MMS Documentary: Final Day of Taping

Last week my return to Mexico, to finish principal photography for my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, went only partially as planned. As already reported, my conversation with Dr. John Humiston, of the William Hitt Center in Tijuana, was a great success. People are now beginning to watch the video clip and listen to the podcast of my Talk for Food show. It’s great stuff, but my original plan, to venture south, back to Hermosillo, changed when Jim Humble informed me that he and his guest, Dr. Leo Rebello, were going to travel to Sedona, which is a scant 136 miles to the north of me.


Dr. Rebello is one of the doctors I referred to earlier. Today I’m heading to Sedona. This will mark the last taping I will do on the documentary.

Interestingly, on November 2, 2007, Dr. Rebello submitted a Revised Oath for Doctors to the comments section of my article titled, Thoughts on Nausea, MMS, and Chelation, which he drafted in 2003, which reads as follows:


This, more comprehensive Oath was drawn by Dr. Leo Rebello in 2003, since Hippocrates Oath is now partly outdated being centuries old. This revised Oath has been widely circulated, accepted and appreciated.

July 1st is celebrated as Doctors Day all over the world. The day usually passes without a whimper. Many doctors have forgotten their Hippocratic oath or humanism. Therefore, I would like to administer the following oath to the doctors to serve as a reminder as to how important is their profession. Doctors to please repeat after me.

I, ______________, do hereby swear on this solemn day that:

  • I shall not prescribe unnecessary medicines and tests to my patients;
  • I shall not give false counseling;
  • I shall not overcharge and accept cuts and gifts;
  • I shall not rape tiny tots with mercury laced inoculations or vaccinations, for they pollute the blood stream of small children leading to serious diseases like AIDS, Cancers, Autism, etc. later in life;
  • I shall not prescribe lethal drugs, like anti-retrovirals, chemotherapy, or give ECT to my patients;
  • I shall not indulge in human organ thefts to the detriment of my patients;
  • I shall not be afraid of any authority and fabricate medical records or give false evidence; I shall not exploit students studying under me; I shall not manipulate findings or results to win grants.
  • I, _____________, further solemnly affirm that:- If I cannot treat a disease, I shall not say that AIDS, cancers, diabetes has no cure. But will tell the patient to try other systems of medicine.

I shall treat health practitioners of other systems with respect and not tell deliberate lies to prove my importance.

  • I shall study holistic healing modalities to increase my knowledge and wisdom.
  • I shall not even by mistake say that “HIV=AIDS=death” or cancers cannot be treated.
  • I shall not frighten my patients with unnecessary comments, opinions or advice.
  • I still remember what Hippocrates said, namely, “Let diet be your medicine” and shall accordingly prescribe fresh fruits, vegetables and good diet to my patients, rather than tonics, syrups, synthetic multi-vitamins, specially to children.
  • I shall not perform surgery, unless it is absolutely must and will not indulge in rackets like amniocentesis, caesarian section, silicon implant or liposuction.
  • I shall work to ban the useless and cruel animal experiments in the name of medicine.
  • I shall participate in periodic workshops, seminars, and conferences at my expense or on scholarship (no pharma funding) to educate myself and speak from my conscience if I am called upon to speak or preside.
  • Finally, I shall not consume alcohol, smoke tobacco, or take other narcotic and psychotropic substances. As far as possible, I shall also not take animal proteins.

I realize and aver that a great responsibility of people’s well-being is upon my shoulders and I shall carry on my onerous task with utmost dedication.

This I swear in the name of God on this solemn Doctors Day and I shall repeat this oath daily lest I forget that I am in a divine profession to heal the world.

Oath written and administered by
Dr. Leo Rebello


I think this is a wonderful principle and intention by which to set one’s course for their career in medical practice. Some of the specifics that he mentions, such as amniocentesis and Caesarian Section, would be subject to some discussion in this country. Silicon implants and liposuction will go away when women stop seeking the surgery. But perhaps they will stop when they begin understanding and addressing the real causes of their conditions; lack of sufficient hydration, imbalances of the chemical, mental, and emotional nature, and nutritional malnourishment.

I don’t believe we’ll bring about many of these changes without a change in consciousness, though I feel that such a change is in fact, occurring. Until it has reached “critical mass,” banning animal experiments, as an example, are unlikely until again, demand for the products that result from said experiments has dried up. Nonetheless, the spirit of the oath has merit.

Perhaps we’ll talk about this on Talk for Food. What’s fascinating is that our paths crossed in cyberspace (he lives in India), and now we’ll meet in time/space!

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