Prophylactic MMS or Forgiveness: Which is the More Important Response to Dis-ease?


Once again Rett has given us some thoughtful reflections in response to my announcement of the third interview with Jim Humble regarding MMS and cancer.

I hope you don’t mind this little critique about your radio program with Jim, the one on cancer.

Go ahead…

You state that cancer is a serious problem and that people don’t want to have it or want to survive it. This is good and well…….but

Statistically cancer has been increasing exponentially over the last 50 years in this nation.

From what I’m beginning to understand, carcinogenesis occurs in everyone during the course of our lives. This is not yet a mainstream view, but evidence shows that if we see it this way, we can also move beyond our fear of it, and actually treat it differently.

Cancer’s manifestation is a function of the degree to which oxygen is actually delivered to the cells, or the cells are oxygen deprived. The less oxygen delivered, the higher the incidence of cancer mutation.

To be free of cancer. Yes. This is what we all want but most people, the vast majority of people do not understand or either stand in denial that cancer is in the body for many years before the symptoms drive them to the doctor for an official diagnosis.

Agreed. Perhaps the first step toward cancer freedom, is accepting that it is likely present within everyone, but to release our fear of it. Carcinogenesis is not an attack, which is how we traditionally view and treat it. We then allow other “oursiders” (doctors and their various treatment modalities), to attack us. They use poison, radiation, and the knife to make a simple acidic condition tragic. No wonder cancer is dreaded. It’s because we fear what we think the treatment will require; treatment that more often leads to death than it does to health.

Yet, we choose that path more often than we choose a life enhancing one. That raises a fascinating question, what is it that we fear about choosing to live that makes us willing to lose our health and life in an agonizingly slow and painful way?

I like Andreas Moritz’ refreshing description that cancer is a survival response designed to prolong, not end life.

For MOST of us, as current statistics continue to soar, we will have cancer by the age of 80, and for many, at a much, much younger age. Oh how those statistics lie, how they misrepresent the truth. The health care system twists them to their convenience. Watch them very carefully.

The cancer statistic are soaring in large part because our conventional medical response to the condition only exacerbates it.

Surgery does nothing to address the oxygen deprived condition of cell physiology that necessitate mutation to prolong life. Therefore, “getting all of the cancer” through surgical removal leaves an acidic chemical make up, meaning continued oxygen deprivation and cell death. Chemotherapy and radiation actually spreads the condition. None of these approaches nourish the body. All of them inhibit the body’s ability to be nourished.

So MMS for cancer treatment for an active diagnosis is likely a very important treatment modality.

I agree. It’s one component, although an important one.

But we, as those racing on the exponential curve into the future, we already might have cancer or are harboring other elements of causation and we just are not aware of it yet. This FACT needs to be driven home.

So true. The information is out there. Next is for it to be in “here” [the mind and heart]. That’s what this blog is for, as well as this meeting of minds between you and me.

I am always amazed at how surprised people are to find that they have cancer.

It’s natural when we attach so many dimensions of meaning to it… punishment, retribution, etc. The meaning we typically apply to cancer has absolutely nothing to do with the real cause. However, it gives us no reason to embrace any true hope of returning to health, for we’d also have to give up something we cling to more tightly than life itself; our judgments and prejudices.

Traditional cancer treatment today will either kill or maim the patient, but judgment and prejudice is even more insidious. We talk about cancer and various diseases, but we die from the effects of judgment and prejudice far more than we do of cancer.

Cancer is just one way we exact the vengeance of our judgments and prejudices, upon ourselves and those that we “love.”

Most people consent to mutilation and poisoning regimens because (1) we think its the only way, (2) everyone who appears to be anyone says it’s the thing to do, and (3) health insurance covers the treatments, and doesn’t cover natural — and often much less costly — treatment approaches.

Three months ago just fine, today near dead. I feel sorry for them. They did not know. But they could have known. I meet these people all the time! Someone could have told them. Every single one of us is at risk and the risk and the cancer is there years before the disease is found.

It is now evident to me that the only true “risk” of cancer mutation is in (1) allowing oxygen levels to get chronically low, which can be done by not being adequately hydrated, (2) by not evacuating the toxic intake , and (3) not providing the body the mineral intake that is critical to immune system support, and chemical balance.

If you do not work to heal your body of cancer long before it shows you will likely die of cancer or succumb to the cut, slash and burn treatments offered after it finally does make its appearance.

I don’t think we need to make “not getting cancer” the centerpiece of our life or health strategy. I think loving life should be our priority. Energy follows attention. The life spent “avoiding cancer” will be of a very different quality than one spent enmeshed in the passionate pursuit of one’s highest dreams. Fear is the predominant energy of the former approach, while love fuels the latter.

This is one little detail the doctors ignore. They will never tell a 55 year old man or woman that they likely already have cancer even when symptoms are not present Why? Simply because they don’t have a test that can show it to them. Ha. But the tests are available if you know where to look.

