MMS Documentary Post-Production Progress

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A Status Report

I have completed the general layout of the documentary, which runs roughly 96 minutes. It now has a beginning, middle and end. I have added several voiceover narration pieces, and will finish by mid-week.

I will produce a rough cut DVD by this Thursday (Jan. 2) to give to Frances Keyes, who will coordinate the Spanish language translation. She will study it for a day or so, then we will record the Spanish audio track.

I also talked to both Marion Meadows ( and Saggio (, who have agreed to provide some musical underpinnings to the program. I don’t need much, but I do want to have some appropriate and original music to be part of the project.

Marion is performing in Tucson with Jeff Lorber, Brian Bromberg, Rick Braun, and Paul Jackson Jr ( on New Years Eve, in what should be a great night, but will be home Wednesday. So he’ll get a DVD too, and has already planned some musical interludes that can be used for this project.

Saggio performed the music that starts and ends my radio show, Talk for Food. He and his wife were guests on my first show (you can listen to it by clicking here), which I appreciate deeply. I will schedule them on another show soon, as my audience has grown dramatically since that first show. Perhaps we’ll do a performance show from their geodesic dome home.

Jim Humble has already recorded a video to recommend the DVD, as well as a package that includes his book along with the DVD. I’ll prepare and post them after finishing up post-production. He has also placed his first order for 100 copies. The video will be a great addition to his book, as it includes some of the people that he has written about in his book, or talked about in some of my radio interviews with him. Other resellers are also being lined up. More on that later.

In addition, Dr. Paz’ and Dr. Humiston’s scientific and medical perspective are invaluable complements to Jim’s common sense honesty.

I have uploaded another “sneak preview” snippet… this is part of the opening title graphics, and a 24-second narrated animated snippet that I have put over 8 hours into thus far. Here it is…


This should be encouraging to those who have placed orders already, as well as to those who are thinking about it. My plan is to have the video finished and ready for manufacturing on Monday, January 14, which should get it back to me on or around January 25, 2008. Shipments would begin at that point.

If you didn’t already know it, we are accepting advance orders now… $15 each, plus $5 shipping. The price is good until the units start shipping, when it will then be $19.95 plus tax and shipping. Just click this link to go to the order page.

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  1. rick

    hola Adam.. just had a look at your animation graphics..showing MMS at work on toxins etc ‘exploding’ them works fine – but somehow the ‘explosions’ blowing up the titles didn’t feel quite the same.. guess its a explosive world we live in but it ‘felt’ negative.. wondering how the opening titles would look if the MMS molecules were ‘exploding with their color rather than the black rectangles-..just a thought from SMA in always- admire greatly your efforts.. rick

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