10 Reasons Traditional Medicine is Not Yet Ready for Natural, Affordable Protocols — But Are YOU?

“Is the world is ready for a natural, inexpensive, and effective cancer treatment?” Or for that matter, a natural, inexpensive, and effective treatment for any acute disease? Better yet, are you ready? Well, “yes,” and “no.” I dare say that everyone who has cancer of any type, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or AIDS, would prefer non-toxic, reasonably priced, and yet scientifically-evidenced, viable protocols that give them the absolute best chance of not only surviving the disease, but actually enjoying their full recovery and return to health. However, the professional practices of current-day medicine, suggests that they aren’t open to such options, and don’t want you open to them either. Here are my top 10 reasons for saying so:

  1. Unless they are effectively cloaked within a patentable form, natural treatments and modalities tend to be dismissed and discredited by mainstream medicine. This includes publications, associations, pharmaceutical companies, health care facilities, medical schools, insurance companies, government agencies, and the general media. Discernment is warranted in all approaches to treatment, but current medical orthodoxy would lead you to be skeptical of the natural way, but put your “trust,” money, and life, in the pharmaceutical one. People are going to their graves in record numbers by doing this.
  2. Health insurance companies, often run by doctors or administrators steeped in traditional medical orthodoxy, do not recognize the efficacy of, or pay for natural treatments. I would welcome being corrected in this assertion. This is not to say that all work, but they should not dismiss evidence that some of them do, and quite effectively.
  3. Toxins, metals, and other pathogens that are in the cancer, AIDS, diabetes or stroke patient’s body — and every one is full of them — are not removed as a matter of standard practice. Instead, more toxins are pumped in to “kill the killers,” as a matter of standard practice. It’s the same as waging war with war, and just as ineffective with respect to establishing a desirable quality of life.
  4. New toxins that are pumped into the body in cancer treatment (and many other medical treatments), are then left in the body as a matter of standard practice, to interact with and compound the effects of other toxins that were there (and not removed) in the first place.
  5. Mineral deficiencies and imbalances are not corrected as a matter of current medical orthodoxy. Drugs cannot replace a mineral, such as magnesium, that the body was designed to recognize and use. ANYONE who prescribes a drug instead of helping restore the body’s natural chemical balance first, is in effect, fleecing the patient. Yet, we can make ourselves “unfleecable.”
  6. Psychological and spiritual forensics are not considered with respect to their contribution to pathogen growth. If they survive, the patient thinks that the doctor and the treatment cured” them, without understanding the patient’s active and integral role in both the cause and the cure.
  7. Though this trend is changing ever so slowly, medical schools aren’t teaching natural modalities to future doctors. The University of Arizona began that change in 1994 when it established its Program in Integrative Medicine, the first of its kind. Today, at least 27 schools, including Harvard and Duke University, have such programs. However, that’s a very small percentage of the total. Even integrative medicine programs must co-exist with traditional allopathic programs on these same campuses, which may in fact, continue teaching the traditional medical orthodoxy. 
  8. The vast majority of medical schools are not teaching their future doctors about natural modalities, and are in fact, “farm clubs” for the drug companies. A story published in the New England Journal of Medicine (5/2005), reported that many medical schools allow drug companies substantial control of clinical trials and study finds. With that kind of “under sight,” what do you think the trials are going to find?
  9. The FDA, chief watchdog for… I meant to say of… the pharmaceutical industry, would automatically seek to control your access to a natural remedy if claims are made of its curative powers, and lead its discrediting, rather than help you become more aware of its efficacy, and make it readily available.
  10. Government officials, from the President of the United States on down, are so in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry, that they routinely pass laws and set policies that perpetuate our social intoxication, such as the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, which, according to this article in the Washington Post, is estimated to cost more than $1.2 trillion in the next decade. not really a “benefit” at all, as it maintains medicine addiction.

Have we come to 10 reasons already? I can think of more, but you get my drift. If you have an acute disease, such as cancer, diabetes, a heart or neurological condition, AIDS, or any other, and don’t do your own research to identify viable alternatives to what your doctor tells you, you’re severely limiting your options.

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0 Thoughts to “10 Reasons Traditional Medicine is Not Yet Ready for Natural, Affordable Protocols — But Are YOU?”

  1. I bet you did Eleanor! They don’t like being questioned or rejected.

    Good for you!


  2. Eleanor Holmes

    RubyshooZ, I too was diagnosed with cancer (breast) last year…I did have a lumpectomy…but could not bring myself to take chemo. I am currently taking IP6, Estrogen Defense, coQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Beta Glucan…I feel great and know that I made the right decision! Boy did I make a lot of Doctors angry!

  3. Thank you thank you for bringing up this topic.

    I have cancer and have opted out of the normal “treatment” that is the standard fare for people with what I have.

    I did my homework and knew in my heart that I couldn’t just go with the flow. I had to follow my intuition and I’ve never been sorry.

    Kudos to you for this post!

    Peace, love and understanding,

    ~ RubyShooZ ~

  4. this is great information!

    My mother constantly relies on pills to cure something that she doesn’t nor the doctors know what it is. so after one pill there is another not once have they told her she should try changing her diet, maybe eat healthier, a colon cleanser a natural colon cleanser, i onced suffered from anxiety well i tried all the doctors in my city couldn’t tell me what it was all they did was give me a pill! so i finally went to see a chinese alcupuncturist and with some alcupuncture and excersise herbal teas change in my diet and daily activities, anxiety was Xed out my life.

    great info!
    Love and light

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