Knowing Self as Key to Health and Healing

Stepping Out of Ignorance

My recent article, “No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry,” is catching the attention of a lot of people who are seeking solutions to long standing health issues, either personal or for someone they know or love. Do they dare consider this simple, inexpensive way to clean their insides of the pathogenic gunk produced by our environment, allopathic medicine, and processed foods? Or should they simply allow what amounts to a “soft killing” to continue?

It depends on who or what you think you are (or are not). It also depends on what you think actually does the “curing.”

The protocol for introducing chlorine dioxide into the bloodstream, that will initiate millions of intelligent, nano-scale explosions against harmful pathogens, is a Godsend for millions of people who are at their wits end, and sometimes at death’s door, after putting their faith, money, and lives in a medical practice system that employs surgery, poisoning, and pharmaceutical gerrymandering as primary modes, while virtually ignoring nutritional delivery factors.

Our sense of self has evolved based on a collective assumption in the ethical integrity of the medical system to protect our health when in fact, the management of disease has become its primary goal. In the same way that the notorious collective species, the Borg, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, made the phrase “resistance is futile,” it has become commonplace for many to believe that “disease is inevitable.”

It is not.

It’s not that we won’t experience disease, but succumbing to it is not engraved in stone. Debilitation by the bugs, viruses, and even the pathogens of life, is not a done deal because it’s not universal. In its heyday the bubonic plague didn’t extinguish human life on earth, although many probably thought it would. Everyone didn’t succumb. The difference was not necessarily in who got bit, but whose immune system was already compromised enough to be susceptible, and succumb. Given the environmental conditions of Europe at the time of the Black Death, its destruction still wasn’t total. Yet, we wonder, and we fear for our survival.

Fearing for physical survival is evidence of not knowing who we are. This is not a criticism, just a fact of life. I immediately began to fear for my survival as a child, the moment I learned about “death.” Of course, I thought of my physical body as “me.” What else could it be? What else could I be?

Now I know. I am Spirit. I am consciousness. I am energy, that expresses in this world through a body. This understanding didn’t come over night, but I’m glad it’s with me now.

We are not our body. We are more than a match for the tiny viruses that certain pharmaceutical ads tell us that we can’t handle. We don’t have to get on “first initial” terms with such medical conditions as “E.D.” (erectile dysfunction) or RLS (restless leg syndrome). Such ads are psychological ploys whose purpose is to induce viewers and listeners to be receptive to, and accepting of, diseased conditions, which would be good for business. That is, until the people who run those companies, and invest in them, need the products themselves, and have to come face to face with their ineffectiveness.

Do you think that won’t eventually happen?

With all due respect to pharmaceutical companies, they should be enjoined from running any ads on television, in the newspapers, or any media.

I’m not suggesting that they go away. I’m suggesting that they shouldn’t be allowed to paint a glamorous, friendly picture of disease… or of people who are on their drug and living happily with said disease. Health will always trump disease management, and the prime directive of any health care facility, and health insurance company, should be to help facilitate the restoration of health.

Pharmaceutical companies are influencing, more than informing people. (This includes doctors, the media, and the general public.) They are influencing people who don’t know who they are, to think that their products are needed, and that their ailments cannot be adequately addressed or ameliorated without them. They are influencing people to accept the “side effects” of their drugs with a smile, while information about natural factors that would mitigate the condition without harmful “side effects,” are suppressed. I’m not suggesting malice or conspiracy, because it is very likely that the people who run these companies actually believe they are right.) The problem is when aspersions are cast on natural options, many of which are inexpensive and even more effective, or the information is suppressed.

There are precedents for this. In the early days of television, the tobacco industry glamorized smoking (Kool, Marlboro, Lucky Strike, etc.). Then, as the evidence of health concerns mounted, executives denied, publicly and resolutely, that the habit produced any adverse effect.

Now, the habit of smoking didn’t really produce the effects… not knowing who we are actually opened the door to the adverse potential that smoking could result in. It is this same lack of awareness, and refusal to take responsibility for the efficacy and power of our own thoughts and actions that make us susceptible to disease, because it is we who give disease its power over us.

Have I lost you yet?

You have the power to heal. You… the spirit that you are. The spirit that you were before you embraced the body, and the spirit that you will be when your time with the body is done. The energetic pattern of health is yours, always, no matter what your physical health condition may be. If you accept the sentences above as true, but are not experiencing health at this time, you have at least been pointed in the direction where the power can be accessed, known, exercised, and experienced.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions encompasses the thoughts we allow in, and send out. If we’re sending out venom, then we’ll be open to it. There is no protection from who we are. If we hold on to resentment and anger, we’ll attract it to us, and render ourselves “open” by being reactive. If we’re fearful of consequences, we’ll attract them to our experience, for we will have made ourselves open. This is not done as punishment (a concept we’re also fearful of), but to learn to get over the fear.

If we don’t see ourselves as equals where it counts — inside — we’ll denounce inequality, but condone injustice, as long as it’s against someone else we think is “against us,” even when each of us has the power to be just and fair.

The power to heal is within each of us, no matter how “diseased” our body or mind may be. The spirit that we are is never diseased, and is the power that can transform everything our mind and body wishes were different. The gateway to such transformation is love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Love who you are, love your neighbor, and even your “enemy,” as yourself, in spite of what George Bush, or O’Reilly tells you. Accept that differences in perspective are natural. They account for the diverse landscape that we call reality. Because someone threatens us doesn’t mean they are a threat. They are a threat if we give them power (which we have done on a large scale by thinking we had it, and others did not). Forgive yourself, and others for the actions taken in ignorance. Their ignorance was once our ignorance (and may still be). If we can get out of it, so can they. As we step out of our own ignorance, we can show others the way.

There will always be new awareness and understandings to be gained, even for the ignorant among us. I include myself in that number. That’s the beauty of life. That’s the opportunity of duality, learning to love all, be moved by spirit, and transcend our ignorance of the Oneness that energizes, underlies, and joins everyone, and every thing.

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