A Tribute to Our Exciting Times

These are exciting times. Even with the skyrocketing costs of fuel and the ripple effect they are having on the cost of everything else, these are exciting times. We have the power to literally destroy the world, including everyone, and everything within it, and the power to heal it in ways that would appear miraculous.

If you think MMS, the miracle mineral supplement, is too good to be true, you ain’t heard nuttin’ yet. It’s just the beginning of some truly mind boggling ways that we can both nullify and transcend any and all diseases… ways that are available right now, or will be coming available.

For a little “light reading,” check out the ideas of former Pentagon analyst, Lt. Col. (ret)Tom Bearden ( I’ve just completed his article, Scalar Wars: The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics ( You need to become familiar with this information, irrespective of what your feel the outcomes or inevitabilities may be.

Scenarios that portend the greatest and most horrific outcomes are progressing steadily along. The question is, which one will prevail?

My question is, is this really the question?

I’ll suggest that the answer is no. What point would there be in writing more if the answer was yes?

The real question is, “Which one will you choose?” That’s the salient one. Since both scenarios exist in the realm of possibility, which one are you bringing into being for yourself?

Is that you I hear saying that you didn’t know you were bringing a future scenario into being? Is someone else saying she know she had that power or ability? Well, you do. We (all of humanity) all do. This is not a class, economic, racial or nationality issue. We’re all using that power to create our future right now, whether we know it or not.

Our flaw in thinking is that what we believe will happen to “us” or “them,” will happen to everyone, irrespective of how they see things. Individual belief and knowing (or lack thereof) will be the overriding factor in one’s future outcomes, in the same way that it influences the present moment. All experience is designed to catalyze greater awareness and knowing, so that we will modify or discard beliefs that no longer serve us by supporting separative and fearful ways of being.

We don’t have to know a “secret” in order to influence our future scenario. We don’t have to “do” anything. Simply become at peace with self irrespective of what’s going on around you. Forgiveness is a powerful potentiator of healing, which allows us to release the “positions” we think are so important, that is until we become aware of what’s more important; loving connectedness to our Source, which is gained by nurturing an appreciated and practiced oneness with each other.

Love yourself and extend that love to others; even when your mind, culture, habits, or beliefs have told you otherwise. On very deep levels, levels far above our primary place of consciousness, we are connected to everyone and everything that exists, irrespective of who they are, what they look like or believe, or where they may be. “All” literally means all, without exception.

If or when you cannot find the capacity within yourself to be loving or joyful toward another (it’s possible/probable), then simply accept their perspective — even though it does not resonate with your own — without further judgment. Even this small change can have major implications. Respect them, even if their “way” is unlike your own. The more you get to know someone, the more you’ll discover dissimilar ways… the more you’ll be asked, not to withhold, but to transcend judgment for. These are opportunities for your own ascendency to another way of being, and another realm in which to live, move, and have your beingness. Each one of us are given such opportunities each day, now, more than ever.

These are exciting times, very exciting times.

On Talk for Food

Gary Renard ( — Author, Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality. It was my pleasure to speak with Gary by phone recently. Click here to listen.

Sheldan Nidle — This is my second interview with the head of the Planetary Activation Organization ( and author of Your First Contact and Your Galactic Neighbors. Sheldan and I continue a conversation on the history of humanity on earth that predates Lemuria (900,000 years ago), and the fall of Atlantis (about 25,000 years ago). In this show he describes some of the unknown history of our local solar system.

It could be easy to dismiss Sheldan’s presentation as lunatic fringe (or mine for that matter), until you give just the slightest bit of time to it with an open mind and realize the implications to humanity if what he’s saying is true.

Click here to listen >>

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