Thoughts On God: Nothingness

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Nothingness is something.
Somethingness is not.
Nothingness is real,
Somethingness is illusion,
for its existence could not be,
without Nothingness.

Nothingness exists
Somethingness does not.
Somethingness changes
Nothingness does not.

Somethingness is ephemeral
Nothingness is eternal.
Somethingness is finite
Nothingness is Infinite.

Nothingness exists within
all Somethingness as
the Space between protons
neutrons, and electrons.

Nothingness holds all
Somethingness together
Quietly, discretely,
and invisibly.

Nothingness can exist
without Somethingness, but
Without Nothingness,
Somethingness can not be.

All Somethingness emerges
from Nothingness,
All Somethingness exists
Within Nothingness,
for Nothingness
is really Something.

All Somethingness returns
to Nothingness,
for Nothingness is
the Womb of All That Is.

God is Creation
Creation is Nothingness
Nothingness is Love.

Ponder that.

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0 Thoughts to “Thoughts On God: Nothingness”

  1. Daniel Bennett

    I was thinking this myself lastnight, but i think our concept of what nothingness is needs revising. nothingness when describing something physical doesnt make any sense, because nothingness itself is a thing. Perhaps nothingness is really everythingness?, getting something from nothingness also makes no sense, but getting something from everythingness does. God I think is what we refer to as nothingness but nothingness as a concept is flawed. By deffinition nothing is nothing, and cannot do anything, for nothing to create everything by contracting, becoming hot and exploding makes no sense. Also nothingness does not exist anywhere within our universe because even a vacume contains the Boston Higgs field, zero point energy field, virtual particles etc…. niether does everythingness i suppose….?.. an entirely new term is required perhaps… God will do?

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