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Imagine what our world might be like if we started considering, learning, and appreciating what our divine nature naturally allows us as human beings? Imagine what it would be like if we started practicing it from Breath One, and consciously continued doing so through the last? 

Such training need not rely on any specific system of religious belief. We are divine because by nature, we are not “physical” beings, but energetic beings who express ourselves through physical forms. This statement applies to every human being. I’ll take this moment to say that the book, I Am My Body, NOT!, which was written by someone very close to me, points these very ideas out.

Let us continue.

We have learned that energy cannot be destroyed. Yet, we have not applied this understanding to ourselves. We still try to resolve our conflicts by destroying those with whom we disagree. We still believe in secrets, when in truth, all that needs to be known, can be, through an internal and invisible matrix that all humanity is connected to.

We live in a dimensional paradigm called duality, which serves up our perceptions in separate and distinct portions, so that our oneness is not seen, nor appreciated. Duality allows us to make comparisons between ourselves and others, safe in the idea that we do not, or sometimes cannot have certain types of experiences deemed “foreign,” or perhaps inferior to our own. In duality, we also are prone to believing that certain desired experiences can be denied us by outside agencies. In duality, we define and judge both ourselves and others in terms of their apparent likeness, or unlikeness to that which we are familiar.

We are “familiar” with the sense of being alone — in life, love, in the universe — but not comfortable in our solitude. We are not comfortable with each other either. Yet, our discomfort with each other is a projection of our discomfort with self, not knowing who we are, unaware of our latent, natural powers; the power of being human, and human being.

What if, early in life, we were taught about the power of thought? Every human thinks. Every thought can have a tremendous impact on the lives that it touches.  Not knowing our power, we often think without thinking. We think that we are “not” this, or “unable” to do that, not because it’s true, but because we think it’s true. And when we think such things are true, they become so for us. Then we wonder why the guy or woman next door can do the things we can’t. Perhaps they have an advantage that we don’t! Feeling deprived and alone, if not abandoned, we spend our lives trying to play catch-up with others, or seeking advantage over others. The one constant in this quest, is unhappiness.

What if, early in life, we were taught about the power of our choices? What if the importance and power of choices weren’t dismissed on factors of perceived social ranking and status? No longer would we support double standards of belief, such as, for example, one group’s racism being okay while another’s is not. We wouldn’t tell ourselves that someone else’s opinion matters, whereas our own does not. These beliefs represent the molecular, apparently insignificant drops that form the ocean of our reality.

We are sometimes steeped so much in anger of the past, and fears of the future, that oftentimes, we travel through the Now in pain, discomfort, and dis-ease in varying degree. Yet, joy is a great rejuvenator. Love is a powerful healer. Forgiveness opens our heart, and compassion causes the breath and scope of the heart’s radiation to enlarge. These are divinely human traits that all are equipped with, but many seldom use.

In the absence of embracing our magnificence, we masquerade as insignificant, worse yet, tainted, ignorant, and flawed, which in fact, is not true.

What if, early in life, we were taught about our oneness, with God, with humanity, and with the planet Earth itself? What if we celebrated the natural equality of beingness that would now understood to have always been ours, and always will be? I realize that some people may not believe this to be true. However, those of you who do, or are willing to consider it as truth, can take advantage of it today. We are equal, not only in the love of God, but in the divine power of change. Every human being is not only an “agent of change,” but the embodiment. The nature of the change is up to us.

I can’t speak for the entire universe, but free will is the law of this reality; a reality designed to be perceived in separate and polarized terms. However, said terms are smokescreens that allow us to experience not knowing, not loved, and not being ever-inter-connected, even when we do (and can) know, are loved, and always interconnected. If these ideas were formal parts of our education system, I believe it would create far happier and healthier human beings, and in turn, create a happier and healthier world.

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