Thoughts on Nausea, MMS, and Chelation

A reader sent some very specific questions in from my article “No Mystery, Just Wonderful Chemistry.” I don’t claim to be an authority on this subject. These are my understandings, based on my own research. I suggest that each person does his or her own.

First, you get nauseated, something that nauseates you is nauseous; you don’t get nauseous. They make the same mistake on “House” frequently, also.

It is common practice to assume that if we feel nauseous immediately after ingesting something, that it made us feel that way. In the concentrations that are being ingested in the MMS protocol, the chlorine dioxide does not “make” one nauseous. However, it isolates cells that either comprise, or contribute to, the body’s toxic load, and then acts upon them.

The effect of this action is oxidation, in effect, “denaturing” the toxin. From what I understand, when toxins are oxidized in this way by chlorine dioxide, their poisonous effect is also neutralized as the body takes steps to hasten its evacuation. A nauseous feeling is still in effect, but no poisoning is taking place.

This is vastly different from ingesting an “activated” toxin, which does indeed make one nauseous. Perhaps the nauseous feeling is a sign given by the body that a change is taking, or about to take place. While it never feels good, under certain circumstances, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Now: you don’t explain how this stuff gets mercury out of one’s system.

Mercury is affected by chlorine dioxide by virtue of its chemical nature being in an acidic pH range, as well as having a positive charge. It is an electron donor to the chlorine dioxide, which is a higher pH, and is an electron acceptor. These are automatic relationships. There is no “battle.” It more so appears to be part of a consent decree.

I have severe mercury poisoning and have been crippled for several years. (Yeah, amalgams do a lot more than just rob you of lifetime memories!)

The small concentrations of chlorine dioxide produced through the MMS protocol should help remove mercury deposits in your body tissue. But that’s only part of the story. Your body also needs mineral replenishment.

Toxins such as mercury shut down connections — communications lines — between cells. They block ion and aquaporin (water) channels that allow mineral ions, such as magnesium, and oxygen atoms to enter the cell and keep it hydrated and healthy.

If your body has been toxic with mercury all these years, many of its physiological and neurological processes have also been compromised. Affected cells have also been deprived of nourishment, and your present state of health is the result.

Your body needs mineral replenishment, and would benefit from the topical application of ocean-derived magnesium chloride. The beauty of this solution is:

  1. Being a naturally-occurring liquid, it enters through the skin, bypassing the stomach and entering the bloodstream almost immediately, allowing for much faster and effective delivery much needed nourishment.
  2. Its nutritional value is not siphoned off by the microorganisms in the stomach
  3. It contains a full spectrum of minerals, including selenium, potassium, and zinc, that are also sorely needed.

Magnesium replenishment in this manner will have an alkalizing effect on your body, and re-start its own hormone and enzyme production.

Chelation has been harsh and slow. Once I got my amalgams out I thought chelation would take care of it and I’d get well. But it didn’t go down that way. DMPS was harsh (she put me on 500 mg 3x day, where before it was 200 mg) and it chelated so much magnesium I could barely walk and had to discontinue.

DMPS is a synthetic chelator that itself employs toxins to achieve its intended effect. You have to ask yourself what sense does it make to use toxins to remove toxins? You simply replace one problem with another, which may actually become a larger one than the original.

Mineral replenishment would have begun taking care of the mercury load in your body. Another method would be to use living clay, internally and externally. Like the MMS, it will act only on toxins, heavy metals, harmful viruses and bacteria, and parasites. The difference is that it does it a little less dramatically.

You have not given any information on the chelation or any other disposal of heavy metals, you just mention them vaguely. Let’s dive into that subject.

As far as chelation products, I would suggest you check out this one. It is all natural; even uses magnesium. However, I believe that topically applied mineral replenishment, involving the broad spectrum of minerals that naturally occur in sea water, would help you tremendously.

I also suggest that you would benefit tremendously by spending some quiet time meditating, picturing yourself, your body whole again, remembering all of the abilities that you enjoyed when you had your life. As you relive those memories, you will give them life once again. And, as you so allow, they can again be part of your future, if you embrace them now.

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25 Thoughts to “Thoughts on Nausea, MMS, and Chelation”

  1. Linda

    I am taking MMS to try and reduce a uterine fibroid, so that I can avoid surgery. I had all my fillings removed a year and a half ago due to mercury and lead poisoning.
    I take 6-9 drops MMS/day. The problem I am having is that when I increase beyond the 9 drops, I become terribly depressed and groggy. Any suggestions?

