Ask Your Real Doctor, Ask Your Self

Do you consider yourself a news junky? Okay… if you don’t feel comfortable being associated with the word junky, does the word addict feel better?

The fundamental question is if “news,” of the personal, local, or national kind, is a prominent input source that goes into the evolution and maintenance of your worldview. If so, then God help you… and help US.

Have you ever stopped to consider what the messages that come through your television — particularly on the news, and in commercials — say about what broadcasters think about you (and me)?

If they don’t all think we’re sick, they have reason to believe that we’re going to be. In fact, they’re betting on it, and they want us to look to doctors, who have been well trained in administering their products, for answers to our ailments.

Of course, some aren’t simply content to play with your perception, they’ll lobby to use turn our fears about disease into laws to force the use of a given drug — to prevent a disease that their ads say the drug can’t treat (I’m thinking of Gardasil® right now) — and take the decision out of our hands. The same thing is done with inoculations for such diseases as polio, diphtheria, measles, etc. We assume that the drugs have kept 0utbreaks low, or will protect us against future outbreaks. But when we apply this logic and then experience an astronomical increase in other unforeseen diseases, such as cases of autism and S.I.D.S. occurs, often right after an inoculation, the “protectors” claim to be mystified. Yet, the vaccine is NEVER considered culpable.

How many times do you hear the term “ask your doctor” repeated each day? Even within an hour, there can be as many as six or seven commercials for products that “treat” some disease, with the admonishment to “ask your doctor if ___(our drug)____ is right for you.” You can often hear it repeated over and over within the commercial. Is that not the mantra of the times?

Why do you think that is so? And what is the effect of such apparently credible repetition?

The effect is to build the perception that the doctor — who does not know what you are experiencing (or why), and can only venture a best guess — has a greater grasp on your ailments than you do, the actual owner. In fact, we are encouaged to question (doubt) our own judgment, as well as any type of “remedy” that has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

On the other hand, if a pharmaceutical company has paid the millions in research, and compliance protocols to have their “remedy” approved by the FDA, they can do whatever they can — through commercial messages — to make you feel that their drug may be “right” for you, as long as they give you requisite disclaimers that tell you that the drug may not be right for everyone, and “has side-effects that clearly indicate it is not right for the body, but… ask your doctor.”

I have no problem with pharmaceutical companies and their products. I do have a problem with a federal agency (the FDA) whose mandate appears more protective of the pharmaceutical firms than in the well-being of the American public. While this is not true, the FDA would have you believe that drugs that they have sanctioned are the only viable remedies to address disease. And the only drugs that the FDA sanctions are synthetic, proprietary, and expensive. They are designed to help us manage discomfort and pain, or live with disease while leaving the root causes entact. This exercises disease as a habit that, as we continue to practice it, we get “better” at. Except, getting “better” at harboring disease means that we feel worse, more often.

The root word of health, is heal. As such, to be healthy would suggest that we are in a state in which healing is going on all the time. Viruses and other “bugs” are always present, but a healthy person will perpetually heal the imbalances that sometimes occurs. The healing impetus flows, not from our physical structure, but from our spiritual and mental one, which is unseen but very real.

Health is our normal state of being; that is, until we embrace unhealthy ways of thinking and behavior, about ourselves, and about each other.

There is a great need for us to learn more about who we are… and what we are. By our very nature, we are powerful beings far beyond modesty, yet it is the remarkable one who can embrace his or her power with humility.

Thoughts are powerful constructs that respond to our creation and direction, and can “frame” our view of what is, or is not possible. If we embrace the idea that we cannot heal, then it will be so, not because we cannot heal, but because we have been convinced that we cannot… and no longer challenge the assertion.

Seeing images of men and women actors in white coats who look “doctorly” (believable) and tell you to “ask your doctor” is enough for many people to think there’s something to this illness thing, and that a solution to their discomfort might be found in the drug that is being sold. That is, until we KNOW better, and start choosing the Doctor within. Of course, that won’t happen until we start loving and respecting the One who still makes house calls, because it’s always present… a great power that can change a torpid energetic state into a vibrant and expansive one.

I will not sit here and say that “drugs don’t heal”. However, I now KNOW that nothing will foster a return to health without the individual’s willingness to set outmoded beliefs and fears aside, and LIVE in harmony and health once again. The first doctor that one should consult every time, is the only real one… one’s Self.

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  1. Mishra

    I really appreciate this post. Those “ask your doctor” commercials used to drive me crazy! Now I’m enrolled in nutrition school and in a few months will be counseling people on how to create better health and better lives for themselves. Reading blogs like yours is affirmation for my journey! Thank you!

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