Traveling the Spaceways Video Intro from The Hideout (Chicago)

Although I’ve got plenty to write, I’m really likin’ this video thing. I’m still learning what works best for different situations. For example, YouTube has a 10 minute limit (may have as much to do with attention span as with space requirements). This will do for most situations, but Google Video doesn’t have that limit. So today, here’s another one I’d like to share.

This one is from my trip to Chicago as part of the Traveling the Spaceways symposium. On Friday night, John Corbett had arranged a musical feast at The Hideout, on Chicago’s North Side. I was there with both still and video cameras (using one at a time). This video clip is of Tim Tutten, owner (with his wife Kate). I want to call it a cafe, but it’s really a little dive of a bar on Chicago’s North Side. (I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s a fun place, and a place to have fun.)

In this clip, Tim summarizes just what the exhibit is all about before introducing the night’s musical entertainment; a group from L.A. called My Barbarian, and guitarist Thurston Moore. If you’re wondering, I have footage of both. Will I share? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 🙂


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