Understanding MMS Video Diary: Day 4

The story of our journey to Hermosillo, Mexico to meet Jim Humble continues to unfold, with each day bringing unexpected treasures.

Yesterday was our busiest yet. We checked out of La Finca hotel at 8 am, because our plans were to return to Kino Bay (Bahia de Kino) to interview Mel, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, the usually punctual Dennis was nowhere, so a call to Jim (which, on my cell phone is $0.99 / minute in Mexico) unveiled there had been a change in plans; and we’d leave later. So, after zipping around town a few times, I felt I had good enough bearings to drive to their location without an escort. Less than 10 minutes later, we were there.

I’ll take a few minutes to introduce my traveling companions. A set of identical twins, 64 years young, JoyAnn, and Joyce Elaine, of Sun Lakes, Arizona. JoyAnn has an angina condition and arrythmia, whereas Joyce Elaine has chronic fatigue syndrome. They are united in their resolve to restore their health and not just survive (and endure) their physical maladies.

Discovering that we live only minutes away from each other, they originally contacted me after reading Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, which I am editor and publisher. A local magazine, AZ Net News, published an article written by Mark Sircus, which struck a chord as a possible missing link in their long-standing health issues. They were determined to discover the key to restoring their health, and go wherever the path led them.

When we met, I mentioned a number of factors; the importance and need for greater magnesium intake being one; a point they already appreciated. But I told them of other safe methods of toxin removal, including living clay (Calcium Bentonite) and chlorine dioxide (MMS). When I told them the story of Jim Humble and his discovery, and that he was located in Mexico, they immediately indicated an interest in meeting him. I told them, if you decide you want to go, I can provide the energy to drive. This turned out to be a “win/win” for each of us, but also for Jim and everyone who is interested in understanding more about MMS.

We’re not millionaires or gazillionaires. We’re people, with skills, knowledge, intelligence, and vision, who still must work hard to make ends meet. I would not have considered producing this video if it were not for JoyAnn and Joyce Elaine, yet the moment they called me back and said they wanted to do it, my plans for video production went in place.

Yesterday I asked them whether, based on their experiences thus far, the investment in the trip was worth it, and they gave me a chorus of exuberant “yeses!”

When we reached Jim’s headquarters, a small home in Hermosillo, he was on the phone. We made ourselves comfortable in the living room. Shortly thereafter, learning that we had arrived, he came out and presented the next “nugget” of the day. He wanted to give a flip chart presentation of how chlorine dioxide works. This was way cool! It hadn’t occurred to me, although it made perfect sense. He could explain what, in his understanding, made chlorine dioxide a preferred oxidizer, perhaps uniquely so for many people, given the ease with which it can be taken, and its modest expense.

He would need a flip chart and easel, which we could get at Office Depot on Encinas Blvd, near Universidad de Sonora, before rolling out of town, and back to the sea.

Our plans included:radio_intreview_02_sm

  • Dropping by Mel Randolph’s to do an interview. Mel’s elevated PSA numbers detected during a checkup at the Veterans Administration hospital in Tucson, indicated prostate cancer.
  • Shooting Jim’s Chlorine Dioxide presentation, as well as having him speak on a number of other issues/questions that have surfaced recently.
  • Interviewing a local restaurant owner who now sells MMS after her Type II diabetes symptoms disappeared within 3 weeks of taking MMS. She no longer needed to take insulin, or be hyper-vigilant about sugar intake, and has felt no ill-effects from that. In fact, she has felt wonderful.
  • Doing another edition of my radio show, Talk for Food.

We achieved three of the four tasks. The restaurant owner was in Nogales, due back either tonight or in the morning. I’ll stop by and get some exterior pictures, and see if we can catch her before we leave tomorrow (a chicken just walked in the house from next door… it was escorted out).


I’ll preparing a small video of clips from the last two days to whet your appetite and see what the documentary will encompass.

The video will not be all the “dirt” on MMS. It will shed light on the subject, so that you can decide for yourself if what it does may benefit you, and why. It will also help in sharing this with others.


You can place your order now for the DVD by following this link.

We extend our thanks to Johnny, the owner of the Hacienda hotel, a charming new space in Old Kino. He graciously allowed us to shoot Jim’s presentation and “Q & A” footage at his location. The ladies showed their gratitude (and good sense) by booking a room there for the night. They report that breakfast was prepared and served for them in their room. When they have a web site link, I’ll add it here. Their phone number is 52.662.242.0590 or email

This is how it looked last night:


Another view, across the pool.


Below is a short series of video clips from the past two days. It’s raining here today, so it’s allowing me time to catch up on some of this work. (I also have a radio show to produce for next week).


However, it’s fun. I’ve enjoyed this trip, and believe we have captured information that will be helpful to many people.

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  2. Prostate cancer is very dangerous …

    But We have to fight it ..

    And i think we will find medicine for it

  3. rick

    Hola doubt you have a lot of confusion at this moment in time but do hope the ‘restaurant owner now selling MMS’ will let you know where & how she is obtaining it here south of the border. Is anyone making it in Mexico? Does the clinic Jim is associated with import it or obtain it in Mexico? The kids at Uni with the mouthwash and the Doctor doing research- they are obtaining it locally? Hope you are able to get info re intravenous vs thru the digestive many doctors trying it which way? Effects? ETc..Feels a bit like a dark room waiting for someone to throw the lite switch..//am no pro but would offer some shooting hints. if possible
    try shooting subjects with a good side-lite..usually more interesting. crop in on the face sometimes.
    contrasty dark to lite is better also/ flat lit is like without salt or pepper sorta..often too much for any ‘one’ person to remember on a shoot.

    cheers amigo, rick sma, mexico

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