Financial Crisis Masks Approaching Medical Paradigm Shift

Capitulate or Educate: What Will it Be?

The world watches and debates whether the U.S. Congress will come to the rescue of Wall Street, as the largest financial debacle in the history of the country continues to unravel. Financial “experts” such as Suze Orman, believed to be the last word on money, are stoking the flames of fear to a general public that, at its very core, believes it is better to let an ineffective system die, allowing a more effective one to emerge, than continue propping up the current regime.

On the day of the largest stock market fall in history, at over 777 points, Orman cited the loss of asset value, estimated at over one trillion dollars, as evidence that the public was being hurt. She spoke as though the assets that she felt so important to protect, had themselves disappeared. Yet, over half a trillion in asset value reappeared the next day (September 30, 2008), when the Dow Jones index gained almost 500 points.

I find it fascinating that we are deathly afraid of downturns in the financial fortunes of a few, but are so willing to perpetuate, if not push, the downturn in the health of so many. In fact, we are willing to put the burden of protection of the few onto the backs of the many, who do not enjoy the same consideration.

Our monetary system relies on, and turns to the many for its health, yet turns against them the moment there is a “blip” in its security.

Interest rates on credit card accounts rise at the slightest provocation. Computer programs are set to pounce, removing any vestiges of grace, the moment a payment is late.

When a tropical storm becomes a hurricane, fuel prices rise thousands of miles away, pumping up the fortunes of the merchants at the expense, stress, and burden of the many.

Health care expenses are already expensive, especially given the ineffectiveness of the predominant treatment modalities for chronic diseases. Yet, when push comes to shove, the medical system will generally refuse to offer treatment if one doesn’t have insurance, and if they do, the insurance company may not pay if it deems that “pre-existing conditions” applied.

Furthermore, the medical system itself does not acknowledge or as a rule use, natural, homeopathic, energetic, and vibrational treatment approaches, which have proven themselves to be (1) scientifically based, (2) effective, (3) widely available, and (4) far less expensive than allopathic approaches.

In fact, governmental agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its counterpart north of the border, Health Canada, take their powers of protective oversight in the wrong direction. They tolerate natural, non-toxic approaches until they gain a constituency and demonstrate their effectiveness to a large enough number of people, at which time said approaches are classified as drugs, and subject to the same certification parameter$ that pharmaceutical companies go through.

There are two problems with this. First is that natural substances, that the human body are designed to work in concert with, are not drugs. In government agency thinking, if you gave a person who is dehydrated, you would be administering them a drug. Yet, it’s okay by them if food producers irradiate foods (even organic) for human consumption, which essentially makes them nutritionally inert, and poisonous to human consumers.

Natural substances are not drugs. They need no certification nor regulation by government agencies with respect to their right to exist and be available to the public. This includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other natural elements that the body needs in order to maintain and/or re-establish health. These are the real foods that human, animal, and plant bodies require, along with clean, pure water.

Strangely, all of these elements are generally missing, or in too short of supply, from our Western diets. Instead of going at the food processors and dairy producers that use synthetic, diseased and contaminated products and methods to produce their “convenience foods,” the government agencies go after natural, non-toxic products, many of which have no central corporate advocate, deep pockets, nor the ability to be tied up in court.

So when an order comes from the FDA, or Health Canada, as was the case recently with a small supplier of “MMS”, Subtle Energy Therapy, located in Edmonton, Alberta, the only thing to do was to capitulate; cease selling the product in Canada. (See earlier entry by clicking here, and listen to my interview with Subtle Energy Therapy’s owners by clicking here.)

Capitulation isn’t our only option. We also have the power to educate ourselves. MMS, the protocol that involves generating and introducing a unique oxidizer, chlorine dioxide, into the human body to literally reduce the levels of anaerobic and acidic “junk” that pollutes our internal waters, has demonstrated itself to be therapeutically effective over a very wide range of pathologies. Truth is, there are a wide range of pathologies simply because modern medicine has profited greatly from classifying and categorizing diseases, effectively guiding our thinking that if you have “chronic fatigue,” as an example, then diabetes, heart disease, or cancer are of little concern.

Doctors will routinely remove or replace organs deemed expendable or replaceable… a gallbladder, appendix, kidney, or even the heart, because their normal treatment approaches — which is all that they know — are ineffective at restoring normal function. They do not even consider that said organs are nonetheless capable of  such restoration. And if the public doesn’t understand this innate capability of the body to restore natural functionality of various organs, in a process otherwise known as healing, then they will, like lemmings, continue to walk into the abyss of radiation, chemotherapy, and mutilation.

The human body chemistry is far simpler than the many pathologies that have rained on our consciousness. It is either in balance, or it is not. If the body is not in balance, and becomes chronically out of balance through the repetition of eating, drinking, and behavioral habits, then it will have less oxygen available, which means less energy, more cell death, and more growth of microorganisms that don’t require oxygen (in order to sustain your life)… hopefully, while you get a clue. However, all the while, health will decline.

While on the slippery slope of declining health, the external systems… medicine, government, media, and insurance sectors… help us along. They keep us thinking that they’re looking out for us, are “protecting” us, and doing research to find answers to the glaring holes in our medical understanding. Yet, behind the scenes they are suppressing information about that which helps and heals. They try to restrict who can talk about health matters to another, even though those licensed to do — the doctors we’re constantly told to “ask” — aren’t really trained in the full spectrum of modalities that work. In fact, they refrain from such association, lest their own licenses are put in jeopardy.

When push comes to shove, the doctor in whose hands you put your life, is more concerned about paying his or her bills, and protecting his or her livelihood, than in helping you get well. I’m not saying this as an indictment. It’s a fact of medical indoctrination. If a doctor has gone through traditional medical training, it has been specifically oriented toward allopathic treatment approaches. This means that drugs are the method of choice, and importance. Not even nutrition is given the importance that it requires, much less such “woo woo” areas as energetic or vibrational healing.

Most medical doctors today are ignorant in this area, when in fact, we are energetic, vibrational beings, and the coherence of our energies and harmony of our vibrations are in fact, as important to healing as any other matter. A doctor that strikes off down this course of study, discovery, and understanding, does so at the peril of his standing in the medical community. What does that tell you?

Education is the antidote to capitulation, or the simple rolling over and playing “dead” to the medical establishment. Like the financial system that, in my opinion, should not be bailed out, but allowed to adjust and reform itself into a more representative structure, the medical system as presently structured, is also in need of change. Do not expect it to change on its own accord, for what it does, and how it does it, is all that the people behind it knows. However, you can know better. And, when a government agency goes after someone who is doing no harm, and facilitating so much health, those who know better should say or do something.



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  2. Well said Adam!
    Personally I don’t need to see the DVD, I’ve done enough research of my own now, trialled it myself, etc etc. I’m sick of watching friends and family die at 30, 40, 50, 60 years of age when they should be alive a lot longer.

  3. Look at what your idea of success would be. The more that you take in external motivators, the more it reduces your ultimate satisfaction because it doesn’t come from inside.

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