MMS Discussion Epilogue: No Need to 'Compete'

I have posted the “unabridged” version of my conversation with Bruce Crighton to my alternate archive. You can listen to it by clicking this link.

The conversation went longer than I had time for the radio show, and important exchanges were left out. Well, I think the whole thing was important. Although Bruce might disagree, it’s not about who was “right” or “wrong.”

Bruce’s concern appears to primarily be centered around labeling that would be appropriate for the 28% formulation of sodium chlorite (NaClO2), which he refers to “HazChem.” In the strictest sense, he is correct. I’ll acknowledge that.

He is applying hazardous material thinking to a compound that is anything but hazardous in the application in question (MMS), except perhaps for pathogens, parasites, and toxicity. I say “appears,” because there’s a competitive presence at work too, as he wants to be acknowledged for the expert that he is, and has been upstaged by the cogety geezer with a wild story from Nevada and Africa.

I acknowledge the letter of the law that Bruce speaks of, and the context in which said law was written, but he generally ignores the realities of this new application, that is, unless you use it as he prescribes, even though he has not done so, and said he would not do any real testing “because the MMS protocol is not recognized by any medical agency in the world.”

If that’s not “in the box” thinking, I don’t know what is.

Unless the public wakes up to what MMS/chlorine dioxide can do for human health, you can likely bet that no medical agency in the world is ever going to recognize it. Jim Humble’s book is littered with stories of humanitarian agencies that have turned a deaf ear to his simple effort. That’s why I produced the documentary, to give a clear, informative, and affirmative airing of the facts.

If you don’t embrace the efficacy of MMS/chlorine dioxide by your validating experiences, and demand its medical consideration and use, “modern medicine” never will. The good news is that people who really want to reclaim their health, are embracing it; not as a “cure all,” for it is not, but as a valuable tool for reducing the body’s toxic load.

I talked to a man from Houston today, who told me the story of a friend of his who had prostate cancer. Ronald said that he has experienced, perhaps for the first time, optimal health, at 59 years of age. He’s doing many other healthy things for himself, including purchasing a Vibe Machine. He has a friend who we’ll call Tom, who had prostate cancer. Ronald told Tom about the Vibe Machine, and offered to grant him access at any time. Tom tried it out, but I guess it didn’t look “scientific” enough. While Tom could afford one, he chose not to buy one, and since he lived more than simple commuting distance from Ronald, he declined his invitation too, eventually going ahead and having his prostate removed.

Much to his chagrin and regret, a biopsy of his prostate found no cancer.

And with all the technology that “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men” have at their medical disposal, they couldn’t put Humpty Tommy’s prostate back together again with the rest of his body. This is a telling example of faith, unwisely placed.

We can put our faith in the “false god” that is medical technology and pharmaceutical orthodoxy, or we can learn to trust, understand, and embrace the energetic and restorative power of Mother Nature. Bodies don’t forget how to heal. They do it naturally when we remove the “microscopic debris” that clogs them up. The sooner we know this, and take active steps to stay in balance, the longer we will keep our health, or the shorter time it will take to restore it.

Bruce might say that I’m the one that is ignoring the dangers of sodium chlorite at 28% solution, but what I’m seeing are the effects that it is having, in very small amounts, on the chemical balance within the human body. To me, that’s more important than the labeling.

Given that he is a sodium chlorite salesman, or works for a company that produces it, Bruce also sees an opportunity to seize some of the interest generated by Jim Humble, to bring people over to his point of view (and buy his product). I’ve got no problem with that.

But there’s plenty of potential to go around for everyone. There’s no need to try making someone else look small in order to appear bigger.

I am pleased that Bruce apologized. He has some great stories to tell. I wish him the best.

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4 Thoughts to “MMS Discussion Epilogue: No Need to 'Compete'”

  1. derek ellis

    3. definitely stronger.

  2. derek ellis

    why do i never get any reply from wanting to ship the book to the UK….

    and by the way, i have been taking this product for almost 4 months and the results are like nothing else i have experienced with other health products.

    this product is not going to be wanted by not only the pharmaceutical companies but its not going to be wanted by many of the other products that do not do what they say on the bottle….

    what i noticed real and objective.

    7 drops for first three months apart from 1 day when i had flu so tock 45 drop and the main symptoms where gone in 5 hours.

    1. irritable boul gone, had this for over 20 years.

    2. massive increase in breathing.

    3. indefinitely stronger.

    4. improvement in my eye sight.

    5. many other little things.

    6. brother almost has no asthma now after 3 months.

    i was so impressed with this product, i realized that people need it.

    i have now started providing it for other people and the feedback i am getting from people that have tried many things for years, but nothing like this……and the people with the more serious illnesses that follow the protocol correctly are seeing wonderful improvements.

    I wonder if Jim Humble is fully conscious of what he has let loose in the world? and how this accidental discovery is going and is changing the way people think about illness and disease.

    I AM 41 AND I HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED THE HEALTH I HAVE NOW SINCE I WAS IN MY EARLY 20S………………………………………………. physical mental health has improved more in this last 4 months then it ever has in the past…………

    i would like to contact Jim Humble or someone that is close to him……

    please get in touch

  3. Bruce Crighton

    Firstly we seem to be going round in circles a bit so back to my concerns, based around chlorine dioxide production from MMS.
    MMS talks about only needing 1 ppm of chlorine dioxide.
    MMS is 168,000 ppm of available chlorine dioxide.
    Chlorine dioxide is produced by lowering the ph of MMS with an acid.

    Orange juice has a Ph of 3.5
    Tomatoe juice Ph 2.5
    Vinigar Ph 4
    Diet soda Ph 2
    Your mouth Ph 6.5
    Ph of MMS 13
    Chlorine dioxide starts releasing at a Ph 7 (Trace elements)
    At a ph of 5 it releases around 5% of the free chlorine dioxide at Ph 3.5 20% and at 2.5 40 % at a ph of 1 100% of the availsble chlorine dioxide is released.
    To make 5 ppm of free chlorine dioxide in 1 litr of water using MMS, take 1 drop (0.2ml), and using citric at activate it wait 5 min and add to water.

    To make 1 glass of sollution using MMS with 5 ppm of free chlorine dioxide you need 0.03 ml of MMS.

    The two sites below show the same chemical being supplied for the same uses as MMS at saft product strength (4 and 5% NaClO2) both make no recomendations for activation, one even states do not wash drops down with a juice that is acidic.

    I retract my company supplying our 31% product as it was said out of anger tring to get my point across.

    Regards that I am a sodium chlorite salesman, I own the company, Biosafe Technologies P/L we specilize in antimicrobial intervention programes using Chlorine Dioxide and it’s relevent technologies. Sodium Chlorite is our percursor chemical to produce chlorine dioxide.

    I also offered previously and still do any advice or assistance regardsing ClO2 and activation.

    So go Jim, benifit the world with the power of ClO2 but with a non hazchem product and full understanding of it’s activation from sodium chlorite.
    Regards Bruce.

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