Seeing 'the Gift' in Calamity, Turmoil, and Disease

Understanding MMS DVD animated image.Increasingly, I speak to people who have discovered and begun using the MMS protocol (to reduce the body’s microbial and pathogen load), and believe it to be “the thing” that will solve their particular medical problem. They start out with great hope and promise, and over time, become perplexed when their problem remains, even while many other people, oftentimes family and friends, are enthusiastically reporting success at resolving their particular medical condition.

They are then presented with a choice… question (if not “diss”) the protocol, or look within. Given that I have interviewed Jim Humble, the developer of the MMS protocol, many times on my radio show, Talk for Food, and have produced the first (and presently only) feature-length documentary film on the subject (Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble), they contact me.

I am not a medical doctor, and I am clear to inform people who call or email me that my responses are not to be construed as anything other than personal opinion. It’s just as well because we discuss factors that are decidedly other than medical.

Western medical practices maintain a very narrow scope with respect to where their attention is applied in response to a patient’s condition. Specifically, the doctor’s focus is on the body itself. Psychiatry is a branch of medical practice that attempts to treat disorders of the mind by yet focusing on the body, prescribing various drugs that, while they do alter consciousness and even behavior, are more likely to inhibit, rather than expand awareness.

Psychology is a step in the right direction, but its scope is also limited. According to Wikipedia, psychology is “an academic and applied discipline involving the phenomenological and scientific study of mental processes and behavior.”

Mental processes and behavior, and the relationship between the two. Indeed, there is a direct relationship between patterns of thinking, resultant behavior, and the experiences that are created from the milieu. However, psychology’s potential impact is yet limited by a key assumption; that the individual is affected by his or her thinking and behavior, rather than the creator of them. We portray ourselves as effects, not realizing the causal factors that we are.

The great Unconscious, acknowledged as part of psychological studies, drives us to become aware, to expand our knowing and acceptance of what truly gives us life, and makes it meaningful. This exploration takes us beyond body, beyond mind, to the realm of Spirit, the most profound, living, unifying, and implicitly intimate form of energy. It is when we consciously realize our connection to, and relationship with spirit, that the powers of motive and intention become germane.

In conventional practice, emotions, fears, attitudes, beliefs and intentions, which are immeasurable but real factors, are all but ignored. As long as this is the practice, the healing experience will remain elusive.

As long as we focus on the body, or on the “bad” microorganism, or the “good” new remedy (MMS or otherwise), while maintaining an imbalance in our mind, emotions, and believing that outside factors “mess up” our lives, healing results will continue to elude us.

Being “ill” is a great opportunity to discover, not what is “wrong,” or what to blame — as the FDA has been doing recently with respect to the recent salmonella outbreak –but who and what we are.

“Sickness” is a great incentive and opportunity to practice discovering and expanding our connection to the power and reality where healing takes place, within the all-encompassing dimension and omniband harmonic frequency of Spirit.

Spirit is part of the Matrix that is accessed through awareness, by achieving a harmonic state within one’s self. Before a “disease” can be healed, it must be accepted as one’s own creation. This is the only way to become free of it. Understanding that our diseases are our creation, and not the work of some evil or nefarious “other,” or “bad luck,” allows us to forgive ourselves for all the negative assumptions and thoughts we’ve erroneously projected toward others. If you are ready and willing to do that unconditionally, then you are ready and able to heal.

In the same way that magnesium breaks down calcium in our body, providing suppleness and flexibility to tense muscles and brittle bones, while bringing strength and regularity to the flow of electrical energy through the body, forgiveness dissolves invisible walls of judgment, intolerance, and impatience that never show up on a “tox screen,” but are as poisonous to our day-to-day experiences as any toxin that does, if not more so. It is forgiveness that vibrationally conditions our body to now handle the flow of pain eliminating, stress reducing, consciousness balancing, resentment dissolving love.

Negative thoughts put stresses on the body that help put it out of balance, causing microscopic capillary systems, some of which are only one cell wide, to constrict and thereby restrict the flow of life sustaining oxygen to the most susceptible parts of the body.

Oxygen deprivation leads to cell death which, if sustained through prolonged (meaning habitual) practice, leads to a call, by the body, of microorganisms that can live in an oxygen deprived environment. This includes the microscopic “varmint” known as salmonella. While it may be hard to believe, their actual purpose is to help sustain the life of the host (you/me).

Shallow breathing, which many people who are under stress often do without thinking, contributes to an oxygen deficiency in the body. Simply choosing to breathe more deeply, more often, will make a profound improvement in our inner environment. Breathing is the only relationship we can point to that only involves who we think of as us and Life itself.

You cannot stop breathing and continue living. If you cut yourself off from breathing, you cut yourself off from Life as we presently know it. Yet, by failing to breathe deeply, you can avail far less of Life than is optimal, and your health will reflect this deficiency.

The simple awareness of this fact, and the decision to breathe more deeply, can change things dramatically, and cost absolutely nothing, except perhaps some of our disease.

Far more awareness about who we are, as conscious, sentient beings, is available if and when we wean ourselves from looking “without,” and begin the journey within.

This doesn’t diminish the importance and value of MMS, or any other “other.” If anything, it enhances the effectiveness of the treatment when you know that it is your solution to a “problem” that you once had. As we open our mind to expanded possibility, fueled by an acceptance that the power to heal is indeed with, and comes through us, we open the door to receiving, and being able to handle the expanded harmonic energy.

Habitual negative thinking actually inhibits or limits our body’s ability to handle the energy that would heal the body. Said energy is “us,” in a higher harmonic frequency form. In order to accommodate said frequency here and now, we must be willing to allow our natural, inner harmonies to become the rule, rather than the exception in our day-to-day thinking and perceiving. This choice will prepare the body to accept not only higher frequencies, but the perceptions and awareness that go with them.

It’s a journey beyond the body, beyond the mind and emotions, and beyond form and experience itself. Indeed, it’s the journey into nothingness, where we find ourselves at one with everything.

At that time, whether the body heals or not becomes of secondary importance. The illness, calamity, or traumatic experience that will have brought this inner change about, will be correctly seen as a Divine Gift.

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3 Thoughts to “Seeing 'the Gift' in Calamity, Turmoil, and Disease”

  1. Alhassan Osman Yahaya

    I would be very grateful if you could kindly give me a brief explaination on TUMOIL infection.
    I know of someone who has this type of sickness like a hernia at the ribs and this keeps on expanding or erecting. This whole thing started when it was first operated to remove the fluid in it at the early stage of its infection.
    The sickler keeps on growing leen and no diagnose has been found. I would like to hear your response to this my problem.
    thank you.
    hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Spanning the globe from Japan to Holland to New Zealand, intense clinical research over three decades, has finally revealed that psoriasis is not a skin disease. As reported in the British Journal of Dermatology, psoriasis is indeed a metabolic defect, arising out of the inability of your cells to produce a key compound, fumaric acid. An astonishing 81% of the clinical patients totally recovered for good, from the bothersome skin lesions as a result of adequate nutritional supplementation with nutritional fumaric acid, and no side-effects whatsoever.

  3. Ric

    Adam is definetly on the mark here. Our attitudes and thoughts are what directly affects our lives and those around us including our environment. For me, I changed my attitudes, particularly eliminating as best as possible my judgement of others. And I incorporated “positive emotion” to my thinking process. THEN my full potential physically healthy well being returned.
    For the skeptics still out there, I suggest you read “The Dance of Life” by Victor Vernon Woolf.
    Love, Light, and Laughter,

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