First Look: The 'Understanding MMS' Videos Arrive

At long last, the first 100 copies of Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, arrived yesterday. Monday, the rest of the 2,500 copy first run will be delivered, and shipments will commence to the customers, retail and wholesale, who have ordered around 1,000 copies thus far.


Orders have come in from around the world; the U.S. and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the UK, Germany, France, Slovenia, South Africa, and Estonia.


Education is the next phase, and this is the next step in raising public awareness of chlorine dioxide, with respect to this new, beneficial, and now obviously needed application.

Until Jim Humble’s decision to explore what would happen if we “disinfected” the waters within our body our chances of recovering from the debilitating effects of toxicity were “slim” (i.e., naturopathic approaches, such as chelation) and “none” (i.e., allopathic, traditional medicine). We would still be muddling through ways to undo the slow, life draining, and expensive death due to “modern living.” Now there is a safe (when used as suggested), effective, flexible, and inexpensive way to do an internal cleanse that’s accessible to all.

In all fairness, allopathic medicine offers some chelation options, but the components they use, such as EDTA, DMPS and DMSA, are (1) synthetic, (2) take needed minerals out of the body (e.g., zinc, selenium, copper, manganese), (3) slow, and (4) expensive.

There are chelation solutions that use all natural components, such as Chelorex®, which has helped thousands of people safely reduce the heavy metal burden — i.e., lead, mercury, etc. — that their bodies carried. However, they are limited to inorganic material. Organic pathogens can reduced with colloidal or clustered silver products. Both organic and inorganic can be oxidized with chlorine dioxide, via the MMS protocol.

MMS/chlorine dioxide is not a substitute for nutrition. Neither are traditional chelators, whether natural or synthetic. There is no substitute for nutrition in matters of health, whether we’re talking about maintaining or restoring it.

Chlorine dioxide does nothing to nourish the body. By reducing the body’s toxic burden, it makes more resources and energy available to actually increase and improve bodily functions. However, this improvement must be supported with nourishment in the form of minerals, enzymes, hormone production, circulation, elimination, and oxygen delivery to the cellular level.

We will explore these subjects, and modalities that support them, in future articles, and on my radio show, Talk for Food. But I am pleased to see Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, emerge from the depths of our collective mind, to become a product with which we can share what we have learned with others.

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One Thought to “First Look: The 'Understanding MMS' Videos Arrive”

  1. We are having quite a discussion about MMS over on Planet Thrive (see – login required). There is a lot of fear and concern about it’s safety. I appreciate having your podcasts, radio show, and blog to add to our MMS resources. I hope you can do some video or audio interviews with doctors and other practitioners using it in their practice (like Dr. Klinghardt) to explain some of the science and help validate it’s use as a healing tool. Thanks for doing what you do!!

    Julie Genser
    founder and director

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