Transcending Conspiracy to Grasp the Oneness Opportunity

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but that doesn’t mean there’s no conspiracy. Look at our health care system that, for the past 100 years has continued making “poison, attack, and kill” its primary strategy in the treatment of disease. This flourishes despite the fact that, as this article link shows, survival rates for radiation and chemotherapy treatment for certain stages of lung cancer, as an example, are abysmally low.

Nonetheless, the expense of this strategy has skyrocketed, with the most important and costly one being to our health and well-being! A monetary toll, which runs in the trillions of dollars, pales in comparison to the cost of the lives that weren’t lived joyfully, and the numerous contributions that didn’t get a chance to be made to society.

Today, the term “survival” in the context of disease, doesn’t include the option of returning the health. Modern medicine has precious few examples of people who returned to health after cancer; Lance Armstrong being one lone exception. He has become a poster child for allopathic medicine, for he thinks the drugs he received helped “save” him. Whether true or not, that way of thinking can be very profitable for any high profile individual.

In the mean time, the system gets richer and the public is getting sicker, sooner. Actually, it is the people who make a living in the system who are getting richer. Yet they are shielded from any culpability by the system that they operate in… with our complicity.

“Health” insurance companies (part of “the system”) have succeeded so completely in creating the perception that they are needed in order to pay the exorbitant costs of medical treatment, that they now pick and choose whether they will accept you. They pick and choose what treatments they will pay for, and even then, they look very for “pre-existing conditions” that would allow them, with impunity, refuse to cover a catastrophic medical expense.

Seems like a conspiracy doesn’t it? But it really doesn’t matter.

I could go on about the FDA and FTC, about the media which feeds, and flourishes on our fears, and before we start feeling too good about ourselves or the future, will look hard and wide to bring us something to be “on edge” about.

It’s not only the media doing that. From the President of the United States down, the polarizing policies of politics lead to proselytizing and profiteering at the public’s expense.

Religious belief systems do it too, no matter who or what you call God, or where your “prophet” came from. They all want your allegiance. They all need your allegiance. But they tell you that you need them and their way, when in fact, you do not. What they want from you is your mind, and only you can give it to them… if you don’t know who or what you are.

Racial politicians contribute to this milieu, “fighting” for the rights and privileges of “their” group while railing against the “unfair advantages” of another. If one is deemed a “leader” of his cultural or ethnic kindred, he’ll point to disparities in the fruits of materialism, or in relative religious or moral rectitude, to reinforce the sense that the injustice is real and that their efforts and animus are needed.

The flock, on the other hand, either doesn’t know, or believe that its power rests within each individual, and is not exclusively concentrated in the “leader.”

This is not conspiracy. It’s simply life as most of us currently know it.

These factions can only continue existing as we continue giving them form. Life as we know it is a collective undertaking that involves everyone.

There’s no conspiracy against self awareness, awakening, and realization. And there is no force in all the universe that can stop one from becoming self aware, and embodying who they really are.

Who are we? We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are knowing, powerful forces of nature, experiencing what it is like to not know; to not see the oneness that actually sustains us.

Most people are asleep at the wheel of life, and don’t even know that. Most of us are steeped in the web of duality, distinction, dissimilarity, and disparity, not knowing the oneness that underlies and connects us all. However, that power is ever present, and will always respond to our call, once we realize that our highest prayers, no matter what name we want to give them, will be answered always, not from a God that sits outside of us in judgment, but one that lives within, and through us, in and as love.

God is the One Love, the One Life that sustains us all. As we embrace and embody it, everything changes, especially all that we fear.

It might take giving form to our worst fears before we realize it’s us, and not “them” creating them. When we no longer fear the calamity that might come, we’ll be a step closer to not creating it. If we think we’re avenging injustice by waging war on others, we’re actually declaring war on ourselves.

We are one organism, one consciousness and one mind. We are one in our timelessness and infinity, and the Infinite One. Irrespective of conspiracies, we will always have before us a consciousness opportunity.

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