The Magnificent YOU: 'Missing in Plain Sight'

The Truth About Placebos

The ongoing campaign by proponents and opponents of the MMS protocol to get their word out (my own included) often miss a very important point; that is, that the individual is the final word on whether any modality “works” or does not “work” on said individual.

The individual is the most overlooked and discounted aspect in our examination of disease pathologies and healing modalities. Why? Because we think “bad” things happen to us, which we are affected by, and it is incredulous to believe that anyone would literally create a disease experience, or allow said experience to occur. Yet, that is exactly what is happening. Until we understand that the opposite is true, we’ll simply continue creating these not-so-merry-go-round debates about how to get well, when the truth, and the power to do so, lies within.

MMS opponents ignore the mounting documentation of positive results that people are sharing, rationalizing that what has actually occurred, is a placebo effect. According to Wikipedia:

a placebo response is “a therapeutic healing effect of an inert medicine or ineffective therapy.”

When we label the benefits of a non-traditional treatment or modality a “placebo,” the purpose is to dismiss or discredit said non-traditional treatment. The fact that the individual demonstrated the power to heal him or herself without the assistance of traditional treatment (the one proponents want you to believe in), is totally ignored.

Everyone has the power to heal, but mostly, we don’t know how. And sometimes, it seems easier to believe that it’s not possible for us. In truth, it’s not easier, for when we don’t consciously use our power to move into the reality that represents our heart’s desire, we remain entrenched in the not-so-pleasant status quo.

We then assume that expensive, caustic, mutilating medical practices are necessary to fight our disease wars, when in fact, they are just as much a placebo as the non-traditional approach, or even non-treatment.

This warrants repeating. Pharmaceutical remedies are placebos too. The FDA’s mandates that only pharmaceuticals can lay claim to curative properties, and anything that claims curative properties is a drug (and under their jurisdiction), is an extreme example of how little we understand about ourselves. More than arrogance, it reveals our ignorance, a condition of consciousness that each can overcome and transcend.

This begs the question: In order to heal… that is, to return to health from a state of dis-ease, does something have to change? You bet it does. YOU DO!

What must change, however, is up to the individual, and will differ from one to the next. Though there may be common factors, the specific healing key won’t be found outside of one’s self. It’ll be inside, in our attitudes and beliefs about and relationship to life, God, humankind, and to self.

That is why the one who has the dis-ease must look within. That is why two people can be exposed to the same thing, and one is affected (or appears to be infected), while the other has no response whatsoever.

What makes looking at individuals unattractive is that, when you do so, then all “debate” over what works and what does not, comes to an end, because it’s ALL placebo. If it’s ALL placebo, then why choose those that bankrupt us, and cause such extensive damage?

God only knows. (But then you’re “separate” from God too, eh? No.)

When you know that it’s all placebo, then all you have to decide how you want to heal, as opposed to whether you can, or whether this, or that modality “works.”

Anything that you try will work when you have chosen to let to of your dis-ease about this, or that, and let the Power that is within you build your light, energy, and body back up. I’m referring to the Power that you’re now using to dim your mighty light through guilt, shame, judgment, holding a grudge, wanting vengeance against someone, or envy.

Then you can ask yourself do you want to be poisoned or mutilated, or do you want to remove poisons that are already present?

Your body will heal itself on YOUR permission and command, not on the work of MMS, chemotherapy, or any pharmaceutical. However, once you give it the Word (which every cell will hear and respond positively to), it will make the best of the tools that you give it to facilitate its toxic purge, return to balance, and subsequent repair.

So it behooves you (and me) to get to know your Magnificent Self, for YOU are the link that has been “missing in plain sight” all along.

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3 Thoughts to “The Magnificent YOU: 'Missing in Plain Sight'”

  1. What an interesting post. Your ideas resonate very kindly with ours . . . like you we believe are responsible for our own healing and whatever we place our belief in it may as well be a harmless substance or procedure so as to avoid any unecessary suffering.
    After pondering these issues around the placebo effect for some time we decided to make available to the general public a Universal Placebo, to be used to support intentions for good health.
    Our website may be of interest to those who are sympathetic
    with your ideas.
    Kind regards from the team at Universal Placebos

  2. Martin

    Hi Adam,

    I just wanted to say how wonderfully articulate your blog posting on “The Truth About Placebos” is.

    One does not have to look very far at all to find both support and opposition to ANY healing modality, philosophical perspective etc.

    The thing that can be confusing to some is that both sides of any debate seem to suggest ‘evidence’ which may seem to ‘prove them right’.

    In reality, this merely proves the amazing power of the mind to attract to it apparent ‘evidence’ to support whatever belief is held most strongly.

    Thankyou so much for reminding us of the TRUTH, that WE are the only power ultimately unto ourselves in what we experience.

    Having said that, I am so glad I am giving myself permission to cleanse my body and mind and experience ever increasing well-being…and that MMS is proving an incredibly powerful tool in realizing this:)



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