MMS News: A Guerilla Video Documentary

The MMS juggernaut continues to gain momentum in positive ways fueled, first and foremost, by the effectiveness of the protocol itself, and by the willingness of enough of you to look at the science, weigh the method, and make a responsible choice for yourself. In addition, we are gaining (1) a greater understanding of the pathogenesis of disease, and (2) why traditional approaches to disease conditions tend to exacerbate rather than eradicate the problem. To date, I have interviewed Jim Humble three times on my radio show.

Many thousands of the first two interviews have been distributed on CD free by Global Light Network. Thousands more of these podcasts are being downloaded and burned onto CD and shared. I have also interviewed Valerie, who was first introduced to Jim Humble and MMS in 2003 for chronic disease conditions connected to a blood coagulation disorder. She provided some great insights into longer term use of MMS that us “newbies” haven’t even considered. (You can listen to that podcast by clicking here.)

However, something is glaringly missing at this still early stage of the protocol’s development. I want to discuss this with you now.

What’s missing is a high quality video documentary of MMS’s developer, Jim Humble, where the viewer can get a comprehensive presentation of the facts, and gain a better feel for the man as well as the protocol that he has brought forth.Adam Abraham as Video Producer

Through my interactions with Jim (who has also read my article on MMS published here, “No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry”), I have gained some closer access. So on November 26, I’ll be traveling to Mexico with video camera and gear to interview him on camera (as well as for my radio show), see the clinic that administers MMS and interview others who have used it. This trip will be 3-5 days, with a possible second one next month.

I will make some of this footage and photographs available online at no charge, but the bulk of this material will be used to produce a DVD program of about 60-70 minutes in length that addresses some of the general and specific issues surrounding MMS.

I have contemplated this project for several months, but the actual trip has come about in the past month. Jim is aware of it, and in full support. My dilemma has been to determine how to fund it.

At this date, it is too early to thrust the MMS story into the mass media machine. It’s not that the questions and doubts that they raise can’t be answered, it’s that they won’t care to. Viewers will be left with questions and doubts, which means they will also left “securely” in their old ways of thinking — that there are no viable ways to treat, or otherwise help them overcome their disease.

I’ve said elsewhere that MMS is not the only way… but it’s an important and viable way to address some of the contributing factors to disease. It helps make many now commonplace allopathic therapies unnecessary at best, and barbaric in the extreme sense. There are many other viable ways that have been suppressed and forgotten. I don’t want to help make MMS another one by doing nothing. Wishing will accomplish far less than positive action.

So I’ll travel to Mexico and interview Jim and a number other people, and produce a video. You can view a sample of the style that I have in mind by watching the video below.


I will produce and publish this on DVD which, when it ships in January, 2008 will retail for $45 $19.95. You can help get this process started by placing an advance order for this video for a discounted price of $30 $15 each (plus $5 s/h). [Changed 11/25/2007]
This is guerilla video production funding, and should you place an order for copies, you will be one of the original producers. Below is a sample of the DVD packaging that it will be shipped in, which will be authored and manufactured (not burned on my PC). The final art work will include photos and images taken on the trip.


I have created a page where you can place your orders, either through PayPal, or Google Checkout. Read more there. It includes the planned production schedule.

Advance Order this Reference DVD

If you feel this is important information to share, and that an objective, well-done video (that can be distributed to libraries and sold via or rented through Netflix, etc., will be helpful), then participate and encourage others to do so too. Click here to place your order. If you are a reseller who wants to distribute these DVDs and are willing to make a commitment, contact me about quantity discount pricing.

Also, if you have questions or issues that you’d like to have us discuss in the conversations, please send them to me at

This will be not the only one, just the first. It gives us a chance to show the history, science, and potential of a Natural Blessing.

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    I have a unique protocol for growing three to five pounds of healthy flora that complements taking MMS. I can send you an introductory E-book free. Just email me back and I will send out the short ebook as an email attachment.

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