The Power of 'Us' is Love

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I just finished reading Gregg Braden’s The Spontaneous Healing of Belief. This is the second of his books that I’ve read, The Divine Matrix being the first. Both are excellent; each one delivering it’s own quanta of light, which is transformed into energy and power, where it counts… to you and me. It issues forth into our reality from the same place… from within you and me.


Braden’s books go along with many others, such as Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), that are now providing scientific evidence as to who and what is truly creating the drama that we experience as life on earth, and hints at who and what is responsible for the totality of what we perceive. It’s the absolute most unlikely sources: you and me.


This is our world, our creation. The experiences, “good” and “bad,” are ours, as well as the outcomes. And to take it all to another level of incredulity, the power to change it all… especially the portion and potentials that we’re not happy with… is also within the powers of you and me.


In fact, it won’t change except as we change. While change is always happening, the quality of the moment will appear to be unchanging unless and until we change how we look at it, and respond to what we see, you for you, me for me, and us for us.

I told you this would all sound unlikely, and I’m sure some readers will relegate this article to the “dismiss” file. On the other hand, there will be those who have the courage to continue reading with mind yet open. They’ll be able to determine for themselves, where these truths actually calibrate for them.

Folks, we’re powerful beyond our knowing, and beyond our beliefs. We use our powers to create our reality whether we know it via conscious intent, or not, and therefore unconsciously.

Reality conforms to our individual and collective thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs about what is, and what is not possible. If said thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs are strong enough, we transform possibility into reality by adding an infusion of one of two very powerful components; either love or fear. I say two, but love and fear are really expressions of the same thing; Divine Energy. The difference in effect being polarity, the degree of conscious awareness of what we’re doing, and knowing the outcome we’re creating.

The Divine Energy we know as Love is the empowering agent that literally and figuratively reorganizes chaos and incoherency into a resounding harmonic frequency. Said reorganization includes the chaotic state that manifests within any diseased human body, occurs only through conscious intention and choosing. When joyful love energy courses through us, it creates a null field within our being (not just our body, but the energy field that envelopes us), and all that had become disruptive and distorting effect within us, is for that time canceled. In the reduction and absence of disruptive agents, such as toxins, heavy metals, and an over abundance of harmful microorganisms, healing occurs naturally.  The healing occurs as long as we sustain the love. The more we do it, the better we get at it.

Fear is simply expression of Divine Energy without the love agent being active, or where its polarity is actually “reversed.” It perpetuates or exacerbates disease, for at its essence, fear, in whatever form it takes, is dis-ease.

When we are expressing a fearful state, we are out of balance and not centered. We position ourselves in the ring of an energetic hurricane, instead of the center where all is quiet, peaceful, and still. We have the power to consciously be in either space, but not both at the same time. On the other hand, we are the totality of said energetic hurricane.

Divine Energy empowers all expression. However, its power will not be apparent if we do not consciously choose love, unconditionally, in a state that can best be described as balanced and centered. We can be balanced and centered under the worst of apparent conditions, and unbalanced and in dis-ease under the “best” of conditions. This is because the real volcano of reality is actively operating in our mind, on levels that are unseen in addition to that which seen.

So before you dismiss the notion that you create your reality and we create ours collectively, take a “truth check” on yourself.

Are you in love… with yourself, with life, and humanity? Are you balanced and centered? Or are you in a state of dis-ease?  Do you believe that you are creating your bliss? Or do you believe that someone else is at the control of the chaos that you see all around you, and you’re in fear? Perhaps the most fundamental question is, are you mad about now (or the past), and afraid about tomorrow?

Your answers to these questions will tell you where you are in the empowerment matrix right now, and go a long way toward answering why life is “working” for you in the way that it is.

Not everyone is having a “tough time”, and the reason is not “luck”, privilege, the color of their skin, or the amount of money they have in the bank. It’s their connection to the heart, and the activation of love in their life.

We have an abundance of Divine Energy, and we have choice. We have the power of love, which is always the antidote to fear and dis-ease. Before you dismiss the power of love (and who you are), try using using it now, for it’s always there. Better than “trying” to use it, practice doing so, for it does indeed “make life perfect.”

To access your love, apply within.

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    May I continue to Evolve to my true Potential,and conquer Fear…

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