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Illness and the Appearance of Death,
Natural Health and the Reality
of Eternal and Internal Spirit

Although it has occurred since the beginning of time, evidence is mounting which suggests that disease, particularly chronic illnes, is not natural to us. Instead, increased levels of toxicity and a long-term trend of nutritional deficiency, have contributed to our physical diseases. Evidence is also mounting that if we take conscious steps to remove said toxins and provide the body with the essential nutrients it was designed to function properly on, then even the most grave of medical conditions are reversible. This inevitability appears to occur as naturally as skin resealing itself after being cut.

We will always be able to cite exceptions to this theory, but they wouldn’t necessarily change whether or not it is true. If we injure or mangle the body severely enough, it would be far more expedient and efficient to dissociate from the form permanently. Guess that’s easy to say if you know that you’re not the form.

In my observation, most people don’t know this to be true. They certainly don’t live like they know it. They may think it’s possible that we are not our body. They may even say that the idea makes sense. But when push comes to shove, they’ll still define their self, or their life situation, by surface appearances. This includes continuing to embrace conventions of past thinking, or present day thinking that goes with their particular body type, gender, coloration, and social/cultural “norms.”

For example, they may continue making and believing blanket characterizations of others, such as a Christian may make about a Muslim or Jew, a “poor” person may have about a “rich” one, or a “liberal” might have for a “conservative.” We are a culture of labelers, labelees, and differentiators. We see ourself as one way. See others as either our way, or not, then judge them before they judge us. Yet, they are doing the exact same thing. All of this “shorthand” is a poor substitute for actual conversation, but major life decisions on rely solely this practice.

In so doing, we may follow familiar lines of now obsolete reasoning rather than more fully appreciate who we really are right now (and who we have always been). If you’re wondering my opinion, we are, and to varying degree, conscious Units of immortal energy essence, to which the term power is inherent, and “beginning” and “ending” don’t really apply.

This is one of the beauties of my book, I Am My Body, NOT!

“I Am My Body, NOT! by Adam Abraham

It helps anchor the idea that we are, by our very nature, multidimensional, energetic, spiritual beings that happen to be expressing ourselves in a vibrational level or dimension we refer to as physical. When our attention is focused, or directed through the physical aspect, we are unaware of the many other dimensional realms that we also function in. And yet, each night, when we roll off to sleep, we “return” to places we never left. We inhabit places that would be quite alien to our earth-oriented consciousness; places that are equally as normal to this vibrationally more expanded form of who we are.

All of this challenges us to examine our thoughts and feelings on death, which in turn prompts us to examine our thoughts and feelings on life. Once we understand that of the two concepts, one is true, and the other is not, we have a great opportunity to take a look at everything with “fresh eyes.” This process won’t change the fact that “death” will still appear to happen, and thusly, will still seem true. It will change our feelings about life, our place, and more importantly, our power to influence life’s essential flow. We are doing that now, even if we don’t know it. Knowing that we are immortal beings will also change our proclivity to fear life, and to make life decisions strictly out of fear. The converse of a life of fear-based decisions, is a life of loving ones. For me, the choice is pretty simple.

When we see and embrace our natural born, pre- and post-existent, spirituality, it can’t be taken away, not by anyone or anything. This begs the question, how can we not be who and what we are, once we know it? How can we not use the tools available to each of us, once we know that they are there, available even while you walk this earth in “swaddling clothes” of flesh and bone?

Just something to think about… more to come.

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