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Against the Sky

There are some who will question, take exception to, and even ridicule the notion that he or she, or you or I am God expressing consciousness in human form. That’s okay. I questioned for many years before seeing this as the only viewpoint that truly made sense… that *felt* right to me. I don’t question it now.

I did not come to this way of thinking and expressing without first seeing and realizing that truth could actually be found there. One method that some will try using to “refute” the idea that we are each aspects of God, is to ask the “deluded One” (that would be “me” in this case) whether he or she remembers creating the earth, and if so, to create it again. Another method of refuting is to ask if one can heal the sick, raise the dead, stop hurricanes, etc. Answering “no” to any of these questions presumes that the argument (for oneness with, and as God Aspect) breaks down, and a delusion is in fact, in progress. Yet, a negative answer to loaded questions does not mean that you or I are not expressions of God, with your life and my life being the objective and focus of our purpose.

We are free to believe we are not one with God, and we are free to believe that we are. However, we cannot KNOW and experience said Oneness unless we first believe in the possibility. Believing allows KNOWING and EXPERIENCING to become possible. These are steps beyond belief, which are nonetheless facilitated thereby. I want to experience my oneness with God, and so I believe it is so. And in believing, I am seeing evidence of its truth, and moment by moment, gradually gaining experiences that are meaningful and confirming to ME. My sharing is not to convince, but simply, to share. Your heart will tell you what is true for you.

We don’t have to understand how to create a life experience to be the creator of our life experiences any more than we have to know how to assemble a human form in a womb after sexual impregnation. We create our experiences whether we consciously understand the dynamics involved, or not. Yet, as we learn what is known about life dynamics, we can alter and change our creative methodology… as expressed by and through our beingness. As we change our method and beingness, we change our experience. As our experience is imbued with ever-expanding and encompassing love, so will our power and knowing expand as we experience more dominion over the “world” that is our (meaning your and my) life.

One major key to denying the God-ness within us stems from our judgment of that which we find to be “wrong,” “evil,” “sinful,” “unpleasant,” “distasteful” in the world. We hold such expressions out as being decidedly NOT us or against us. However, if God is ALL, then ALL is God. If God is all powerful, then all must be under God. If God is Love, then there can be nothing that is not of Love and of God. And if ALL is God, then ALL is Divine Expression.

Even the worst behavior that we can imagine; even murder and rape. Even torture, mayhem, and mutilation. Even Satan, hell, Purgatory and damnation, must be divine expression. Though few have experienced these locales, they are all ideas that have been given life, and thusly, serve a purpose for those who created, and in whatever way, experienced them. The most vile and evil act that one can conceive, whether reviled or mundane is Divine expression, chosen by other aspects of God (who are other aspects of Us) for their own reasons. And guess what? I don’t have to know why someone does something I can’t fathom. It is liberating to know that even in oneness, such acts doen’t have to affect me in this life.

By desiring to “kill” or eradicate others for whatever reason (e.g., our “War on Terror”), we actually build interest in “the enemy” and give them energy, which is life. By believing ourselves (or others) to be unlovable, undeserving (of oneness), or unloved, or believing others to be less (or more) “godly” than we are, we set the experiential table for more drama, if not in our life directly, then in the life of the collective of humanity. Someone will play out ALL conceivable dramas associated with experiencing an existence with ever-expanding, but still decidedly less than total knowing.

If that is true, then what, outside of bugs, farts, piss, and poop, can be distasteful? (And you’ll find some who will debate the distaste of that too, and they will be right.) The answer is, nothing. There is no qualitative difference between the existence of one versus another. One is in all, and all is within each one.

My “proof” of God’s existence is you and me. I know that I exist, and I believe that you exist. I believe that you know you exist. Yet, since ALL ideas are divine expressions of God, then we share that oneness, for each of us are living, energy-infused ideas.

Without question, I am God to each of the over three trillion cells that make up my physical body. I am God to the energy field that encompasses and extends beyond the edges of my body’s boundaries. Although I have never seen it with my eyes, I know that it exists. The entire system that makes up my physical form is interconnected, interrelated, and all-aware of itself. Each has a direct connection to me, the living consciousness, and reports to me its condition and state so that I will know.

Whether each cell knows its connection to each and every other, or to you and me, we don’t know, and it is not important that we know. But we do know that the universe exists within each cell. That universe is God. I don’t need to know how the earth is created to accept that I am ONE with it (the macrocosm), and with all that is beyond, just as each cell (the microcosm) is ONE with me.

Through the principles of quantum mechanics, we have learned that each cell, indeed, each atom contains ALL the information that exists about the entire universe. The potential of this understanding has been dramatically demonstrated with the advent of holography in the mid-20th Century. I found the following excerpted passages about holography and holograms from Microcosm/Macrocosm Scientific and Mystical View on the Origin of the Universe, the Nature of Matter & Human Consciousness


The principles of holography were outlined in 1947 by Dennis Gabor, and involve a form of lens-less photography. Holographs yield remarkable three-dimensional images of objects, which contrasts with the usual flat two-dimensional photographs produced by a lens.

A holographic image produced with modern technology can be so similar to the original that it is impossible to tell the two apart. The projected image can be viewed from various angles and appears quite substantial and three dimensional–apparently real, like our apparently real world. A holographic image is a virtual image, which appears where it is not and possesses no substance or extension in space. It is in one sense illusory.

The most unusual property of a holograph is that any portion of the holographic plate (that the image has been impressed upon) illuminated by a light source will recreate an image of the “whole” object: Any part embodies the whole within itself. The term holography means literally “to write the whole.”

The whole is thus implicated in any part, enfolded into each point. This unusual property of holographs suggests mechanisms for mystical states and knowledge, where the microcosm (the individual) embodies at some deep level the macrocosm (the larger world). A point implicates the whole, as individual mind might implicate Mind at large, or one might be, what Gurdjieff describes as “a particle of all that exists.”

[End excerpt]

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Personally, I don’t believe we can know or love God until we accept that whatever God is, lives within us, intelligently responds to, and is responsible for our being. We don’t have to “know” the how’s and why’s. And what a relief. I’m still figuring out how to bring more money than I need into my checking account in order to balance it. Yet, until one accepts his or her oneness with God as truth, it cannot be known.

I believe that the litmus test as to our readiness to know the mystery that is God within us is (1) our readiness to love ourself fully, and unconditionally, (2) to love others as ourself, including, (3) our willingness to love our “enemies.” When we know that they are expressions of God just like we are, our view of them will change. When our view of them changes, so will our approach to reconciling various differences.

One cannot love and fear at the same time. Loving an enemy does not mean liking or even embracing what they do. However, it means not fearing them, yet acknowledging their sovereign and irrevocable right to exist and, as equal aspects of God the Creator, to create. It means redressing “creative differences” with love instead of hatred, enmity, and fear.

It also means respecting the rights of all the others who participated — whether consciously or not — in their creation, for each was and is likewise an aspect of God. None is better, none is worse. None has more power than the other, nor less. What differentiates the quality of life experience for each of us is our own unique perspective, our focus of consciousness, our understanding (or current lack thereof), and level of acceptance of who we are, meaning One in humanity with each other, and with God. Those factors govern our experience, and will change over the course and flow of lifetime(s).

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