Preflight Notes on a Journey to Positive Change

Do you ever get antsy before doing something new? I’m not sure what to call what’s going through me right now, but it’s the morning of my departure on what will — for me — be an epic journey. By the time this day is over, Jim Humble and I will have begun our face-to-face, in person experience, setting the stage for 3-4 more days of discussion, sharing, and documenting, and placing our own petition on human history.

This is about history; setting out to help people make more informed, conscious choices about their health, and their ability to heal. I’m all for listening to our doctors, but not as the “last word.” Your own mind and heart should always be the last word in your life, and this includes your health. If you make the doctor into “God,” as many people do, then you limit yourself to remedies that definitely benefit him (or her), but may only marginally serve you. More importantly, you limit yourself to the doctor’s belief about what your “chances” are, which is anecdotal, at best, because it will only be seen from the context of how effective the doctor’s principal methods of treatment are.

Most general (allopathic) practitioners rely on drug therapies and surgical procedures to address a myriad of human diseases. To call medicine’s success rate “spotty” for such conditions as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, and cancer, would be kind.

The main problem is that general medicine won’t permit you to regain your health without its drug therapies, but drug-based therapies won’t help you regain your health. Listen to the “fine print” in drug commercials. When anyone has to recite a long list of warnings for harmful side effects associated with ingesting their product, then that product is not a real solution. A real health solution does no additional harm even while mitigating a harmful condition. It also helps you restore your health.

The protocol referred to as MMS is an example of a real solution. Used as directed, chlorine dioxide will oxidize pathogens, period. If it encounters no pathogens, it breaks down into water, and a small amount of salt, and does no harm to healthy cells. It leaves you and your body chemistry less toxic than it was before ingesting. Simple as that.

Your body naturally works to your beneficial advantage, and knows what to do when it is not over burdened with toxicity, acidity, or parasitosis. When you understand that, you begin to wonder why your doctor isn’t helping you simply get clear (of toxicity), rather than administer treatments that increase your toxic burden even to the point of addiction. The short answer is that the income for medical professionals would probably become more like that of teachers or firemen. What would be wrong with that?

It’s not just our doctors that are not being forthright with us. Our food processors are “processing” the nutrition out of the food they deliver to us. A government mandated decision to pasteurize almonds, while still categorizing them as “raw” is a recent case-in-point. This is not in our health interest, but it is in the interest of greater dis-ease. Yet, you are the ultimate decider.

We are literally taking in garbage, because there is little that is of nutritional value in most commercial foods. There’s no love in their preparation. There is neither life, enzymes, nor energy. On the other hand, such foods do contain chemical additives, preservatives, synthetic hormones and pesticide residue that clog our systems, block vital passageways and obstruct the flow of energy — which is life — through us. But we keep buying and consuming the garbage, and our state of health is a reflection of this habit.

This is all changing, but it appears to be happening so slowly.

I can’t say whether anything we’re doing will reduce the number of people who transition out of their physical body each year. In fact, I don’t think it will matter. What I believe will matter is the quality of the lives that we lead. A life lived from beginning to end in health is going to be far more satisfying than one that is lived with disease. A life lived with awareness is going to be far more satisfying than one lived in fear. We have powers that are being short-circuited by toxicity; powers that nourish health and greater awareness. We have powers that naturally protect as we learn and choose to transcend our fears. Some has to convey this information in order for it to be up for consideration. If you’re reading this journal, then it’s time you consider getting to know, embracing, and exercising your power. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know I existed.

Part of the process of reclaiming and exercising our natural powers is cleansing and re-balancing. The cleansing and re-balancing begins, not with the body, but with the mind, by letting go acid-precipitating fears. They take the form of resentment, anger, rage, jealousy, envy, hatred, and distrust, and disrespect. Do any of these concepts resonate with you as something you need to “work on?” If so, I humbly suggest that it’s not about working on them; it’s about letting them go. The replacement is love… of self, and of others. Practice being loving each day. Practice forgiveness, and let your grudges evaporate. See how it lightens your load. It will lighten your toxic load too. It will help any healing process you choose work better, because you will have become the healer.

That’s what your doctor is not telling you… that you’re it! You’re the one who heals, you. It makes perfect sense that it would be that way. You’re the one who has run experiential trials on yourself in the great clinic of physical and emotional life. You have seen and experienced the results on your life far more profoundly than any one else in the universe. You are the expert that should be consulted, and encouraged to become the professor that you already are. When you do, you will change your world. And perhaps, you’ll choose to enjoy living and loving.

Tell me it won’t change history as more people begin making the loving choice, even with all the “logical” reasons to sit on the fence.

People who “sit on fences,” go now where, and gain little knowing.

I’m getting myself together to go to Mexico and better understand what MMS and Jim Humble — a man who is not a fence sitter — are about. I’ll let you know what I find out.

There’ll be others joining us who will lend their energies and efforts to this undertaking. We’re not waiting for mainstream media to “get wind” of MMS and paint it as a “protocol that advocates taking chlorine that claims to help remove toxins.” Think it can’t happen? Guess again.

I’m not going to dwell on that though, because it’s not really important what the mainstream media does. It’s important that you get reliable information if you’re truly wanting to know if MMS can help you. I would only suggest that you don’t look in terms of whether MMS will “cure” your particular medical situation. Instead, find out to what extent the following conditions go hand-in-hand with your situation:

  • Toxicity — do you have a history of exposure to poisons or heavy metals? The short answer is that, the longer you’ve lived in earth, the more you’ve been exposed to toxicity.
  • Have you been treated for viral conditions or bacterial infections?
  • Have you ever breathed polluted air?
  • Have you ever drank liquids, including water, that had a dehydrating rather than a hydrating effect on your physiology (hint, alcoholic beverages have that effect)?
  • Mineral imbalance/deficiency — here’s my magnesium moment again, as this metal is woefully deficient in diseased bodies, and strongly present in healthy ones. Iodine is another important mineral that needs greater attention.

The bottom line is that if you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, then it’s likely that an internal cleanse would help your body physiology. But it won’t help your mind. When we don’t change our thinking, we’re not “doomed” to repeating the same experiences, we simply continue doing what we’re familiar doing. When we’re ready to change positively, we have the power to do so. But we can’t use our power in a negative, meaning harmful, manner, and expect positive results. Being positive — meaning being harmless, and creating harmonic resonances — is the best, and I dare say only way to gain positive ends.

I invite you to pre-order your copy of the DVD. The 6-week production begins today.

Here’s to our collective positive change.

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  1. Thank you CeliaSue! Great suggestion!

  2. Good for you ! this is a nice refreshing blog…
    You might also consider intravenous Vit. C (Dr. Glenn Rothfeld), AG Immune by Bodywise, a formula created by Dr. Jesse Stoff, who helped many people with various cancers including his mother who was at stage 4 (terminal)… now 20 years later, she is fine (last I heard)… within one week, taking AG Immune took away about 95% of my fibromyalgia symptoms, and it has helped many people with all sorts of illnesses…. animals, too…

    Good fortune !

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