Sun Ra Book Sparks Interview Invitation on KPFT Houston

Collected Works Vol. 1 — Immeasurable EquationTomorrow I’ll be on the radio as guest interview on Living Art, with Robert Pruitt, over KPFT FM 90.1 (PACIFICA RADIO) in Houston, TX. Robert purchased a copy of our book, Sun Ra: Collected Works Vol. 1 — Immeasurable Equation (ISBN 0-9700209-7-X, PHAELOS BOOKS $24.95), enjoyed it and emailed with with an invitation to be on his show.

In fact, it was he who informed me of the Sun Ra Symposium at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. At that time, it was just about to open. Within an hour after receiving the email, wherein I did a Google search to find the Art Center, John Corbett was returning my phone call, and our friendship had begun. This conversation led to another, then another, and eventually, to an invitation to submit an essay for the wonderful book that they published, as well as to be part of one of the panel discussions.

According to the description on their web site, Living Art “gives voice to community poets, writers, theatre groups, performance artists, visual artists, car artists, just about any type of artistic personal and political expression.” This is consistent with the spirit and effect of Sun Ra’s music and words. It is a consistent fact that I witnessed at the Traveling the Spaceways Exhibit.

I’ll have more to share on this, but I believe the broadcast feed will be available online. Tune in. Broadcast is 11am-noon CST.

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