On Being Fine Examples and Knowing Your Self

The story of the “miracle mineral supplement,” is yet in its infancy. Is it the “magic bullet” to ending our disease conundrum? I don’t think so, but it is an important component. Over 75,000 people were cured of malaria in the African countries of Uganda and Malawi, as Jim Humble persevered in isolating the actual agent of change that killed the malaria parasites, and then developed a protocol for safely administering it. Thousands more are now embarking on their own personal journey to determine in what way this simple protocol can help them do what western diets and medicine have not — i.e., help them sustain, or restore their health.

Jim Humble’s desire to find a workable solution to one of humankind’s greatest challenges — which led to the development of the protocol — is a fine example of what each of us should strive for within our own life. In essence, thinking about the well being of the whole, we should be willing to discover our own highest capabilities, and do what we can to give them life, from wherever we may happen to be.

That means, if we’re presently “down in the dumps,” then that place will mark our journey’s starting point. If we’re racked with disease, then it will simply be a marker on the road to health and well-being. While wealth may not be what curls your toes, knowing you have the power to create and experience it can do wonders for the psyche, for it will not happen until you see it possible for you. If you are “fighting” an illness, knowing that you have the innate power to heal is actually more than half the battle. In fact, it’s most of it.

Much of the suffering we do as human beings occurs while we’re in the belief that we’re limited, or can’t do anything to mitigate “the problem” we’re in. We don’t think of the problem as our creation. We generally think of them as caused by someone or something else. It doesn’t matter who, or it is, or even if it makes sense. Injustices certainly weren’t done with our permission, we will assert. But that’s a sign we don’t yet know who we are. Otherwise how could we possibly continue to justify our resentment and rage? How could we permit ourselves to do harm to a kindred?

I’m not pointing fingers or assigning blame. This is about accepting responsibility for our experience in totality, “the good” and “the bad,” irrespective of what it is. It’s also about realizing where positive, mindful, heartfelt change begins… mine begins with me. Yours begins with you. The power that we choose is one in the same; Love in the form of forgiveness, and then love in the form of acceptance.

Love is the antidote for the true toxic catalyst of death; fear. Fear is not bad. It simply renders a consciousness — the perception sensing unit of our beingness — blind, and dim, in a mire that we are empowered to transform. The only difference being that while we are in fear, we can neither know, nor embrace, our power. We see ourselves as little, powerless, and alone. We see our kindred as enemies that want to “get” us. It doesn’t have to make sense if it is what everyone who matters to us, has told us.

This scenario applies to every aspect of life. It’s why we go to war to fight to maintain policies that limit our own freedom. It’s why we believe the people we’re fighting others for will “take care” of us if we show them our loyalty, not knowing that the only oath that returns dividends worth cashing in, is when we vow to love. Love of humanity trumps love of country. However, if we love humanity, the country will prosper. When we begin loving self, the power to love humanity and country, is “turned on” within us, as is the power to heal and be “well.”

Vibrationally, the term “wealth” is far more about being well, than it is about having money. It is far more important to be well than it is to have money.

In spite of our transformational power, many people, even those with great wealth, but who are not “well,” still consent to toxic medical treatment strategies with very little understanding of their body’s ability to heal.

Most often, they show confidence in their doctor (as the commercials tell them to), who is only relying on the confidence (and sometimes arrogance) of his or her teachers. If the doctor’s world view doesn’t allow or recognize natural (meaning non-pharmaceutical) methods of healing from a diseased condition, and the patient doesn’t have a sensible of his own, then the doctor’s view becomes “law,” but only by way of the vacuum in the patient’s understanding of, and belief in self.

It is most important to know one’s self. It’s a lifelong process. You’ll never know it all, but you can know more than you do now. (As can I.)

We should understand human physiology (the body), as well as the human psyche (the mind). Finally, we should understand the human spirit. We should understand the wages of fear, as well as the gift of love.

Unfortunately, for all that we are taught in school, it appears that very little in the way of understanding of these very common aspects of life is being communicated. This is not a condemnation of formal education; it’s a realization that we may have to search and discover what’s really going on in places other than school and church.