    1. Dear Linda,

      I would read your body’s response as meaning you shouldn’t take more than 9 drops… at least in the way you’re doing it now. This may sound like blasphemy, but MMS is a partial solution; a better one than most of the medical industry is using these days, but it doesn’t address the root reason that the fibroid formed in the first place. Fundamental to a properly functioning immune system is the presence of the full spectrum of minerals, *in proper proportions*, one to the other. THIS state of imbalance, caused by many factors, manifests in a wide range of pathologies which then cause health to get further adulterated through prescription medication. We get so caught up in the “fight” against the ailment that the simple restoration of balance is the last, and seemingly implausible option that we consider.

      I learned these insights from a man who contracted pancreatic cancer as a young man in his 20’s. He had enough understanding of physiology to (1) refuse the standard treatments that the doctor wanted to pursue, and (2) request a report to see his mineral profile. With that, he made it his mission in life to restore his minerals to normal. Today he’s in his mid-50’s, and has been cancer free ever since. He has also been helping others improve their health by restoring mineral normalcy. Just today I heard from a woman in the San Diego area who has been dealing with the strange phenomenon that is Morgellon’s syndrome for several years. I told her about the product, which is used as a 2-component “kit,” much like MMS must be activated with chlorine dioxide. In just two weeks’ time, her previously festering wounds are now beginning to heal.

      These thoughts do not invalidate the many wonderful results that millions have now enjoyed with MMS. It remains a far superior option for any practitioner of adversarial medicine, which includes members of both allopathic and naturopathic medical orientation. Mineral replenishment is no more adversarial than offering water to someone who is thirsty. Indeed, the human body has a “thirst” for minerals that is too often overlooked in our quest to find “cures” for diseases.

      Information about, and from the man that I mentioned above can be found at:

      Best wishes,


  2. Jared

    I have just started to use diatomaceous earth it has many excellent benefits of detoxification it can pull out heavy metal build up in the body and other deposits this in conjunction with mms is very powerful combination.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Detox Your Body!
      Diatomaceous Earth health benefits reported to inlude detox! According to Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN and Galen D. Knight, PhD in their article “Mad as a Hatter” there is no better product to detox HEAVY METALS and RADIATION from your body than with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

      if the drug companies find out about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth,they will want to take it off the market. This should be kept a secret.
      I bought 10 pounds, there is no expiry date on it, it is millions of years old already.

  3. Maks

    hello ppl i am getting much better with mms using 6 drops once a day but i noticed my body is very tired after one session so is it wise to use everyday or once every couple of days is enough? I use it because i had severe aluminium poisonning. I hope its getting rid of this toxin as i feel much better with mms

  4. Ruth

    I have a question ,do you think that the MMS is safe for a woman that have silicon implants? Could the solution destroy or kind the melt it? I am in my 9 drops but I started feeling a little burning in that area. Thank you

  5. CdnFarmgirl

    I agree with the great suggestions Adam gave. Our daughter had a bad cold for about a week, and had taken MMS, which in turn helped release alot of toxins….that in turn plugged up her lymphatic system. She tried to increase her hydration (but had swollen lymph glands in her neck, so it was hard), but ended up taking a homeopathic remedy called Lymphosot. We were also told (later) that jumping about, or even on a trampoline, would stimulate the system. Try firm tapping on your chest, about six inches down from collar bones, and also under rib cage and down the sides of your body and legs – this will help stimulate your lymphatic system (Touch for Health method). Epsom salt bath will help provide the magnesium to help eliminate toxins, as well, if you don’t have any magnesium oil.

    Good luck,

  6. michael

    my partner is in a serious condition where her lymphatic system is not functioning properly. the lymphs dump the toxins but are not eliminated adn go back in to her tissue whereby poisoning her all over. She was doing EDTS chelation but that made things much worse as the lymphs increased their dumping but still with no elimination. she has seizures as the chemicals in her seem to be causing a neurological reaction. she is having eczema, massive nausea, and lots of major tissue swelling around the lymphs, especially those in her stomach. we are awaiting tests to find out what is in her or if there are other problems. we would like to start the mms but are concerned that she will not be able to eliminate the toxins as the mms removes them from her cells.

    would appreciate any comments or thoughts.

    1. Hi Michael,

      How is your partner’s hydration? Getting enough water in the system is important… not so much high alkaline, but BALANCED, structured water. It will introduce more oxygen ions into the system and help elimination. Your partner might also consider doing some arm exercises, raising her arms over her head, as in doing jumping jacks, without jumping. This will activate the lymphatic system, pumping toxins to the liver for elimination. A major contributing factor with seizures is mineral deficiency, particularly magnesium. Magnesium chloride (referred to as magnesium oil) will help tremendously. If you can get her to exercise… to work up a sweat, it will cause movement of the chemicals (including toxicity) within her body. With adequate hydration (which also brings oxygen, hydrogen, and negative ions), much of the toxicity can be eliminated though the skin, taking some of the pressure off the liver. Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong, are great ways to do this.

