A New Cancer Understanding with Andreas Moritz

The assault on cancer just turned into a new understanding. For me at least. My conversation with Andreas Moritz ( was fantastic! He is a deep well of knowledge of human physiology and the spirit.

I gain insights with each guest I have on Talk for Food. I enjoy the tidbits that each contributes to my overall understanding of life, and how it works. But when my conversation with Andreas was done, I saw cancer, not as a foreign invader that I have to fear being victimized by, but simply a physiological state that forms and disappears according to conditions that I control. The onus therefore, is on me to be aware of the physiological states that I create through dietary intake, exercise, and my predominant mental state. Instead of being “unwitting” victims of cancer and other diseases, we’re unknowing creators. The good news there, is that we can learn the connection, and then change the conditions that allow cancer to flourish.

It starts with oxygen starvation at the cellular level. That which doesn’t get enough oxygen, dies. That is, unless it develops the ability to live without it. When an oxygen reduced condition exists in certain parts of our body (due to other matters of obstruction and blockage), certain cells will mutate in order to prolong and protect our life, not accelerate our death. These cells are called anaerobic. They don’t require oxygen. They feed on sugar (glucose). They form out of necessity, not whimsy or maliciousness.

If the oxygen depleted state continues, or spreads, more mutation will occur. The environment will become even more acidic… in other words, polluted. It’s great to know that we have many ways to address and reverse these conditions, although it makes absolutely no sense to “treat” an acidic, oxygen deprivation condition, with more agents that introduce more acid. But that’s my opinion.

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You can listen to my interview with Andreas now.

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0 Thoughts to “A New Cancer Understanding with Andreas Moritz”

  1. I know this post is long time dead, but for anyone like myself who happens to stumble upon it, it is import to know that Andreas Moritz is a fraud and a quack.

    His understanding of cancer cell biology is complete incorrect. Cancer is most certainly not your body’s way of trying to prolong its life. And it most certainty has nothing to do with oxygen starvation. The life of a cell is divided into three rough parts. Growth, replication and death. Most cells in you body are programed to die. This in not a bad thing at all. Cancer is caused with the regulating factors controlling these life stages of the cell fail. Usually, it’s the controls on programed death. These ‘immortal’ cells are cancer. Science has gotten a pretty good understanding of way this happens. It’s damage on the DNA, and there is no supported link between emotion and cancer.

    Also, his liver flushes are a simple chemical trick. Basically, the gall or liver stones that are flushed out is the olive oil he makes you drink. The olive oil + Potassium + Acid makes these little balls.

    1. Dear Holy,

      This response is not for you, but for others who may read your less than honest, misleading, and false statements, not only about Andreas Moritz, but about how the body works. You attempt to refute what Mr. Moritz says by simply saying “it ain’t so.” You say that cells are programmed to die, when numerous scientific experiments have shown that cells can and will live indefinitely when they are properly hydrated and have waste materials evacuated. You’re excusing a falsehood trying to demean a truth. Needless to say, the falsehood does represent predominant medical thinking and practice.

      A visit to your web site shows no evidence that you’ve given any thought to what you’ve written above, or that these are your thoughts or insights. So in spite of the dishonest intention behind what you’ve presented here, I’m allowing it to stay, so that the public can see to what extent some people will do to keep them in the dark about how to heal themselves and not remain beholden to poison peddlers, whoever they might be. I have also reactivated the podcast link so that people can listen for themselves to Mr. Moritz’ explanations, so they can decide for themselves what’s best.

      Thank you for your assistance.


  2. Melinda

    Dear Adam,

    I really enjoyed your interview with Andreas. Please, definitely do more. He has so much knowledge about healing. He’s amazing.

    I’d love for you to ask him, “If someone came to your office with cancer, what would you tell them to eat”. I’d love for him to lay it all out plain and simple for those listeners who are not familiar with his protocols what can a person do if they have cancer to end the toxic overload in the body.

    I’d also love to hear more about the whole concept of self esteem and what we think attributing to cancer.


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