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I’ll continue discussing the subject of cancer on my next edition of Talk For Food when my guest is Bill Henderson, a retired Air Force colonel, who — after losing his wife to a 4-year ovarian cancer instigated demise in 1994 — began learning and amassing information on the many effective, non-toxic, treatments and modalities that were available. He realized that, for his wife, “death by cancer” (DBC), was unnecessary, and in fact, when it is looked at and approached differently, it was and is unnecessary for anyone.

Bill compiled his findings into a book published in 2000 titled, Cure Your Cancer. His efforts to learn more and educate led to the publication of a bi-weekly “Cancer Free” newsletter, where readers not only what’s new, but get feedback about other successes. His database of proven non-toxic cancer treatment modalities now totals over 350 (including MMS), and 1,500 people who have read his book and followed a regimen he suggested, are now cancer free. His newsletter reading audience is now approaching the 10,000 mark.

Learning of others’ success can sometimes be all we need to press on to our own victory. In learning the details of how others overcame something that we’re dealing with, we form a healing and harmonic resonance with the desire outcome, and the attitudes that brings it about.

Attitude is of utmost importance, that won’t cost you a cent to choose, but can can cost you your life if you don’t choose wisely.

Ultimately, the more we understand that success is denied no one who accepts it when asked for, who does not “shush” it away with doubt, disbelief, or disrespect, the quicker it comes. When we understand that cancer is not about life or death, but about love and forgiveness, we will have already succeeded in breaking the cause, and starting the cure.

Who do we “ask” when we want to succeed in overcoming cancer? Hint: look in the mirror. Look into your eyes. It’s not your body that you’re asking, but the Spirit that energizes it. It is one with God, and It is who and what you really are.

If we knew what I just said to be true, there’d be no reason to ask. There’d be no reason to fear, or be fearful. (There still is no reason to be fearful, but we think there is.) So asking is simply an honest acknowledgment of where we are in our way of perceiving reality. Knowing will come, but the journey begins right where we are. When we know that the core of our being is God, and the essence is love, the greatest power, then we’ll use it consciously, first of all, to forgive that which we used to allow to “set us off” like chlorine dioxide on toxins, cancer cells, and pathogens. The choice to be forgiving brings the Spirit’s balance into the moment, which establishes a new pattern that our mind, emotions, and finally, our body, can then adapt to. It’s not a “top, down” process, but rather, an “inside, out” one.

Bill’s current book is Cancer Free, Your Guide to Non-Toxic Healing. He has also started his own radio program on, after listening to yours truly and my first interview with Jim Humble.

We had a great conversation. The hour passed quickly. You can listen to the show now.

Today I’ll interview Andreas Moritz on the same subject.

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  1. gilles dupont

    Andreas Moritz book “The gallbladder flush” helped me tremendously to improve my health and my immune system.
    I cleanse liver, colon and kidney regularly and suggest all to do the same.

  2. Melinda

    Dear Adam,

    Can you tell us how the Andreas interview went? Give any and all details!!! I am such a huge fan of Andreas. He has helped me immeasurably. He is amazing. I’d love to hear any little bits of info. Thanks 🙂

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