A Note from Chelan

I’m submitting this note from Chelan, Washington, preparing to drive to Seattle, and return home to Arizona. This is the end of a momentous week. The beginning of a new world.

For all the predictions and dire forebodings of the future, I am excited about what lies ahead. Congratulations on Senator Obama’s emergence as the presumptive candidate on the Democratic side in the next presidential election. Irrespective of what happens from this point on, nothing can take that away. It is a very clear statement of where this country, and more importantly, where the consciousness of the American people has moved to.

And in a major way of speaking, we have George Bush to thank for giving us such a clear demonstration of “old school” thinking and reacting, that we give ourselves a real chance at a new approach.  

This doesn’t mean that much of the calamity that we also anticipate won’t come to pass. It’s happening on many levels already, right here and now. This also doesn’t mean that the president is, or will be “the answer” to our particular problems. We’re still going to have to look into the mirror for those solutions.

We’re going to have to determine:

  • to afford the price of gasoline, no matter what the price
  • to live our highest dreams amid the rampant nightmares that concern us
  • to be at peace while fear and doubt surround us
  • to forgive our enemies even if they remain foreign to their own hearts
  • to trust that the highest outcome will unfold from the lowest of depths that we journey through

Notice, I didn’t say we’d have to determine how to do these things. The choice comes first, for it sets the course of our intent. And as our intent is set, attention and energy is so directed. Our attention and energy, so directed, creates a morphic field around which a reality shall form in time and space. What’s happening right now on the outside doesn’t matter, because what’s happening on the inside creates what will come.

I’m excited about what I feel is coming… for me, and for you.

I’ll have more to share about my recent journey, but for now, let’s rejoice in this moment together.

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