Thoughts on God: Reconciling the 'S%&t'

Commenting on my post, Thoughts on God: When ‘S%&t’ Happens (12/27/2006), NJ poses the following question:

I just read “Thoughts on God: When ‘S%&t’ Happens,” and it struck deep. I’d like to ask you, how do you reconcile “I am responsible for everything in my life.” (I create/attract the good stuff and the S%&t.) and “God is responsible for everything in my life.” Maybe you’ve already addressed this, directly or indirectly.

It’s pretty simple if you accept that God is in everything, including the One you refer to as “Me”. It appears to be the height of ego to assume that we — meaning you and me, every other reader of these journals, and all who do not — share a state of oneness with God. Agreement on this point is not necessary. “Holiness” is not necessary. “Righteousness” is not necessary. We are free to remain unaware of this oneness, free to deny it, even argue against it, as well as free to accept it. That is what the term “free will” means. While we are free to be as unaware and unbelieving as we want to be, we’ll not see or experience any of the succulent fruits of our inherent and implicit Godness, until we consciously believe it is there, and begin exercising it.

Molokini atoll off the south coast of Maui, Hawaii

How do we exercise our Godness? By being loving toward all; simple as that. That’s a tall order for many, for even if they are willing to try loving others, given that they have so many valid reasons not to, the ultimate hurdle involves choosing to love and embrace their Highest Self. I just finished a wonderful book titled, The Journey Home, by Lee Carol. I think you’d enjoy it.

Most people are of the belief that we’re being “tested” for the right to qualift to be “one” with God. Even if we think we’re going to make the grade (and go to Heaven), we sit in judgment of others who we think will not because they look, sound, think, believe, or behave differently than we have been taught to believe is proper.

The power of realizing our oneness with each other as human beings, and as living, breathing aspects of God in human form, rests in the practice we get to be loving. If God IS love, which is a concept that is universally recognized and revered across ALL cultures, even non-religious ones, then there must be nothing and no one that God doesn’t love, for God cannot be something that God is not.

If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and ever-present, then there is nothing and no one that isn’t connected. Also, there is nothing, even hatred, that can conquer love. While love cannot be conquered, love can go unexpressed and hence, be unconnected to, which creates a vacuum where that which is unloving may be allowed to exist. Yet, even that represents God expressed.

Since we lose conscious awareness of our “spiritual roots” when we are born into this world, it seems that remembrance of the basics that are being offered here would mark the path on one’s journey back home.

Just as the sun doesn’t stop shining when the part of the earth that we occupy is facing the opposite direction, love doesn’t cease to exist when we’re not expressing it. Yet, when we realize the walls that we create by embracing unexamined, unquestioned, and arbitrary negative judgments and attitudes, we have the option and power to change. Awareness is the power of change, expressed.

Oneness of the Human Spirit

As we become more aware and accepting of our oneness, we’ll begin seeing evidence of it. Experiences that we would have thought were “coincidental”, will become too perfect to have been “an accident.” It is true; there are no accidents; no “mistakes.” Denying our Godness gives us plausible deniability for the “S%&t” that we sometimes take ourselves through, for reasons we can’t seem to understand. Yet, when we see the wonderfully synchronistic and synergistic order that life can also manifest in, it becomes easier to accept that both we and God (through our shared oneness) are workin’ it. In this way, God can be acknowledged as responsible for all, and we can take responsibity for all of our experiences in this world. When you know you’re responsible, you also gain an understanding your power to change that which is not going with the spirit of your heart.

This is liberating stuff.

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