Understanding MMS Video Diary: Day 2

So far, so good… in fact, very good. The key word yesterday was cooperation, the beyond your expectations kind. That’s the very best kind to get.

It started out as we left Bahia de Kino. Looking for a place to eat before we hit the road, the first restaurant we came to was closed. So we saw what looked like a very nice little hotel, the Hacienda. We figured, a classy looking place that we could see staying at, would most likely recommend some places that we’d like to eat at. The welcome we received was unexpected.

The Hacienda, Bahia de Kino, Mexico

Johnny, the owner, greeted us in his native English, and gladly answered all our questions about the area. He also showed us around his new place, which has been in operation for only six months.

Court View, The Hacienda, Bahia de Kino, Mexico

While the purpose of this is not a travelogue, the Hacienda is a great place. Johnny offered to make it available if we want to hold some interviews there. We will return to Bahia de Kino, and definitely want to take him up on the offer.

As the day was progressing, we tabled the idea of going to the place Johnny suggested, and headed to Hermosillo, where we’d eat and then meet Jim and Denise, his assistant.

Upon their arrival, we headed for the Universidad de Sonora, to visit the science fair (haven’t seen one of these since I was in high school). We found the booth with a large Dioxido de Chloro text display. They presented an MMS mouthwash product. Youngsters in white coats, future scientists with minds not yet tainted by pharmaceutical orthodoxy. T’was nice to see.

We interviewed the spokewoman for the students, who shared as an aside, how MMS helped clear a sore throat that had bothered her for two weeks. Later, we interviews another student who got rid of psoriasis using MMS.

Jim is warming up to this idea of documenting these events, as he sees that it’s the most effective protection against agenda-based media coverage. I don’t mean to be unfair here. I have an agenda in doing this; that is, to give a truthful, objective, and factual account of what MMS is. If this is done, you and anyone else who wishes, can make an intelligent decision about it. I am an agnostic with respect to if you use it or not. My concern is whether it works, and under what conditions is it safe, or unsafe. Pretty simple.

It seems quite apparent that Jim wants the same thing. His knowledge is far broader than mine. So it’s great to ask questions and get his answers.

For those who wishes he would have written his book in a style that was more “professional” (myself included), it ain’t gonna happen. I asked him about that. He said he wrote the book purposefully in the manner that he did. He has received many letters of gratitude for the writing style; why? Because people understand it was not written by a polished professional writer, and that what he is speaking is true.

Indeed, if he hadn’t written it as he did, I may not have been there. Since I was seeking the facts, I was very comfortable that the information was factual, after I checked it out. And if it was factual, it was worth checking out more.

We had ample time to get acquainted. I was surprised and pleased that Jim allowed me to videotape his next level of MMS understanding: the limits of intravenous (IV) intake. Dedicated to helping understand how to get to the deepest cracks and crevasses where bacteria and viruses hide, he’d expanding the envelope of understanding each day.

I’ve got more to share, but time is growing short, as I must get on with today’s adventure. However, the clip below will give you an idea of what’s going to be on the documentary, because the story is telling itself. I’m just going along for the ride.


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