Magnesium Replenishment: Spreading the Word and Getting ‘the Point’

Not just for wheels.

When I wrote and published this article in 2007, the word was spreading about magnesium. I called it the biggest, most important mineral component to human health ever to be so profoundly ignored by modern medicine. Much has changed in the intervening years, but magnesium’s importance and value is till largely unknown.

Yet, people are learning, and in many cases, telling their doctors – the ones willing to listen – about new intake options that have always been available, but are now known to be effective. Heading the list of new modalities is topical mineral intake made practical by the availability of reasonably priced magnesium chloride in liquid form. This wonder nutrient is essentially evaporated seawater where the preponderance of salt (NaCl) has been removed through crystallization.

While the word is getting out, the point about mineral replenishment in general and magnesium in particular, is not always getting made.

Pain is neither normal, nor inevitable, except through familiar habits and patterns of behavior.

Excited people are telling friends and loved ones about how their long-suffered pain has ended, inflammation has abated, or headaches, including migraines, have disappeared, sometimes quickly, and sometimes, over a short period of time.

They tell of constipation and spasms ending, various spots disappearing, and increased stores of energy like they once had, but had long forgotten.

Interested listeners, who want to have what the messenger has, then embark on their own magnesium quest. However, they are “armed” with only the tip of the iceberg of understanding. They see magnesium as something they can apply to troubling areas – where aches and pain, or inflammation are flourishing. As such, they are seeing magnesium in a medicinal context, and as a remedy, when in fact, it is much more than that.

Another gift from Nature.

The medicinal properties of “magnesium oil” – as this ocean brine is called, though it contains no oil – is only applicable if and when one has maintained dangerously low levels – which 68% or more of the population has done – to the point that a pattern of illness and disease has established itself. This would be akin to classifying water as a “medicine” if it was given to someone who was dehydrated, or warm water for someone with hypothermia.


Unpolluted water is essential for good health, and life. Magnesium is equally essential. Without either, neither health nor life, as we know it, can continue. The differences between the two are only matters of degree. Our body is comprised of approximately 70% water, versus only 0.1% magnesium. However, magnesium is critical to a wide spectrum of physiological processes that belie its relatively diminutive presence, which may be in part why it has been so grossly overlooked.


We can’t afford to overlook it anymore. That is the point that anyone new to magnesium awareness needs to know.

Treat magnesium as the food that your body really needs. It’s the real food that’s not sufficiently present in the “food-like” items that you normally eat. You can’t eat your way into magnesium sufficiency these days, especially if you’re so deficient in this and other minerals that you’ve taken on a pattern of disease. However, know that when you do replenish and then maintain your magnesium (and mineral) levels, your susceptibility to disease will abate. This is not merely a wish, but an observation based on thousands of documented scientific studies and experiential evidence.

When you see someone who is obese, dieting may help, but if their food doesn’t have enough magnesium (which most of it will not), then their body will still “hunger” for this nutrient. A magnesium deficiency will also make elimination more difficult, hence, constipation.

It just looks like oil. Source;

When you see someone with heart disease, you’re looking at an extremely magnesium deficient condition that has impacted the muscular health of the body, including the muscle that is the heart. This is compounded by imbalances in calcium, which itself serves our health only when magnesium is present in sufficient supply.

When you see someone with cancer, you’re witnessing one potential outcome of magnesium deficiency among other factors, as well as when you see diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, stroke, and many more. Yes, there are other factors, but all of these conditions will be helped by magnesium replacement, not because magnesium is a “remedy,” but because it was always a food that the individual needed, and still needs. Each will be helped tremendously by “induction” of the mineral through the skin.

Reversed Medical Polarity

We have gotten so disconnected from such understanding through reliance on a medical system that supports disease management and drug dependency more than it does health, that millions of people are in the insane position of questioning the possible deleterious effects that magnesium replenishment and toxin removal may have on all the medication that they’re taking. What about the deleterious effects that the toxin and synthetic medications are already having?

There is no drug that can take the place of proper nutrition. Nutritional intake is absolutely required to maintain or restore of health. In addition, a thorough and systematic removal of toxic deposits is also called for. The protocol featured in my essay “No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry,” is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to do that.


A medical regimen that feature new toxic chemicals as its centerpiece may temporarily suppress expression of a certain disease condition, but will never restore health. On the other hand, a regimen that includes re-hydration along with the mineral components that the body needs – in balance – such as magnesium, gives health a chance. These are decisions you’re increasingly going to have to ask yourself, in terms of what is important to you? After all, it is your life, and your health, if you want to preserve, or restore it.

There is much more to this subject that warrants your investigation and understanding. The point of this article is your health, and the fact that when you give your body what it needs in sufficient balance and supply, and remove that which poisons or otherwise obstructs its healthy function, it can re-establish and maintain a state of health quite nicely, for the body’s unfailing goal is to take care of you, its indwelling spirit.

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