Thoughts on Health and Healing: Just 'Who' or 'What' Cures Disease?

The Acidity of Fear and Balance of Love

My most recent podcast conversation with Jim Humble on cancer treatment and MMS confirms (click here to listen), at least in my mind, that it has beneficial properties that we are yet beginning to appreciate, and perhaps more that remain to be discovered. BUT, it would be delusional to think that MMS alone is going to “cure” cancer, or any other disease condition that you may be experiencing. Please understand just “who” or “what” is affecting the cure. The “who” is you. The “what” is the Spirit that you are; the Higher Self; the God of your being. No one is without this powerful component, but most of us don’t believe it, and therefore, don’t benefit from Its presence.

If you understand and accept the lines above as true, you don’t even need MMS. However, MMS and other modalities that you take to facilitate your return to health, will be more effective.

In addition, you will elect to no longer serve “two masters,” the one on whom society lavishes great respect and stature, but would put poison into your body to kill “the bad guys” thought to cause your disease, or the One that few appreciate is within themselves, that has the real power to change everything. One master appears to be outside of you. The other is within and unseen, and is yet source of our life. These are facts we commonly question, if not deny altogether.

We question our divinity because we experience pain and suffering, and we’re positive that we wouldn’t knowingly cause it. We don’t understanding that we can, and do unknowingly cause our pain, as well as wish pain and suffering on others. Thinking we are powerless, we thinking that our wishing pain and suffering on others is meaningless, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. We absolve ourselves by saying this is God’s doing, and not our department. Yet, it’s our experience. Is that God’s doing too? So we question God.

“How could, or better yet, why would any divine being allow me to experience this pain and discomfort?” The short answer is, if I don’t know that the Divine Being is Me. If I am not choosing to recognize, understand, accept, and know my own divinity, and if I am not recognizing, understanding, accepting, and knowing the divinity in every other human being. If I am not doing these things, then I am not going to be forgiving. I am very conditional, if not manipulating in where and how, and to whom I give my love. And when I am not giving and being love, I am in various stages and expressions of fear.

Fear is the acid generator of the mind, that manifests not only in our perception and relationships, but in our body as well. Energetically, it reverses polarity, instigates imbalance, and then pushes it. All of this takes energy. What we refer to as chronic fatigue syndrome is simply a case of impacted fear.

Love is, brings, and maintains balance and harmony.

Love brings healing, and when healing is achieved, love maintains it.

Love increases and expands energy.

Love is the first nutrient and the last, that we shouldn’t leave home without choosing, for it is only chosen consciously, often in spite of apparently valid reasons to do otherwise. Yet, the only way to expand consciousness, is through the exercise of love.

Love is always present, but when we see ourselves as separate from the people and situations that color our experience, there will appear to be many reasons to be “on guard.”

When we see “bad things happening to good people,” we think, “I’m a good person, that can happen to me!” You decide to NEVER be a victim of that situation by looking for it everywhere, so that you can run in the other direction. Or you build a wall up, never to let anyone in unless they first prove that they’re NOT going to be a “Trojan horse” for that situation. In so doing, you have already created the situation in your life out of fear. You’ve already closed off other possibilities through the inordinate fearful energies given to that situation.

Consider the thinking of women who have watched other women in their lives contract breast cancer, who are so convinced that they are also vulnerable and that it is inevitable, but are so set against ever experiencing it themselves that they have mastectomies just to “solve the problem” (here are two stories: René Syler and and Jean Paolantonio).

Talking about cutting off the nose to spite the face.

What they don’t understand is that, getting a mastectomy only removes their breasts. It doesn’t end their risk of cancer, or other disease. They clearly don’t understand the nature of body chemistry (microcalcifications is a sign that more magnesium is needed, not that cancer is imminent). This lack of understanding (and education by the traditional medical community), simply stokes up already active fear in these women, which increases emotional stress, which manifests as disease in the body.

If their mind is fearful, which it certainly would be, then they are acidic in their thinking (as well as their environmental intake), which will manifest as an acidic physiology, the condition that allows cancer — and other diseases — to proliferate and spread.

