With God Within, 'Depletion' is Futile

A New World is emerging… not “will” emerge, but is emerging, right here, right now. Some people believe it is the New World Order that presidents, including George Bush (I & II) and others, have outlined, warned against (Eisenhower), or advocated. Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? That’s up to each of us.

The nightmarish scenario that we see outlined on TV and read about on the Internet is not the only possible outcome of the shift that we’ve begun. Only by surrendering to fears, and projecting said fears into reality, can the worst actually happen. And even then, it happens only to, and for those who project it. How do we avoid doing so? Simply realize that the state of the economy and the financial system doesn’t define who you are; that you are far more than that.

Perhaps it sounds contrite to offer a “spiritual pep talk” in a time of financial crisis, but then, the crisis situation allows us to come to terms with what, and where we think God is.

If you think God is money, and money is God… if you think that power rests in the hands of those who have or control money, then I see why you may be panicking right now.

The value of money is rapidly heading toward meaninglessness. However, I say this for reasons that you may not expect.

Our shift in consciousness, which is also happening as this shift in the structure of our reality continues, includes the activation of “gifts” that have been dormant within most of us. One of these gifts is the simple awareness of our natural and innate limitlessness. This brings a perception of scarcity as nothing more than a way of thinking, a game that has been played on us (with our unconscious agreement), by people who created “debt” out of nothing but our belief that we “owed” them something, and our willingness to pay in order to receive their favor.

Debt is only meaningful if we believe that resources are scarce, and more fundamentally, that we are limited in our ability to create abundantly. Some might scoff at the notion, simply pointing to the millions and billions who live on a small fraction of what has become normal in the United States and North America. But again, having money is no guarantor of health, wealth, or happiness.

And those who have siphoned off the hopes, dreams, health, and lives of so many, find little solace in the edifices they erect to their inflated egos. Truth is, they are no more powerful than we are… we are no less powerful than they. The only difference is our awakening to this awareness, and now that we are awakening to it, it’s time to begin putting it into practice.

The exercises that we’ll engage in are not all about making money. For millions of people, the prime exercise will be about regaining and restoring health. This is not as hard as it sounds when we awaken from the spell that has been cast for generations that the doctor and his medicine, and practices are supreme.

Nature is, and has always been, the supreme source of the medicine that promotes and facilitates the health of our bodies. We have raped and pillaged our most sacred nurturer, not knowing how we were destroying ourselves in the process.

Mother Earth not only produces the foods that sustain and help us to repair and restore the body, it pulses energetic signals that synchronize and harmonize, influencing the spin of each atom and affecting the voltage of each cell. Nature will naturally “tune” our body to an optimum setting, if we don’t short circuit the process with divisive, scarcity thinking. Its living clays can sooth the traumas that we experience, removing toxicity and helping the body to heal. We have always been multidimensional beings, but for the past 100 years, have practiced believing only in what science could see, which is only the slightest hint of the totality.

Modern medicine has turned itself in another institution that is ripe for implosion because it has “treated” only the visible body, which is the veritable “tip” of the being, the repository of effects, while ignoring the causative factors of energy, mind, emotion, nutrition, and belief. Yet, if you’re sick, it positions itself as the “go to” modality, that is, as until the health insurance runs out. Then we’re on our own.

We are subject to many forms of toxicity that are invisible to the eyes, taste, and touch. Indeed, we are even subject to the effects of toxic thoughts and thinking. This is not conjecture, it is demonstrable fact. As we awaken to these unseen factors that contribute to our experiential malaise, so do we come face-to-face with the true source of health and well-being; the indwelling Spirit, the Source of All. It was, and is within, all along.

We can deny this connection, or we can embrace it. Where we are right now is the culmination of generations of denial. From this point on, the option of embracing that power, the power of our Spirit, the God of our Being, the Quantum Presence, is there for all. It is the balancer, equalizer, and harmonizer. It is also the forgiver, for since we have been in a holographic simulator of reality, no harm has really happened, and no blame need be placed.

To persist in assigning blame is to deny our connection, not only to Source, but to all, including those we thought were our “enemies.” To embrace that connection is to acknowledge said connection in all, irrespective of whether others see it, or embrace it. When you embrace the connection to spirit, fear no longer becomes an appropriate response to those who “hate” you, for they simply mirror an aspect of you that seeks healing. The power to heal is accessed through love, and rests with those who accept that said power is within, and has always been that way.

Now that toxic, expensive, drugs when eventually not be available (which themselves relied on continued ignorance about the nature of our body, minds, and spirits), we will begin the journey toward health, starting with The Great Detox.

Money without health is not wealth. Everyone has value, simply as a function of being. Now the time looms ahead where we uncover our value, and share our gifts with each other, knowing that we will not have to “take” from another in order to receive what we need, and being free of the fear of being depleted. When you know that God is within you, depletion is futile.

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One Thought to “With God Within, 'Depletion' is Futile”

  1. Dto

    I gree with everything.
    We had a GRAND time last night. We danced in the moonlight, ate, laughed, prayed and sat by a fire and talked about happy things. Dr. Russel, Gene Ingram, Abby, Norma, Josie, Deb, Marsha, Greta and I were there. I thought about you often, wishing you, too, could have been there with your wisdom and wit. Also, we NEVER have as many guys as women and can use the male balance.
    What’s your schedule now? My next venture will be to San Antonio.
    Cuddles, Dot

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