Meet 'The Great Healer'

The more I learn about natural and “alternative” healing modalities, the more I realize how important it is to understand and appreciate The Great Healer.

Do you know where I’m going with this?

While millions of people today are still afflicted with AYDS, or “Ask Your Doctor” Syndrome, and are interpreting the myriad forms of physical, mental, and emotional imbalance as “diseases” that must be “treated” with this poison or that, millions more are seeing the gross ineffectiveness, and in many cases, harm of such treatment, and are choosing said alternatives. They are now beginning to realize that healing is possible, and when the proper conditions are in place, inevitable, which means that they are getting closer to knowing The Great Healer.

The Great Healer is not the body. While the human body is predisposed to self-correct, self-regulate and maintain life (as we presently know it), and while it valiantly copes with the many disruptive energies and toxic substances that we expose ourselves to each day, it is not The Great Healer. That’s because The Great Healer is the indweller of the body and the experiencer of the life. The Great Healer is also the body itself, as well as the experience itself!

To clarify, The Great Healer is not “within” the body, it is it, and all that we experience, in fact, it is all that we conceive and perceive.

We are The Great Healer.

If you haven’t dismissed this notion altogether, you may ask, “How can someone be “sick” or “broke,” and be The Great Healer?” The simple answer is that we don’t know that we’re The Great Healer… or better yet, we have not yet re-awakened to that understanding.

And please understand that there are those who know that they are The Great Healer, but appear to be “sick,” as well as have turbulent experiences. However, they are at peace within, and by being where they are, they bring their harmonic vibration and energy to their locale in space/time, which gives those around them an alternative to chaotic vibrational energies to home onto and synchronize with.

It is the love and peace that we achieve within ourselves that differentiates one person’s experience from another. The power to heal comes from the inner harmonic state that we allow to be present both within and through us, and is conferred by (1) our willingness to love and be loved (including the willingness to forgive and be forgiven), and (2) our belief that the desired change that we intend has already been created.

For one who has been experiencing some form of chronic dis-ease, believing that healing has already happened, even though it may not have manifested at the physical level, is far more powerful than believing it can, or even that it will.

Saying to one’s self with assurance, “I AM healthy,” brings the feeling of health into the present moment, which will have an immediate impact on our physiology.

Having received new instructions directly from you, The Great Healer, your body will immediately quicken the flow of energy through it, which nourishes each cell with light. The process of reversing dis-ease at the physical level will have begun.

Saying “I will be healthy” places changes such as these at some future point in space/time, basically leaving you in vibrational stasis. Intention is more than intending… when our intent is directed with knowing, the deed is done. When we “intend,” we are operating in “will be,” or “may be” mode.

Supporting the former statement, “I AM healthy!” with your belief allows you to form a vibrational and harmonic resonance with a state of health and well-being, allowing you to feel, or perhaps remember, what it IS to be healthy (no one ever forgets, although many lose hope of experiencing the feeling again).

Embracing health on a vibrational level brings health back to our space/time experience. Choosing to do so can mean the difference between pain and freedom from pain. It also means a great difference in our “story.”

Is your “story” about the pain and struggles you’ve endured? Or about how hard of a life you’ve had, or that you are still having? Do you find yourself saying, “I AM enduring this problem or that?” Then you don’t yet know, and are not yet exercising The Great Healer.

To put it another way, you don’t know, or believe in, your own Greatness. Or perhaps you’re afraid to acknowledge that it might actually be so (e.g., “I AM weak, but He is strong.”).

If you say to yourself and others, “I AM broke, and can’t find relief from this mountain of debt that is burying me,” then you’re actually using your Greatness to create and maintain both the problem, and your separation from the solution experience that you prefer. You are maintaining people around you, Great Ones in their own right, who likewise don’t know their own greatness, much less yours.

Changing this tune doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to change your “supporting cast;” it’s an inner job. They will make their own choices as they experience the changed, and healthier you. The option to be one’s best, expand our awareness, and transform our life experience is always available.

The Great Healer is each of us, even those who are experiencing poverty, sickness, and disease. “Logic” suggests that if we’re “sick,” we can’t be well. And if we’re poor, we can’t be “rich.” And, we must be unable to be well, or wealthy. So we spend our time envying, or even loathing those who are enjoying life free of the limitations we are absolutely convinced, are binding us.

Since it sounds so, “logical,” these notions are often not questioned or challenged. They fuel our quest to find something outside of ourselves to do the “healing,” lest we give up hope altogether.

I’m not suggesting here that we don’t need, or shouldn’t be open to going to someone, or taking something to relieve a discomforting situation. But for best results, one should know where the healing really comes from and through. That source would be The Great Healer. Look carefully in the mirror with love, and you’ll see the Master looking back at you, and feel the Presence.

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2 Thoughts to “Meet 'The Great Healer'”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post.
    You say “Look carefully in the mirror with love, and you’ll see the Master looking back at you, and feel the Presence.” Wow, that’s the quote worthy inscribing on all doors.

  2. I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind where the connection is between your posts on MMS and healing energy. And then it occurred to me, there probably is no difference. I believe, although I may not yet be able to fully actualize same, that all healing comes from within. Maybe we need stepping stones, bridges, who knows, at times, hydraulic lifts, but it’s only on the way to learning it’s within.

    Peace to you tonight. Keep on the good work.


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