The population of cancer cells advances and recedes in our body according to the ebbs and flows of alkalinity, which itself is affected by the extent and degree that mineral nutrients reach the cells, which is affected by the presence or absence of oxygen.

Cancer cell growth is like the movement of an ocean tide, instead of being in and out, it’s up and down. It is not a one-way proposition. If we keep our body chemistry in balance by replacing oxygen and minerals as they are used then cancer won’t be an experience. There will then be little need for mass quantities of cells needed to form a cancerous tumor, to mutate.

Some may call this fear mongering. I call it looking at reality and calling as it is.

I’m all for looking at reality. However, the reality that is becoming evident to me suggests that carcinogenesis is by design, a protective physiological mechanism to keep a dying area of the body viable in order to extend our time.

As was pointed out to me by Dr. George Freibott, Nobel Prize winning physician, Dr. Otto Warburg, conclusively demonstrated that when oxygen levels within a cell fall below 60%, mutation occurs. If cells do not receive adequate mineral components they need in order to perform their functions properly, such as magnesium, they will not be able to fully process and accept oxygen. Without enough oxygen, even you and I will exit this reality in a matter of minutes. It is not hard to imagine that this fact also applies and is relevant for every cell of our body, in the nanocosm.

When the individual psychologically and mentally “buckles” under the perceived injustices and injuries of life, and makes how “bad” things are his or her “life’s story,” an energetic stress will also be brought to bear at the cellular level, contributing to the cell’s inability to accept adequate amounts of oxygen or mineral nourishment. This process will continue to deteriorate unless and until the individual sees life differently, and is willing to live within a new sight. MMS and other promising treatment modalities, are secondary to the decision we must make about our approach to life and love itself.

None of these factors are important to our health care, i.e., “disease management,” system. Responding to an oxygen starvation situation by introducing more toxic substances into the body, or removing the cancer, or the organ where it is present, is the absolute worst thing that we can do. Yet, since we are so set on declaring “war” on our enemies, the absolute worst response to cancer is presently revered as a “best practice” by our medical, pharmaceutical, and government complex.

These conditions will change as we change, as we stop fearing cancer, and start giving our body what it is telling us is needed at the most basic level: (1) peace of mind amid the stresses of life, (2) oxygen and (3) mineral nutrients.

The Small Matter of Stress

Stress is a fact of life, and always will be. However, it is a fact of life because of how we respond to our experiences, which is as unique as a snowflake. If we view our experiences through a fearful mind, then our natural polarity will be reversed and the energy flow will be obstructed. Our “light” will become dimmer, as well as our psychological outlook of life. As we forgive — something many people are absolutely dead set against doing — our polarity returns to normal, “unreversing” on its own, thereby increasing the vital force that the cells can receive.

Seeing ourselves as integral parts of our own dis-ease, as well as the lords of our own well-being, places the one individual who can turn our life around into the drivers seat.

We’re the ones who hold our own keys to where our health will go. It’s not doctors. It’s not drugs. It’s not natural modalities. It’s not even MMS. If we aren’t resolute in our commitment to living in health once again, then nothing and no one on this planet can help us, because we don’t really want help. What we want is assisted suicide. What we want is a “valient and noble fight,” when all we needed to do was to be forgiving and loving, and have a great time rather than make ourselves and others miserable over our obsession over “right” and “wrong,” and “us” vs. “them.” There is no “right or wrong. There is no “them,” only us.

Cancer and other diseases will respond to love by going away, for the choice will have brought life back into our beingness.

If a person needs “proof” of my last statement before they will accept and embrace it, they are demonstrating the “why” of their own problem.

Those who treat themselves early, before active symptoms present will prevent a world of woe for themselves. MMS is the preventative and early cure we have been looking for.

This is one place where I disagree, my friend. WE are the preventative and early cure we’ve been looking for, but denying. If we think MMS is going to “cure” us, and continue to hold on to petty grievances with others, then we’ll continue to restrict the flow of life and love through our beingness. We’ll continue to attract and create “stress activating,” and hence, polarity reversing, experiences. Why? Because we use them to continue to justify being miserable about something. It won’t matter what it is. If it’s not our physical situation, then it’ll be something else.

When we are willing to forgive and love, we will be on the real road to recovery. MMS, and any other modality that we choose can then be far more effective because we will have removed an energetic and invisible inhibitor to our health and well-being.

MMS should be taken by everyone on a prophylactic basis. Jim has spoken about this some but it needs to be driven home. Perhaps you will find some time to discuss this with him.

There is some benefit to that, to be sure. Understanding that negative judgment is a very individual sacred cow that differs from one person to the next, the factors I’ve just outlined will strike a resonant chord with some people, and sound like chicken scratch to others. So the more conventional conversation is indeed something that should be had.

Thanks again for your thoughtful and reasoned perspective.

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