'Skepticism Schism:' Reality Much Sweeter than Doubt

I stood over the sink washing dishes when my mind began to drift… anything to get me from that sink, I guess. The Biblical adage — about how weak (“little”) our faith can be, and if it was the size of a mustard seed we’d be able to move mountains (Matthew 17:20) — really hit home with me.

The recent post by some “expert” on chlorine dioxide, citing data on a blog called “mmsexposed” was of some concern. Obviously, it’s of greater concern to the people who care more about being considered “right” and someone else “wrong” than they do about the real benefits that are happening every day from the use of MMS.

I realize that’s the real problem for these folk, and I can even understand why from their perspective, but in this instance, understanding isn’t reassuring. However, faith is; faith that the things that matter are progressing in a wholly beneficial way.

Earlier today I spent some time in the MMS debate forum. This is where the “it’s a hoax” crowd goes at it with staunch MMS defenders. The exchanges frequently break down into who can be the most clever in “dissing” the other. Seems a waste of time and energy now when there are so many real people you can talk to or read about who know that using it has benefited them.

Personally, I’m very clear that MMS/chlorine dioxide is helpful, and does no harm. I feel no need to debate or defend it. That clarity grew when I first began a series of conversations with Jim Humble after reading his book, for my radio show, and doing research on my own to independent sources to see how the naturally chemical behaves, and finally seeing the effects it had on me, as well as on others.

My documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, pretty much speaks to the protocol’s significance to humanity. Yet, when someone writes what appears to be an intelligent and informed criticism of the protocol, as an anonymous poster did recently, it still rattles the cage, even though I know that the claims are clearly specious. The hardest thing to do sometimes is to relax when deliberate deception stares you squarely in the face.

I didn’t. I devoted over half of this week’s radio show to it, almost overshadowing my conversation with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Even through this post it’s clear it’s still on my mind. I realize that people who are researching and considering using MMS are serious about something related to their health, and I want them to have the straight story. Yet, I must ultimately relax and allow each to sift through the information, mine included, and decide what they think is best for them, whether I agree with their decision or not.

Sometimes a critic will haughtily declare that until they see double-blind studies and peer reviewed reports, MMS is a hoax, all the while someone real is courageously going through the sometimes lonely process of getting well.

While standing at the sink drying a drinking glass, it occurred to me that all those chemotherapy cocktails which are approved for cancer treatment most likely were supported by double-blind studies and were probably peer reviewed. And in spite of that, plus the million$ it cost to produce those formulations and studies, the medical profession, to this day, can claim only a 4% five year survival rate for pancreatic cancer. Liver cancer isn’t much better at 8%. The survival rate is higher for colon cancer (62%), and a prostate cancer patient can expect 99% survival rate. But there’s still a major cost and change of life. There is absolutely no acceptable substitute for the loss of normal sexual function associated with prostate surgery when we understand that a reduction of toxicity in the body, combined with providing the mineral nourishment it needs and a return to microbial balance, will allow the body to repair itself.

Instead of seeing the sense of the statement above, the allopathic medical profession will deny it until after double-blind studies have been performed, although I’d be willing to bet that they would be deemed “inconclusive.”

Chemotherapy and radiation, as primary responses to cancer, are outmoded, as is surgery. All of these offer “survival” as their best possible result. And in some cases, doing nothing offers greater chances of recovery than the traditional treatment. “Surviving” cancer treatment, even for five years, is not nearly the same as returning to health.

Chemotherapy is a tough pill to take, and unlike MMS, which simply extracts pathogens and toxicity that is already present in the body, chemotherapy and radiation adds more. While both processes may lead to diarrhea and vomiting — which makes sense when we understand that the body will naturally seek to remove toxicity when it can — only MMS leaves the body with less toxicity after the flush. A cancer patient’s body will now have to deal with managing and storing the new batch of poisons that have been introduced, even if some of it “killed” the tumor. While doing so, it will have made the environment where cancer grows that much more fertile.

Chemotherapy is usually given in a doctor’s office, in the hospital as a outpatient, or at home. Chemotherapy is usually given in cycles of treatment periods followed by recovery periods. Side effects of chemotherapy vary from person to person, and also depend on the agents given. Modern chemotherapy agents are usually well tolerated, and side effects are manageable. In general, anticancer medications destroy cells that are rapidly growing and dividing. Therefore, red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells are frequently affected by chemotherapy. Common side effects include anemia, loss of energy, easy bruising, and a low resistance to infections. Cells in the hair roots and intestines also divide rapidly. Therefore, chemotherapy can cause hair loss, mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. (Source:

No one has ever reported losing their hair with MMS. Many have reported losing sores… if they had any. They disappeared. People have reported losing their asthma (like Eddie), if they had it. They have reported feeling better than they have in years, after going through their own “dark night of toxicity,” which sometimes lasted for years.

Eddie’s call yesterday couldn’t have been better timed, for here was someone real telling me about something that he knew he had just experienced. He wasn’t anonymous. He didn’t have an axe to grind. He had documented proof. He was no anecdote.

Eddie’s faith had been at least as large as a mustard seed… not so much in MMS, but in himself. He used his intelligence to make the decision to use MMS. He complemented the MMS with high alkaline water — 6 liters each day (by adding baking soda to raise the pH to 8.5) — plus chlorophyll, and Omega 3 supplementation.

He wasn’t looking for a “cure all.” He simply wanted to be well again, and so now he is, in less than sixty days. Being well again trumps surviving every time.

As I put the last clean dish away, I thanked Eddie for the reality check. It broke the “skepticism schism” that tried to insinuate itself in my mind as doubt. The timing was perfect.

A mustard seed must be pretty small, eh?

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4 Thoughts to “'Skepticism Schism:' Reality Much Sweeter than Doubt”

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  2. Hi Adam
    I only saw this now and I know how you felt. Have been through some of this emotions and thoughts myself lately. I decided that I needn’t have to prove anything to anybody, because I KNOW.
    I withdrew from all this childish and often abusive dialogues.
    I got the message from Paul clearly that to avoid being abused and called names, I need to shut up arguing with the AAMF and just stick to reporting and answering new post.
    I still will report my experiences, defend MMS (not myself) and answer to new mail, provided they are not just a repeat of the same old song of the naysayers.
    I like the comment you made towards the end…
    “He wasn’t looking for a “cure all.” He simply wanted to be well again, and so now he is, in less than sixty days. Being well again trumps surviving every time.”
    That just about sums it up for me too.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you! 🙂

  3. D.M.

    Thank you Adam– thank you so much for what you wrote above– a reality check for me too!


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