In the case of MMS — or the solution of sodium chlorite which, when a mild acid activator is used, becomes chlorine dioxide, a highly effective and intelligent oxidizer — a fundamental understanding of chemistry was needed, which can indeed be learned in high school and college. However, the consideration of body chemistry in general, and the critical importance of pH balance in particular, does not appear to have been made in the prestigious research laboratories in the world.

Otherwise, how can we account for the billions of dollars that have been raised to find cures for a myriad of diseases, when in fact, a common element to them all — including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and AIDS — is an imbalanced, mineral deficient, acidic (anaerobic) body chemistry, that responds favorably when returned to an alkaline state?

Why is there so little consideration given in modern medicine, to treatment strategies that either (1) don’t require adding to the body’s already toxic load, or (2) remove the medical toxins that have been added when it is quite evident that the treatment isn’t working, and health is not on its return?

If modern medicine doesn’t see the need to offer these options to its patients, my question is why don’t we? Are we so afraid of challenging medical orthodoxy? Or do we simply think that if they don’t acknowledge that a better way may exist, that there must not be one?

It’s also apparent that we don’t understand how all is interconnected. Take for example, the connection between our ways of thinking, and body chemistry. What we think and say will effectively shift our body chemistry toward alkalinity or acidity. Where we spend our time in thought… takes our body’s health there. Fear causes pH to sink, love makes it rise.

We tend to think that these things just happen on their own, but no. They happen as a function and condition of our choices and habits.

If you think you are lacking something — doesn’t matter what it is — and are angry or resentful about it, then your body chemistry will become progressively acidic which, over time, will make you prone to disease. It’ll affect the choices that you make, the foods you eat, and the value you get (or don’t get) from them. It’ll impact genetic markers in your DNA, which get flipped on, or flipped off.

Fortunately, if you choose to feel differently, you can see differently, including the blessing in the experiences that you have chosen, or the “curse
.” If you can find the capacity within you to forgive yourself and those with whom you have taken your journey who “did you wrong,” your body chemistry will shift toward alkalinity, thus raising your capacity to fend off disease. This choice will impact other choices, as well as the potential benefit you gain from them. 

Many of our “brightest minds” believe that life happens to us. But evidence is unfolding that suggests that we happen to life instead. In other words, life moves and flows according to our perception of it, and as we change our perception, then life will change to reflect our new “inner” viewpoint. Are we that powerful? Yes. Can there be a possible connection between perceptual shifts and healing? You bet! But you will never know for yourself, until you choose to know for yourself.

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  1. Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

  2. cordieb

    Great Article. A doctor once told me that negative states of mind (fear, depression, anxiety, etc.) can cause cancer cells that are existent in all of our bodies in dormant state to come alive. I personally know the ramnifications that negative thought patterns can have on the physical body, mind and spirit. I also can attest for the opposite. Can forgiveness be given if it is not asked for? I personally feel that its is disrespectful to one’s self to forgive an act in which the perpetrator has not asked for forgiveness. This kind of philosophy, in my opinion, can lead living ones life in a fairy tale, unrealist (everything is ok, even if it’s not) state. It can cause us to not accept people as they are. I’m not saying that we should harbor anomosity, fear, hate, etc., for harboring these emotions can truly make us sick. I believe that we should accept and make ammends with ourselves that the individual has mistreated us, and we in some cases, allowed it, and make a conciensious decision to forgive ourselves for allowing it and decide rationally how we will deal with the situation at hand. I’ll have to read more about MMS. Thanks so much for the info. Super, super article!!!

  3. Julie

    Brilliant! I am really starting to believe that there is a “groundswell” movement with regards to MMS and the public’s growing awareness and excitement about it. I listened to a great interview by Bill Henderson with Jim Humble and was thrilled to hear that medical doctors are starting to use it, with positive results. Let’s hope that this “movement” will grow…. I was also pleased to hear Mr.Humble instruct that clearing the body of pathogens alone will not guarantee a healthy long life if your lifestyle is not changed as well.

    Keep up the great articles. Thank you !

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