I’d be asking these women, “With whom are you holding a grudge that is so deep-seated, that you’d have your breasts cut off just to either avoid any chance of joyful interaction with them? What makes you feel so vulnerable, powerless, and not whole, that you think you’ll find peace of mind in this decision? If you’re in this way of thinking, you’ll create a “good” reason to do this. I’d also be helping them to alkalize their thinking, as well as their nutritional intake.

I realize that the number of women who actually have prophylactic mastectomies is small, but that is no reason to dismiss the rationale. The number of people — men and women included — who embrace the fearful rationale, is far larger.

Our dear president is an acidic thinker. He presently has men and women — our sons and daughters (but not his) in Iraq now, risking, losing, and taking lives, because of his, and our collective fear of further terrorist activities.

He has used this fear to begin reshaping the Middle East. There’s nothing to say that the Middle East could not have been reshaped without the massive loss of life and threat of escalated war. But because we subscribe to the concept of “an eye for an eye,” we felt that our rage and vengeance were justified.

The error of our president’s, and collective thinking is quite evident in the profound imbalance and devastation that has resulted; devastation that we feel guilty about. Guilt is an expression of fear.

As such, the fear of further terrorist activities is as great today as it was in 2001 after 9/11, which is the opposite of what was sought. And yet, the president could set an example that would immediately bring the fear index, and the terrorist threat, down. It would be by forgiving whoever he thinks was really responsible for 9/11, and refusing to seek further vengeance by being a disruptive presence in the Middle East. This would change the entire context and spirit of our presence there.

Osama might even come out the cave. (Although he probably only goes into a cave to videotape a message, and then has his limousine take him back to private jet to return to a mansion somewhere in the Riviera.)

Think this is far fetch? Perhaps. But how far fetched is it for you to forgive your next door neighbor for allowing that damn dog to bark every night for an hour as you’re trying to go to sleep? (That’s a present opportunity for me.) Or the gang bangers that terrorize your neighborhood or the streets of your city? Or the convicted sex offender that has moved in down the street?

Does your fear index go up? Or are you so aware of the power of love and forgiveness, that you realize you are safe, protected, and not at risk. When you make that fateful choice, your being within the love of your spirit is communicated throughout the universe, even to the mind of those who are themselves, in fear. People who are abusive and unkind to others, or to themselves, are fully ensconced in fear. It also means that they are afraid, therefore, not a threat, of those who do not fear them. People who are not fearful KNOW they have nothing to fear of them.

“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For Thou art with me…”

There is deep, comforting meaning in that statement from the 23rd Psalm, which seems to be totally disregarded by so many who profess a deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Truth is, it’s a knowledge and understanding of the Self (Spirit/God), our connection to, and Oneness with it, that is needed.

Which brings me back to my original point.

If you’re really ready to heal, and really want to live and love again, be willing and ready to forgive. Be ready to be forgiving, not only others, but yourself. Forgive yourself for choosing the fears that you chose.

You may have told yourself that you weren’t fearful, but if you have been resentful, envious, jealous, angry and hot tempered, or even sullen and distant; if you have felt you were misunderstood, taken advantage of, or discriminated against, and feel justified in maintaining your distrust and disbelief in others, then you are in fear. If you feel a need to “get back” at someone else, and make them feel what “they did to you,” then you are in fear, and don’t know who you are. Your distrust and disbelief of others is simply a way of not looking at, and therefore, not changing yourself. When you’re in that mindset, you’ll sabotage your own beneficial progress.

Fortunately, you can change this in an instant of awareness. Now would be as good a time as any.

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  1. Thank you Melinda. I only recently learned of Andreas, and later today, I’ll have the pleasure of doing the first of what we both see as many interviews on the subject of cancer, for my radio show, Talk for Food.

  2. Melinda

    I really enjoyed “The Acidity of Fear and Balance of Love”. I’m wondering if you’ve read the book “Lifting the Veil of Duality” by Andreas Moritz. Your article resonates very closely to this book. You’ll enjoy it if you haven’t yet found it. Thanks.

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