Thoughts on God: When 'S%&t' Happens

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Have you ever noticed the subtle or sometimes blatant suggestion that if anything “goes wrong” in our life, then it’s an indication that we haven’t “embraced God enough?” We haven’t praised Him enough, or we haven’t accepted His only begotten son as our Lord and Savior. Or perhaps we haven’t confessed our sins, or haven’t repented. There can be a long list of things that we haven’t done to explain the “s%&t” happening in our lives.

Let’s say that we have done these things, and “s%&t” still happens. Then it’s common to speculate that we’re being tested, or have a “lesson” to learn. When all other plausible answers fail, scientists and statisticians will cry chance, while the unscientific amongst us will put all of their certitude in “bad luck.”

While of these arguments have a certain appeal, I don’t buy any of them anymore.

God is ALL, and ALL is God, even what we think of as the “s%&t” in our lives. It’s all divine stuff that we have brought into, actually attracted into our experience, for a reason that is knowable to us, if we are willing to see it. That willingness is evident when we forego the tendency to blame others, or in some way make others responsible for what happens to us.

We will never learn why “s%&t” happens in our lives if we blame others, or try to avoid it. In fact, in seeking to avoid “s%&t” – whatever we think that may be – it is more likely that we will continue to attract it. In other words, what we run away from, we will run into, over and over again; that is, until we stop running, and be where we are. Who are we? Ones who can both create, and transcend what we think of as the “s%&t” in our lives.

If ALL is God, including “You” and “Me,” then all our experiences are God given, for they all happen within That Which Is God.

If we think we are not safe, for example, we will attract experiences, in potential and actuality, which support the continuation of said thinking. If we think that people are dishonest, then we’ll attract people who behave in such a way as to support that way of thinking. Neither of these positions will mean that ALL people are unsafe, or dishonest. Embracing the perception creates resonant experiences for the embracer.

Thinking – and being (which is synonymous with feeling) – brings our experiences. Our thinking and being is, in effect, the constant prayer that we transmit into the Universe. It is what the Universe — the Mind, God — hears without judgment. Since there is no judgment to the Universe, or the Mind, or God, then there is no hesitancy to fulfill our expectations about life, and reflect our way of thinking, being and feeling into space and time. In free will we have the power to change all that, not by saying “Abracadabra,” but by becoming aware.

We are spiritual beings and beings of spirit; creators who are actually creating our life experiences. We must become aware of the power of the thoughts and feelings we’re projecting into our world, though we cannot see, feel, or touch them. Then, we must embrace our power to change it all, in order to actually do so. It is done through the choice we make to express ourselves and our beingness, either through love, or through fear.

We can make any transformation our hearts desire, going from poverty to wealth, from illness to health, from loneliness to companionship, or from sadness to joy. In actuality, none of these states define the quality of a human being, or the life that he or she is living. A wealthy man or woman can be poverty stricken in the heart, where it counts, and never enjoy the blessings that are bestowed by the Great Provider. A “poor” person can possess a treasure trove of wealth, joy, wisdom, and happiness, or he can buy into the idea that he is lacking something important, and thereby continue creating the lack.

What is “outside” does not count nearly as much as what’s inside. And what’s important is our conscious choice to embrace loving beingness, for in so doing, it makes us more conscious; which heightens and expands our consciousness. As consciousness expands, so does our awareness, freedom, and power. Choosing fear shuts consciousness and awareness down, thereby shrinking power and freedom. Whatever route we choose, “s%&t” will still be happening, for it – including fear – will still be an expression of God.

We cannot get to new experiential places by running away from where we are. We get there by going there in our beingness, before the fact, by being grateful right where we are, and seeing the magical blessing that this moment contains. Transformation won’t be found in anything external to us. Our blessings come from within, when we choose to be loving, to our self and to others.

“S%&t” certainly happens to me, but I have discovered that it doesn’t shake my faith, either in myself, or in the way that life works. It doesn’t phase my resolve, nor does it dampened my spirit. I get “down” just like anyone else, but it doesn’t become habitual. Expressing faith in myself is to express faith in the Power that rests within me… not my body, but the spirit that both indwells and oversees, is connected to all of humanity, and reaches all corners of the Universe. That is what allows us to draw upon what we need, when we need it… if we see it as available to us.

Realizing that every moment is a divine moment has allowed me to find the humor, strength, and courage that the moment calls for. All of these factors are internal, and are expressed through us, into our world, through the love we share with our self, and each other. So find your love, for it is who you are. You may find yourself feeling grateful for the “s%&t” that made you do it.

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0 Thoughts to “Thoughts on God: When 'S%&t' Happens”

  1. nj

    I just read “Thoughts on God: When ‘S%&t’ Happens,” and it struck deep. I’d like to ask you, how do you reconcile “I am responsible for everything in my life.” (I create/attract the good stuff and the S%&t.) and “God is responsible for everything in my life.” Maybe you’ve already addressed this, directly or indirectly.

  2. Bonnie, thank you for the kind thoughts and the invite. I’ll take you up on it.

    Natural… the respect for viewpoints is mutual. Still feeling my way around… so much to observe and comment on.

  3. Enjoyed your thoughts. So much deeper than the fluffy new age explanations one usually reads. I like particularly your emphasis on what is within.

  4. Well presented, Adam. In fact, sometime ago (I believe it was in August) I posted a Biblical treatise on this very subject; albeit, entitled “Is Healing of a Christian’s Body a Given.” You might find it very interesting to read the scriptual point of view of bad things happening to seemingly good people. 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your article conveying the question so many people express in these end days. Hope to see you over at my place!

    Much love in Christ 🙂

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