      Best wishes,


  7. christine

    hi, I’ve been using MMs now for almost a month starting with 5 drops, now I’m up to 9. A few days ago my face broke out with small bumps that have now turned pink and a bit swollen. Is this a detox symptom? Or could it be just something unrelated? I stopped taking the MMS for 2 days now. I guess I should get back on it. Do you have any information on detox symptoms and what a person can expect. I originally started taking MMS to get rid of seasonal allergies. I think it has helped the allergies, but I was told to continue on til I got to 15 drops. What do you think?

  8. art


    What’s the deal with:

    “hubby and I are now up to 15 drops 2X daily (2nd day).”

    That’s insane. 30 drops by the 2nd day? Unless you got married at age 5 and have absolutely no toxic or parasitic load, 15 drops is WAY too much, even for a healthy adult.

    Work up to 15 drops over weeks or even months. What’s the rush? Did your doctor give you one week to live or something?

    A lifetime of toxicity and a body full of candida etc doesn’t break down in a matter of days.

    Nausea simply means you’re going too fast for your organs of elimination.

    Jeesh, people really can be masochistic. It’s as if they don’t think it’s working unless they feel side effects. There’s no need for the severe cleansing reactions folks. Work with your liver and kidneys etc to clear out the debris… not against them by going too fast.

    1. Art, absolutely! Even if a person was given one week to live, they’d start with 1/2 a drop a day and work up. There’s no need to panic, or rush. Thanks for the words of wisdom.


  9. Amy

    I have ordered MMS and am ready to start as soon as I receive it. I have been reading alot of comments about the diarrhea and nausea…this makes me very nervous. I have ulcerative colitsis and do not need to have any additional problems with diarrhea.

    1. Hi Amy,

      I would suggest that you do an intestinal cleanse before starting MMS, using Oxy-Powder, which I just posted an article about just a few days ago.

      The Oxy-Powder, which is natural and non-toxic, will dissolve the material that is caked to the lining of your stomach which is allowing the ulceration to occur. It is not a laxative, but you will eliminate this compacted material.

      The Oxy-Powder will go through the 28-foot length of your colon doing this dissolving action, at which point your body will eliminate it through increased bowel movements. However, while they may be soft, it is not diarrhea.

      Your movements will appear black for some time, while the “old stuff” is being eliminated, gradually getting lighter. You’ll know when it’s done when your movements are clear.

      THEN you can use MMS to effectively go after anything that is left in your intestinal tract, or throughout other parts of your body.

      Best wishes,


  10. Ethel,

    Sounds like the chlorine dioxide is still finding plenty to oxidize. Don’t know what you’re having for breakfast, but I’d try giving myself even more time before eating… if you’re waiting two hours, then go three.

    Best wishes,


  11. Hi Joni,

    According to Jim Humble, chlorine dioxide continues to be generated for 12 hours after intake, even though the individual molecule has a two hour existence. So even though you give yourself an hour before eating, new chlorine dioxide molecules are still being produced at that time.

    My suggestion is simply that you try it and see what happens. If the results are satisfying for you, then stick with it. There is no hard and fast rule. Find what works best for you.

  12. Joni

    Adam, I have a question not a response. My hubby and I are now up to 15 drops 2X daily (2nd day). I ingest the MMS in the am first on an empty stomach – almost seems as if it burns or similar to that of making me hungry; I wait 1 hour to eat and then feel nausea/diarrhea and lasts for most of the day – 8 hours; is this still considered a detox or natural course considering I am not sick before eating? Also, when I take at night before bed I don’t get any of these reactions. Should I stop the dose in the morning and only take in the PM? Advise when you can!

  13. Ethel

    I am up to 14drops mms and for the last 3 mornings have lost my breakfast. As I took mms after brekky was wondering if I also lost the benefit of the mms working It was about half an hour after I had eaten that I was Ill.. I also tried to take mms on an empty stomach but got the same results.. any Ideas ?? Don’t have any problems when taking it at night..

  14. Your readers may also like the brief Autism article
    reproduced below.

    by Dr. Leo Rebello
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    AUTISM is described as a dead soul entrapped in a living body.

    AUTISM is a behavioural and neurological disorder. It interferes with the normal development

    of the brain in the areas of reasoning, social interaction and communication skills.

