An Mind Opening Discussion on Iodine with Dr. Mark Sircus Podcast

We talked about it, we did it!

Over the past weekend Dr. Mark Sircus and I had a great discussion on iodine, one you’re going to want to hear. I took the opportunity to practice being the host of Thought for Food (clever, eh?), a radio program that would discuss this, and other issues.

I mentioned going on the radio months ago, and said nothing more. Things didn’t work out with the other possibility… or more appropriately, we didn’t move them ahead. But I’m grateful to Ondré for encouraging me to give “talking for food” a go. In fact, that’s just what I’m going to do, and I’m going to name the show, Talk For Food. More on that later.

Back to Dr. Sircus.

We had a great discussion on iodine. It’s something you need to know about, especially if you have, or believe you are at risk for the following, from this quote:

Iodine induces apoptosis (induced cell death) and inhibits cells from forming cancer. The absence of iodine in the thyroid causes goiter. Goiter is associated with breast cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. It is felt by many researchers that the absence of iodine is a promoter of cancer. Is it such a fantastic leap to conclude that iodine has its place in the treatment of cancer?

Sunkar A. Bisey a Hindu scientist was suffering from malaria in the early nineteen-hundreds and quinine didn’t seem to do him any good. His life was despaired of, and a Hindu doctor, hoping to save the life of India’s first and greatest inventor, sent on a few doses of a Burmese preparation, made from seaweed, that had proved useful in treating chronic malaria there. Bisey tried it. The effect was electrical. He began to improve at once and in a month was a well man. He set out to research the contents of the seaweed and ended up producing the compound now known as Beslin or atomic iodine. When he had completed it, it proved a specific not merely for chronic malaria but for dozens of diseases and infections. Today it is used in over nine hundred hospitals by the gallon, and without any exaggeration may be said to have saved the lives of thousands, even as Bisey’s own was saved by it.

Dr. Sircus gave that to me yesterday, walking chatting about our second recorded interview, done Sunday. That one is going to be, in a word, explosive (in a good way). While I’m still working on that, you can click here to listen to the first one. [UPDATE: I’ve now posted the second one… Natural Allopathic Protocols for Cancer Treatment.]

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11 Thoughts to “An Mind Opening Discussion on Iodine with Dr. Mark Sircus Podcast”

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      1. Adam, I changed the layout on my MMS blog, and I hope you don’t mind me using one of your pictures of Jim here to say thanks to him! 🙂

  2. ruth larkin

    I cannot read your words. The print, white on black, is just too difficult to read. I am very interested in what you had to say.

    1. Hi Ruth, if you press CTRL and +, the writing gets bigger for you to read…smile

      1. Press CTRL and – to make smaller again… 😉

  3. I have devoted several resource articles at to the medicinal use of iodine.

    A few days ago I came across a remarkable testimonial for a breast cancer cure. I looked into the treatment this woman received and found out that it was a laser treatment that included an injection of iodine to the tumor site. Remarkable.

    This article merits reading by anyone interested in iodine therapy and for those considering breast cancer treatment, especially in Stage 1 and Stage 2.

  4. Colin Frank Lunn

    Could you please let me have the email address of Dr Mark Sircus.I am a naturopath in Western Australia and I have been using his magnesium chloride therapy to help many people to achieve good health.
    Kindest regards Colin F.Lunn M.P.M.M.A.

    1. Karen Robertson

      Can I ask, does applying copper drops transdermally help or is affective in raising copper levels?

      1. Hi Karen,

        I wouldn’t suggest focusing on one mineral at a time. Doing so maintains imbalance, just in different form. I’d suggest providing your body with the full set of minerals that it needs, and it will regulate and normalize, as it knows what it needs, and doesn’t need to keep itself healthy or repair, far more than you need to.

  5. Debra Mynatt

    Hi! I was recently diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and am wondering if iodine therapy would help or hurt? Thank you.

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