Thoughts on Peace: Why Bother? (Part III)

There are millions, if not billions of citizens around the world who, if they acknowledge that there is one God, still want to believe that their particular take on God is the truest one. While most religions are expressions of a single syndrome which might be characterized as “nearer to Thee,” the syndrome itself is founded in duality, dichotomy, separatism and differentiation. It is the antithesis of synthesis and oneness. Yet, if God is all, and in all, then how can any point of view be “closer?”

Some would assert that God isn’t “in” all, but that God gives everyone a chance to become tight with Him, if we follow the stipulations of their particular doctrine, offer praise, and make a few concessions, such as suffer publicly, but limit outward expressions of pleasure. Then God will reward us with His favor, “way over Yonder, bye and bye.” We’re conditioned to hold our spiritual breath, to see if we were “good” enough to climb the mountain of temptation, sin, guilt, and shame, to see if we are rewarded with strength, dignity, forgiveness, and grace… essential elements of love and peaceful countenance. But both love and peace appear as ephemeral and elucive goals in a chaotic, God-questioned world and universe. Heck, we don’t even know whether there is anyone else like us existing in the entire universe! We’ve certainly seen no evidence of it. We must be orphans!

Yet, what parent ever becomes disconnected from his or her offspring, even if not conceived in love? How can God be love, and put conditions on loving us? The short answer is that it can’t be. If God is love, then God loves us. Simple as that. If God exists, then God exists in us too. Simple as that. The disclaimer is this: we have the power to deny our own Godness. We can believe that we’re not connected; not to God, not to each other, not to the Universe; and our reality in this world will make that belief appear as truth.

That is, until we change our belief.

Our DNA includes a record of our physical lineage, and more. It includes evidence of the line of unions that occurred leading up to our birth. It can identify or disprove an individual’s lineage and family grouping with a high degree of accuracy.

As I mentioned recently after attending a presentation by Lee Carroll, who channels the entity Kryon, there is significant evidence that our DNA includes interdimensional layers that spell out our spiritual lineage; not only our connection to God, but our beingness as divine expressions of God in human form. If this concept were embraced on a larger scale, do you think there would be more peace?

Well, I do. I also understand that realizations are gained by one’s own opening, searching, and then finding the truth that resonates best with who we happen to be now. Does that mean that real peace is another millenium away? My feeling is, no. My feeling is that a level of peace thus far unknown in human history may be at hand sooner than we think. I’ll tell you why. It goes back to our sense of self. Who and what we are, and what that means.

I believe that more people are becoming willing to accept that they are, by their very nature, divine. Acceptance leads one to progressively explore what that means in day-to-day terms. To start, being divine beings in physical form means that we are already spiritual… expressing ourselves though a physical body. We can never not be spiritual. So we can save a lot of energy by giving up trying to be, or even not trying to be what we always are, and will always be.

With God as an Ultimate Spirit, essentially, the Über Presence that permeates, interpentrates, animates, and LOVES ALL. We who experience the world of three dimensions and time, have a layer of consciousness that allows us to be blind to this fact. However, said blindness is neither total, nor permanent. In fact, it’s not even static. Our consciousness changes throughout the course of our earthly lifetime. While it is not linear — we may go from being open to very closed and back again, on the whole, the path of consciousness invariably moves toward expanded awareness.

Indeed, the earth journey is one of the expansion of consciousness, wherein it (our consciousness) ultimately becomes as aware of the truth of who we are even while we still walk the planet. When that “channel” is open, and we’re receiving and experiencing undistorted Truth at broadband speeds (relative to the bits and pieces many of us consider “normal” today), something wonderful will be at hand. Peace is only the beginning.

I’m just getting started with this subject…

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  1. R2

    Your “god” is Groucho Marx, playing to an audience that is afraid to laugh

  2. R2

    Your “god” is Groucho Marx, playing to an audience that is afrais to laugh

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