    Autism, in short, can be called Developmental Disability. It is a devastating disease and

    has already reached epidemic proportions worldwide.

    Abuse of antibiotics, heavy metal toxicity and vaccines that contain mercury, and unnatural food in early childhood (like canned baby food, milk powders, which leads to cadmium and arsenic poisoning) are the root cause.

    Mercury is a strong nerve poison. It destroys the gut (large intestine) and affects brain, liver and kidneys in particular.

    Autism strikes within the first three years. Why it affects mainly male progeny (3/4th) has not been established.

    My hypothesis is that it is a Y chromosomal disorder. The father who smokes, drinks alcohol or takes narcotic and psychotropic substances has Y chromosome weak. When the male child is born and given about 30 vaccines before the age of 2, coupled with inadequate breast ffeeding and artificial food intake, that leads to Autism in a male child. Hypothesis can either be proved right or wrong. So, till I am proved wrong, my hypothesis stands.

    Secretin is a natural hormone which is found in the body. If LI (large intestine) is clogged Secretin will not be produced. So, we can safely say that AUTISM is largely digestive system disorder not producing enough natural
    hormone secretin. This leads to :

    — Compromised immune system.
    — Neurotransmitter abnormalities.
    — Nutritional imbalance disorders.
    — Anxiety, sleep disorder.
    — Chronic ear problem.
    — Chronic bowel problem.
    — Candidiasis (due to yeast growth in the gut / which goes to the brain).
    — No eye contact.
    — Child repeats words because of limited vocabulary.
    — Repeatitive body movements like — hands flapping, legs stomping or kicking, head banging (backward).


    — Clean up the Large Intestine by enema / colonic irrigation.

    — Remove systemic toxins by detoxifying the body / blood stream by fresh fruits, coconut water.

    — Lots of warm water to drink to expel toxins.

    — Probiotics like Curds, honey, sprouts, amla juice, aloe vera juice, carrot juice, papaya.

    — Vitamins A, B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

    — In Homeopathy we can use constitutional medicine or the specific remedies like Magnesium or Zincum. Kali Phos 30 / 4 pills given daily at night helps in good sleep and improvement of memory. Nux vomica is another useful remedy to remove constipation and intestinal filth.

    — Full body massage, especially given by parents, will bring in bonding and better results.

    — Music and dance therapy, as child grows. Music soothes, dance movements apart from exercise
    channelise hyperactivity.

    — Yoga Asanas like Paschimtanasan, Halasan, Yoga Mudra, Surya Namaskar, from five years onwards.

    To conclude, Intestinal toxins trigger Autistic attacks, because neurotransmitters or neuropeptides are in the gut.

    The Brain has its root in the gut. The quality of blood is based on the LI.So, keep your colon clean and enjoy vibrant/perfect health.

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  16. Any time Arika. I welcome your input.

  17. Arika

    Thank you. I have spent a great amount of time focusing on images of my health and activities I look forward to. I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, don’t meditate so much except after I chant, when I let the energy flow and notice it and think.

    I knew when this started that it was an opportunity for me to learn a lot about myself and figure out how I could live in function. It’s messed with my mind and life for many years, I just didn’t realise until the physical symptoms started that it wasn’t just me being screwed up by my upbringing and stuff.

    I knew that when I got what I was supposed to get out of the whole experience, I would overcome it. I have not given up that understanding. I believe illness happens for a reason, and only by accepting responsibility for it can I overcome it. I’ve grown up a lot through this experience. I’m grateful for it. I’m also anxious to get to the other side. (oops fogot to post yesterday)

    I could help out with proofing if you like.

  18. Arika, Point made. I could use your editing skills. 🙂

    DMSA is synthetic (and toxic) too. According to one doctor, it also “encourages yeast overgrowth.” I’d say “facilitates and enables.” It’s just as “bad” as DMSA, if not worse.

  19. Arika

    Oh shit: “DMPS is a synthetic chelator that itself employs toxins to achieve its intended effect. You have to ask yourself what sense does it make to use toxins to remove toxins? You simply replace one problem with another, which may actually become a larger one than the original.”

    I meant DMSA, captomer. DMPS is the IV they use to test mercury levels. Another ND uses that for chelation, but my ND prescribes captomer. It’s probably almost as bad!

  20. Arika

    Me: “First, you get nauseated, something that nauseates you is nauseous; you don’t get nauseous. They make the same mistake on “House” frequently, also.”

    Your response: “It is common practice to assume that if we feel nauseous immediately after ingesting something, that it made us feel that way.”

    I’m talking word usage here. You must have been in a hurry when you read that part. You can’t get nauseous from something. You can only get nauseated from something.

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