Resurrection: The Power of 'Being' What Happens

This is a marvelous day!

A sacred day.

This Easter morning has entirely new meaning for me. Our remembrance, acknowledgment, and contemplation of the story of Christ’s resurrection… his release of the ultimate limitation — that is, the apparent “end” of life that we call death — is now personal.

It is now the story of every man, woman, and child who carries the yoke of toxicity, the thorns of disease, and the fearful illusion of limitation and dreadful calamity. The human passion play.

Yet the power that lifted Jesus once again from lone burial crypt is the same One that will liberate each of us from our burdens. This is not a flowery alliteration, but declaration of day-to-day fact.

The choice that Jesus made in his life is the same one that is available to each human spirit for his or her own, no matter who you are or what your circumstance. That is, the choice to consciously acknowledge, embrace, and allow our oneness with The Whole, the Totality, All That Is. It’s a “secret” that stares us in the face each day; one that “hides in plain sight.”

It’s a sacred day because people for whom sickness has been their life, are getting well. Many who are ill right now will permit themselves to become well after reading this essay. This moment will mark a turning point in their life, and they will KNOW it. Their intent will turn their life experience around, as they realize that they don’t have to be drugged, cut, or maimed in order for their body to heal. This is not an idle statement, and healing is not a passive experience.

One doesn’t simply “wish” for a healing while maintaining longstanding prejudices, hatred, and fear. One doesn’t claim their power without affirming the responsible, patient, and loving use thereof.

Knowing who you are means knowing that you have nothing, and no one to fear. On that basis, it’s pretty evident that the preponderance of the population doesn’t know itself as divine, immortal spiritual beings having a human experience. We don’t know that birth and death are simply portals into and out of physicality, but not existence. We don’t know that disease begins as a mental state that, if it persists, can “trickle down” into our physical one.

Genetics and DNA are not determinants of our susceptibility to disease. However, disease at the physical level indicate dis-ease, or the absence of peacefulness on mental or emotional levels, and within the realm of consciousness.

Consciousness is the real “parchment” upon which each human story is written. As we think, and as we emote, we form our reality and write our experiences. Then we observe what happens and either solidify or modify our opinions. Then we repeat the process, over and over again.

This is why two people from very similar backgrounds and social demographics can have very different experiences. Their attitudes and beliefs represent the real “software” that govern how their perception (consciousness) views their reality, and how the body itself will operate within it. We are author, and actor in our own passion play; our personal journey, either toward resurrection, or an existential “mulligan.”

Today resurrection means becoming whole again in this life; not waiting until I get “way over yonder.” I’ll deal with what place when it’s time, but the power to truly experience Heaven on Earth is with us now, and has always been an option. While we simply didn’t know it, more are learning and believing, and getting well each day. One of the first steps in the resurrection process, is to heal one’s self.

Before treatment really works on disease, one must know who and what the healer really is. If we don’t “know it,” then a simple openness to the idea will suffice. The Healer is your (my) Higher Self, God, Source Energy, the Presence. You get my drift. The Healer is always present, always available, but rarely believed in, or “seen,” and often debated and doubted. Infinitely patient, the Healer knows that our eyes will eventually awaken, and mind will open to Its Light.

The Healing Power is Love. That’s it. Love is full spectrum light, energy, and harmonics. Love has a vibrational signature, a harmonic value that can literally resurrect our cellular consciousness and re-instruct its behavior.

The only choice that actually expands the human consciousness is a Loving One. It is the choice that heals unseen wounds that fester in our minds as dis-ease. Dis-ease dims the spirit, limiting loving connection and response, and eventually lowers our immune system, making us susceptible to disease.

A fearful state is a stressed state, wherein our natural harmonics are suppressed, shattering the peaceful stillness that would allow us to hear the Heart’s Voice. It takes a choice to be unafraid to love before we will be able to love being unafraid of whatever lies ahead.

Many years ago I wondered about the story of resurrection, and whether it was just Jesus’ story, or could I possibly be the second one to overcome death (I now imagine he is not the only one to do it). Now I understand that we will all have our own versions that story when we choose to be love, despite of all the “logical” prevailing reasons against doing so. If we don’t get it this time, we’ll continue, some place and some time, until we do. Hence, the “experiential mulligan.”

If God is love, then getting to know God comes by practicing being loving. Getting to know God also means practicing consciously using that which is God given; the intelligence, the mind, in ways that benefit one’s self and humankind. The benefit that is formed from chaos becomes evidence of one’s mastery, not over others, but over one’s own being.

It makes sense that we’ll wonder about God’s existence, and not see any evidence or “proof” if we insist that we’re “accidents” and insignificant parasites traveling aimlessly through space on a planetary body. Even if we “believe in God,” subscribing to the “original sin” story poses its own set of problems and dis-ease within one’s mind and heart. And yet, each one of us are where we are, and each has the power to choose the Power within, and change their life, forming it in one’s highest image.

The glory of this day is the glory of every day. It’s in the fact that each new day we awaken to the opportunity to see, say, and summon the reality of our choosing. If the moment you’re experiencing now isn’t the best that you intend for yourself, then intend the best for ALL; your enemies and your friends, and your self.

I was going to end that last paragraph with “then watch what happens,” but don’t watch… be what happens. Be what happens when you intend the highest and best for ALL.

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