc, for all to hear and see. To view it, click the link below that says, “The Meek’s Prayer.” While some may think it blasphemous, I expect that most will love it, just like me.

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